The Legend of Sun Knight V7C7: “The Demon King’s Choice”

The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 7: Ending the Demon King, Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

The Seventh Chapter to Ending the Demon King: “The Demon King’s Choice” – translated by ErodingPersona

I opened my eyes and stretched. I was starving and just about to ask someone for food when I noticed that something wasn’t right…

Before me were Ceo and the rest of them. They were all holding onto the specialized weapons of the Twelve Holy Knights and firmly obstructing me, as well as blocking my line of sight. Thus, I hadn’t realized that there were others about as well.

I asked, surprised, “What happened? Who are they?”

“Why were you sleeping like you were dead?” Laica turned around and scolded me, “What the hell, why didn’t you wake up when we kept calling you?”

“Who is surrounding us?” I hurriedly expanded my sensing ability while asking.

“The Cathedral of the Shadow God,” Vival said in a bored tone. “We’ve been surrounded by the dark knights of the Cathedral of the Shadow God.”

“What?” I was so shocked that I expanded my sensing ability in one quick burst.

He was right; we really were surrounded. A whole bunch of knights were all around us. They all had dark element but were obviously alive. Only one type of knight had this sort of element, and it was the dark knights of the Cathedral of the Shadow God! They numbered about four to five hundred, and none of them seemed weak.

Off to one side, Illu, who had been bound up like a cocoon, said plainly, “The Cathedral of the Shadow God has always been following us from a distance that’s not far nor close. They planned to track down the movements of our monarch through us.”

So that’s why we’ve been found! I thought it over. My only plan now was to… Fly away!

I stood up and gathered a large amount of wind element to surround the five of us plus the creature of darkness and then flew up. However, the moment the bottom of our feet left the ground, the other party roared, “Please do not do anything rash! Archery is one of the skills we are required to learn. If you truly wish to fly away, please forgive us for having to stop you with our arrows!”

As if to prove his words, the dark knights behind him all took out bows from behind their backs. They drew their bows and notched their arrows fluidly. Apparently, we couldn’t hope for them to miss us.

What the hell? Dark knights even have to part-time as archers? Can this profession be any more difficult?

I could only drop down to the ground and tap Ceo and Vival who were in front of me. The two of them moved a bit to the side. I stepped forward and said to the dark knights nearest to us, “Why have you surrounded us? You do know who we are, don’t you?”

I never thought that those dark knights would immediately lower their weapons and say politely, “It is all for your own protection, Your Majesty, the Demon King.”

As expected, my real identity has already been discovered… That’s not right. What am I saying? I’m speaking as if my real identity is that of the Demon King! I should have said that my identity as the Sun Knight has been discovered. No matter if my current appearance is that of a white-haired female cleric, I seem unable to trick them.

A few dark knights walked forward, still calling “Your Majesty, the Demon King.”

“I am the Sun Knight of the Church of the God of Light, not the Demon King!” And definitely not some kind of Your Majesty! Addressing me like that only reminds me of that fat pig of a king! Before, I always had to address him as Your Majesty, and even though His Majesty was no longer him, I had already called him as such for so many years that my immediate thought would be that Your Majesty equaled that fat pig of a king!

But the dark knights were unperturbed, and instead, they requested of me, saying, “Your Majesty, please allow us to escort you.”

“Escort me? To where?” I asked doubtfully, “Is it to the Cathedral of the Shadow God?”

If we’re heading to the Cathedral of the Shadow God, then I might as well follow them and save myself a lot of trouble. The most I’d have to do was think of a way to escape later.

However, the dark knight shook his head and said, “No, we will be heading to the Shadow Cathedral which is far safer. When we assassinate the other candidate and let you become the official Demon King, we will immediately escort you to the Cathedral of the Shadow God. However, if by then you wish to remain at the Shadow Cathedral or maybe even some other base, we will follow your wishes.”

Assassinate the other candidate? I finally understood why Roland had left the Cathedral of the Shadow God. If he hadn’t left, we might have been involved in a battle to the death.

“Escort him to the Cathedral of the Shadow God?” Laica snarled. “He is the Church of the God of Light’s Sun Knight! He is not going anywhere besides the Holy Temple!”

The dark knights in front knelt down together and yelled, “Your Majesty, for the sake of this world, please come with us.”

For the sake of the world… This plea was so serious that I couldn’t even open my mouth to refuse!

I asked, “Is Awaitsun at that so-called Shadow Cathedral?”

“Captain Eagle is currently not at the Shadow Cathedral, but when he learns that you have arrived there, he ought to return immediately to see you.”

Ceo abruptly turned around, caught hold of my shoulder, and shouted, “Sun! What in the world are you asking that for? Don’t tell me you’re actually going to leave with them?”

I kept quiet for a moment and then nodded. “I plan to meet with Awaitsun and have a frank talk with him.”

Besides Ceo, who had turned around, everyone else looked back to glare at me. Their expressions seemed to say that they had already decided to knock me unconscious and drag me away.

I hurriedly said, “The rest of you better come too!”

The moment I said this, the four of them were startled. Their expressions softened but immediately turned confused.

I looked at the dark knights and asked, “I believe the site of the ceremony has been completely and utterly surrounded by your dark knights and shadowpriests, right?”

The dark knights were stunned but nodded as I had expected them to.

I looked at Ceo and the rest of them helplessly. Without Awaitsun’s help, sneaking into the ceremonial site and completing the ceremony was clearly impossible, not to mention that Scarlet, who was still in the necklace, was still unwilling to tell me how exactly the ceremony was to be conducted… Should I expect Roland to know?

Especially since Pink disappeared without a trace for half a year, and even Illu had never seen her. Could she have told Roland half a year ago how the ceremony was to be conducted? I didn’t believe so because she had absolutely no intention of conducting any ceremony and was intent on killing me straight off.

At the present, the person most likely to know how to conduct the ceremony would be Awaitsun.

That was why I had to see Awaitsun no matter what and strike a deal with him. If not, my entire plan would crumble to dust.

“I have to go. If not, there’s no way the ceremony can be conducted.”

At this, Vival, Laica, and Tyler all turned to look at Ceo.

Theoretically, Ceo was just the Storm Knight. Moon and Metal had no reason to listen to him, but all these years, most of the paperwork was stamped with Storm Knight’s seal, and over half of the methods to handle problems were also written by Ceo. Now, when there was something they were unable to handle, under a situation where they can’t defer to me or Judgment, looking to Ceo was the most logical choice.

Under everyone’s scrutiny, Ceo was obviously flummoxed. He frowned at me and emphasized, “Sun, promise me that no matter what you do, it is to deal with the problem of the Demon King and that you have absolutely no intention of becoming the Demon King!”

I looked at the four of them and suddenly felt guilty. No matter whether or not my plan come to fruition, they would still feel worried about a lot of things, things they weren’t originally supposed to worry about.

“Relax, I definitely won’t give up on being the Sun Knight.” I looked at the four of them and said in a tone that couldn’t be any more resolute, “I swear upon the God of Light, no matter what happens, no matter what at all, I will never give up on being the Sun Knight!”

The moment I spoke, the surrounding dark knights blanched, but Ceo and the rest of them stared dumbly. Laica even rubbed his nose and mumbled, “I even thought that you couldn’t wait for your retirement! I never knew that you liked being Sun Knight so much?”

I said to the dark knights, “I agree to go to the Shadow Cathedral, but no matter how you communicate this, I want to see Awaitsun as soon as possible when I reach the Cathedral!”

They did not seem to expect that I would agree. They flinched and then answered, “Yes!”

The Shadow Cathedral wasn’t too far off, but the journey was difficult. A team of over a hundred people rode for only a day and then switched to walking for a whole three days before we finally reached the mountaintop.

What the hell sort of place is this? The roads are so winding that we can’t ride a horse. Just trying to reach this place will surely cut down the followers by ninety percent! A rocky mountain road is not simply just difficult to hike!

Just when I started to suspect that these dark knights were planning to lead us to an abandoned area and kill us off with no witnesses, a grand, massive cathedral appeared before us.

There was even a moat surrounding the cathedral along with high walls. The city gates could allow three horse-drawn carts in side-by-side with no problem. At that moment, the city doors were wide open, so we could clearly see what was going on within the city walls.

Behind the walls was an avenue paved with flagstones. At the end of the avenue was the main cathedral. The cathedral’s doors were so gigantic that three horse-drawn carts could be placed one on top of another and pushed in easily. To the two sides were towers so high they seemed to reach the clouds. There were even several cathedral buildings besides the towers; calling this a small city would not be a stretch!

Isn’t this Shadow Cathedral too astonishing! Then how luxurious must the actual Cathedral of the Shadow God be? The Church of the God of Light and the Cathedral of the Shadow God were both houses of Gods, but weren’t their levels of extravagance too different?

Vival exclaimed, “This place is only the Shadow Cathedral, but it’s even grander than both the Sanctuary of Light and the Holy Temple combined! I can’t even imagine how much more imposing the Cathedral of the Shadow God must be?”

The dark knight in front smiled, embarrassed, “Actually, the Shadow Cathedral is far more majestic than the actual Cathedral of the Shadow God. The Cathedral of the Shadow God was built up slowly, so its appearance isn’t too uniform. Not to mention that the Kingdom of Kissinger’s capital has developed around it, so there was not enough land to be used for the construction. However, the Shadow Cathedral was built all at once. This is also a mountainous area, so we can use as much land as we want. Also, at that time, we had already obtained the support of the Kingdom of Kissinger, so our budget increased as well.”

So that’s the reason! When I think about it, Awaitsun had once said that in order ensure that the successors would not become lax, the Cathedral of the Shadow God had been built on the site where the lands of darkness would encroach first. At the time, I had felt so moved, only to find out now that they had even prepared a backup, and it’s even far grander than the official cathedral!

We walked toward the moat, but the drawbridge was drawn up. The dark knight took out a whistle and blew it several times, but not a single sound could be heard. Just as we were feeling confused, the moat’s drawbridge descended slowly.

The dark knight put away his whistle and said to me, “Please walk this way.”

After walking over the drawbridge, we entered the city-like cathedral.

The cathedral was enormous, but throughout the entire journey, we could barely see even a couple of people. The corridors were lined with multiple large sculptures, most of which were of dark knights, robed shadowpriests, or warriors with dragon wings on their backs holding their weapons aloft. There were even sculptures of dragons. However, no matter what the sculptures depicted, the appearances were all stern and even scary. It felt very sinister. Instead of being a human cathedral, it felt more like a cathedral belonging to creatures of darkness.

Laica asked in surprise, “Why are there no people about?”

The dark knight answered dutifully, “Most of the people are at various sites in the Kingdom of Kissinger helping the people fight against the creatures of darkness. The number of people left behind to guard the Cathedral of the Shadow God is great, hence there are only a few people left in the Shadow Cathedral. Most of the people here are believers who have no combat ability or are researchers.”

“Researchers?” I stopped. What would they be researching? Theology?

“Yes, in order to determine the exact expansion of the area of the lands of darkness, calculate the time of birth of the Demon King, and countdown to when the lands of darkness will completely envelop the world, the Cathedral of the Shadow God has always had a large number of researchers. They are also known as surveyors, and most of their work is measurements and calculations.”

“How long do we have left?” I asked.

“What?” The dark knight turned around to ask, puzzled.

I calmly asked, “How long do we have left until the lands of darkness completely engulf the world?”

“About three months.”

“That’s impossible!” Vival yelled, shocked, “The current range of the world that has been engulfed has not even reached a third, and this is the result of a half a year’s expansion of the lands of darkness. There is no way that two thirds of the world can be enveloped in the span of three months!”

“The speed of the envelopment accelerates. The speed of envelopment at the last month will be very shocking,” The dark knight said calmly, “Please believe in our judgment because the only reason the Cathedral of the Shadow God exists is to facilitate the birth of the Demon King and prevent the lands of darkness from engulfing the world. The history of the Cathedral’s study of the lands of darkness is as long as the history of the Cathedral’s establishment.”

Hearing this, my group all fell into silence.

After walking for a very far distance – it was so far that I even thought that this cathedral might be far bigger than I imagined – only then did the dark knight bring us to a room.

I opened the door. The room was very large, and the furniture and décor were very extravagant. It looked like some important person’s room. Although there was only one bed in there, that bed was large enough for three people to lie in spread-eagle. Off to the side were equally extravagant-looking sofas and chairs. The chairs looked even more comfortable than my bed back at the Holy Temple. That’s really infuriating!

I couldn’t help but ask, “Is this the Demon King’s room?”

“No, this is Captain Eagle’s room. But please don’t worry, Captain Eagle has never used this room before. He lives with us at the cathedral’s buildings for dark knights. He says that it’s more convenient that way.”

The dark knight said, embarrassed, “The Demon King’s room hasn’t been tidied up yet. The furniture inside is all still covered with white cloth. I am very sorry.”

“That’s okay.” I shrugged. This room was already extravagant enough. Although I wanted to see exactly how extravagant the Demon King’s room was, I had no intention of staying in the Demon King’s room at the present! What am I going to do if I get addicted to living there?

The dark knight said, “Please take a rest. Captain Eagle should return to the Shadow Cathedral within three days.”

“Can we go out and have a look around?” Ceo inquired offhandedly.

“I’m sorry, but before Captain Eagle returns, please do not move about,” the dark knight answered uneasily. “We have to ensure your safety.”

And monitor us at the same time, right? I said unhappily, “Whatever. Just bring some food. After walking for so long, I’m starving.”

“Yes. It will be served immediately.”

And it really was served immediately. Not to mention it was a full table of food and so delicately prepared that it didn’t seem like the sort of food a cathedral would serve… At least, the Church of the God of Light wouldn’t.

Everyone immediately wolfed down the food, not even caring to check whether the food was poisoned.

Journeying about for so many days, we had to make do with dried food every day. What’s more, dried food prepared by the Pope. It was so hard it was like the soles of shoes that you can barely chew it! Even if the food in front of us really was poisoned, we probably would still consume it. After all, a holy knight not only has high endurance, but even our immunity to poison is great!

Laica snarled while eating, “If you can’t deal with this matter and cause us to become stuck here, I will take Captain Judgment’s place and strangle you to death.”

“Being stuck here’s not bad either! At least the food’s good, right?”

The moment I said this, I immediately received a few glares in return. Tyler even looked dismayed with an expression that said he had no appetite and mumbled, “When can we meet Captain?”

I comforted everyone and said, “Don’t worry, we’ll calmly wait here. After I meet with Awaitsun, everything will be…”


At this, the door was slammed open by someone, followed by a shriek. “Sun Knight! You really are here!”

Everyone nearly instantly chucked down the food in their hands and jumped up, grasping their weapons. Immediately after that, we were struck dumb.

Because, the person at the door was actually…

I was playing with the baby in my hands. Ceo and Vival were flustered, helping change another baby’s diapers. Laica was making faces to divert the baby’s attention and make it easier for them to change the diapers. Tyler took away the soiled diapers with a blank look on his face…

At this moment, Awaitsun rushed in while calling out “Sun Knight.” When he saw the current situation, his expression looked like he had seen a live dragon.

I held up my hand and waved, “Long time no see, Awaitsun.”


I held up the baby in my hand and said, impressed, “I really have to say you really are strong. You actually had triplets! I like this one best. He resembles you the most, so he should be very handsome when he’s older. Remember what you promised me. You have to give the handsomest one to the Church of the God of Light to be a holy knight! But all three of them are boys, so you still need to have a girl so the prettiest one can be a cleric of the Church!”


Off to the side, Ceo and everyone else said, impressed, “As expected of Sun. Too despicable!”

I glared at them, and they immediately backtracked. “No, he’s too far-sighted!”

Awaitsun looked at the child in my hands. He looked like he was at a loss, and there was even a trace of horror in his expression.

I couldn’t comprehend it at first but then immediately understood and explained hurriedly, “Don’t worry, your wife’s breastfeeding in her room, so she made us help look after these two. I definitely have no intention of using your children to threaten you!”

“You, you…” Awaitsun kept on mumbling “you.” He even forgot to address me respectfully as “sir.” Finally he roared, “What are you doing here? I was going crazy looking for you outside, but then I received news that you had already arrived at the Shadow Cathedral! I almost thought that the news was fake!”

“I’m here helping you take care of your children,” I answered honestly. “Your wife said that since I had nothing to do here, I might as well help her take care of the children.”

Awaitsun’s wife, Alice, was really more courageous than Awaitsun and all the other dark knights. She just kicked the door down and shoved two babies, one into my arms and the other into Ceo’s. Then she pointed at her skin and said that I owed her. Seems like she still hasn’t managed to lighten her skin back to its original pale shade. I never thought that the recipe would have such a strong effect!

Then, she turned around and returned to her room to breastfeed. What could I have done with the two babies in our arms? I couldn’t have just thrown them into the trash can, could I? So I helped take care of the children for three days.

At this time, the baby in my arms seemed very unhappy and started to cry. When I started to coax him, he laughed. Awaitsun seemed unable to compute this. He stared blankly at me and Ceo amusing his children.

Just then, the door was shoved open.

“Awaitsun!” Alice screamed happily and shoved the child in her arms at Laica, then threw herself into her husband’s embrace, and started flirting.

“…” We patted the babies in our arms while watching the newlyweds sparkle. Even I, the blind one, could feel that my eyes were being pricked by light.

Laica lightly patted the baby’s chest and said coldly, “Can I throw two knives at them?”

“Although I really want to say go ahead, we’re in their territory now, so no.”

Awaitsun reluctantly left his wife’s embrace and said, “Alice, I have to work.”

Alice nodded her head and obediently stood to the side. This woman who doesn’t even acknowledge me, the Sun Knight part-timing as a demon king candidate, was actually so obedient to her husband? I really couldn’t believe it. The magic of love is even more terrifying than the Demon King!

“Why did you want to see me, sir?” Awaitsun turned his head around and asked me, confused.

I said bluntly, “I need to know how the ceremony to give up the qualifications to be the Demon King works, and I hope that you will not obstruct the ceremony’s performance.”

Awaitsun’s face burned with anger after he got over the initial shock. I patted his shoulders and said, “However, let’s not talk about this first. Let’s go! I’ll show you the prize I caught.”


“Sun!” Ceo and the rest immediately yelled, “We’re going too!”

I turned and said to them, “There’s nothing going on! I just want to have a talk with him. Wait for me here.”

Ceo flinched and said, “We’ll go along too. There’s nothing that we can’t listen to, right?”

“I’m only bringing him to see Illu. You all stay here and watch the children!”

Ceo frowned, still intent on speaking.

Trust me.

“… All right, we’ll remain here and look after the children.” Ceo looked at me and said, “You’ll come back quickly, right?”

I immediately agreed, “Of course!”

Only then did Ceo nod his head.

I left the room with Awaitsun. While walking, I asked, “I know that Roland stayed at the Cathedral of the Shadow God for a while. Exactly how long did he stay there?”

Awaitsun looked at me out of the corner of his eye and replied, “When he arrived at the Cathedral of the Shadow God, he informed us that he had killed you three days ago and that you had absolutely no chance of becoming the Demon King. After that, he left. However, soon after, we received news that you had gone crazy, so he returned to the Cathedral of the Shadow God again. He stayed there until about a month ago.”

“Roland wanted you to pressure the Church of the God of Light and make them kill me?”

Awaitsun looked at me, as though wanting to find anger in my expression. However, there was only calmness on my face. After that, he nodded.

“Oh?” I said emotionlessly. “Do you want to confirm the answer you have just given?”

Awaitsun’s expression changed. After a short period of silence, he said, “I’m sorry. Roland never gave any orders of the sort. He just stayed at the Cathedral of the Shadow God. He spent most of the time reading books on dark magic. Once in a while, he’d ask me about your condition, such as whether or not you had awakened.”

I nodded and warned him, “Never ever lie to me. You can’t trick me.”

The me at the present can easily determine whether a person was lying because whenever someone lies, there will always be some change in expression, and their heartbeat would speed up. I, who has replaced my sight with my sensing ability, can now see the five viscera and six bowels of anyone clearly. Figuring out whether someone is lying or not is truly not difficult at all.

Judgment is the only exception. No matter whether he’s telling the truth or lying, his heartbeat is always as steady as ever, his stern face always the same with no change in expression at all. Not even his heartbeat speeds up!

Putting aside Judgment’s superior ability in lying, I continued inquiring. “Have you seen Pink? She’s Roland’s lich.”

Awaitsun blinked and said, “No, I haven’t seen her.”

Not a single person has seen Pink. Where exactly has she gone to?

Perplexed, the both of us went down to a jail cell.

For some reason, the entire basement of the Shadow Cathedral was made up of prison cells. There were even more prisons here than the Holy Temple’s Judge’s Complex. Also, the jail cells were very strong. Normal prisoners have absolutely no need for such strongly-reinforced bars. If you must know, a jail cell’s bars are all made of money!

I was curious and asked, “What sorts of prisoners are held in cells of these designs?”

Awaitsun blanked out and then answered, “Heroes.”

“… Heroes?”

Awaitsun turned to look at me and explained dutifully, “That’s because the Shadow Cathedral was originally designed as the Demon King’s base of operations.”

I see. If this was the Demon King’s base, then of course heroes would come and attack, so that was why there were so many strong cells. That was because the heroes who would attack wouldn’t be all that weak. A normal jail cell wouldn’t be able to hold them.

I asked curiously, “Then you keep all the heroes here? Or do you keep them here for a while and then kill them?”

Awaitsun blanched. He frowned, thinking for quite a while. I waited for so long that I began to feel ridiculous. Only then did Awaitsun explain, “Some heroes would be killed off immediately by the Demon King. A few who interested the Demon King would be locked up. Most of the time they would be locked up until the Demon King had forgotten about them, and then we would secretly let them out except for a few special ones that the Demon King particularly remembered. We can only continue keeping them locked up in case the Demon King wants to meet the person some day and we can’t present him. This might anger the Demon King and cause even greater harm.”

I said jokingly, “My memory is far better than the norm. I definitely won’t ever forget.”

“That’s what I thought, so I thought that telling you would make no difference…”

We continued chatting while walking to the cell holding Illu. He was chained to the wall spread-eagle. If a normal person was tied up in this position, he would definitely be half-dead in a day and thoroughly dead in two days. However, Illu wasn’t a normal person. If he wasn’t chained this way and forcefully restrained by magic, there would be no way he could have been tied down.

Awaitsun looked at Illu. Illu completely ignored us. Awaitsun sighed and said, “Roland will be furious at you for capturing him.”

“Who in the world is he?” I really didn’t think that Roland would create a personal guard just for the heck of it.

He fell silent and then explained, “He is a dark knight; actually I should say he was. I sent him to be Roland’s personal guard, but Roland killed him instead. But for some reason, after Roland killed him, he actually used his corpse to create this creature of darkness.”

“Roland killed him?” I turned my head to look at Illu and asked, “Why did Roland kill you?”

Illu frowned. “The monarch didn’t kill me.”

Hearing this, I turned my head around to glare at Awaitsun.

Awaitsun explained helplessly, “This creature of darkness is no longer the dark knight from before. This creature of darkness was created from the dark knight’s corpse, so of course Roland has never killed him.”

So that’s the case.

Awaitsun asked, confused, “Why in the world did you capture him?”

“To lure Roland over. I have a promise with Roland that I would meet him at the ceremonial site, and I even told him that I was willing to give him my qualifications to be the Demon King.”

Awaitsun’s face froze, and then he roared indignantly, “Do you really know how serious this matter is? If there’s a way, I too have no intention of forcing you to be the Demon King! Even if Roland is a good person, he is dead. The dead should not interfere with this world. Isn’t that one of the teachings of your Church of the God of Light? Moreover, it’s allowing the dead to hold such frightening power!”

Have you forgotten to address me politely as “sir” again? Seems like Awaitsun is not used to using such respectful terms. Makes sense. After all, he is still the lofty head of the Cathedral of the Shadow God. Besides the royal family, he most definitely has not addressed anyone else so respectfully before.

“Listen to me!” I grabbed his shoulders and said, “That was to trick him. I have absolutely no intention of giving up my qualifications to be the Demon King.”

“You’re lying!” Awaitsun roared, “Don’t try to trick me! To continue on being the Sun Knight, you can even ignore the fate of the world. My subordinates have also informed me that you had sworn to the God of Light that you would continue being the Sun Knight no matter what happens. How in the world can you be willing to be the Demon King?”

“Watch him.” I gestured at Illu with my right hand and then summoned a small wind blade to cut my own right wrist. A large amount of blood spurted out, almost all of it spraying onto Illu’s body.

Awaitsun flinched and then frowned. “What are you doing?”

I explained in detail, “As the Sun Knight, my blood should have very strong holy element. Even spilling a single drop of it onto creatures of darkness should cause them unbearable pain. This is something that even I cannot control.”

Pointing at Illu, I asked, “But did you see him react in any way?”

Awaitsun shook his head in a daze.

“The price I paid for being revived this time is that I lost most of my holy abilities. Without the Divine Sun Sword’s help, I am only about as powerful as a normal cleric.”

Awaitsun was startled. Then, he said, “But you have the Divine Sun Sword. With its help, you can still be the Sun Knight.”

“That’s right,” I said calmly. “Let me ask you, if I lose the qualifications of a demon king candidate, then I will lose the talent of the candidates, right?”

Awaitsun froze before nodding his head.

That’s right. Scarlet told me as much too. I was just holding onto a strand of hope…

I smiled bitterly, “So, if Roland becomes the Demon King, I will lose my formidable ability at magic and possess the same power as a normal cleric. The even more serious problem is… I will become blind.”

“Blind?” Awaitsun asked, puzzled. “What do you mean? Even if you were no longer the demon king candidate, you wouldn’t go blind because of that.”

I said dully, “That time you killed Leaf, to ensure that he would have no side effects after being revived, the price I paid was my sight. My eyes have been of no use for a long time now. Now, I’m using my powerful sensing ability as a substitute for my sight. If I lose my sensing ability, then I’ll become blind! Truly blind!”

Hearing this, Awaitsun and Illu stared at my eyes disbelievingly.

“Do you think a blind person can be the Sun Knight?” I sneered and said, “That’s right, I still want to be Sun Knight no matter what. However, the prerequisite is that I am able to do the Sun Knight’s duties and not be a parasite!”

I clenched my fists and told Awaitsun, “I must become the Demon King! Because I have no choice, you don’t have to worry about anything. As long as you follow my plan, I will definitely become the Demon King! Do you understand?”

Awaitsun looked at me silently. Although his face was full of remorse, he bowed to me unhesitatingly.

“As you command, Your Majesty, the Demon King.”

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