Important Message Regarding Server Load and IP Bans

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Hello Readers,

We experienced a few hours of server downtime this morning. After looking into the cause, we found that our site exceeded the allotted server resources and was taken down temporarily by our web-host because a particular user was requesting hundreds of pages at the same time. As a result, we had to ban that IP before our web-host allowed us to put the site back up.

We would like to take this opportunity to warn our readers to avoid abusive behavior, or else risk getting IP banned. Please do not do any of the following:

– Load more than 5 pages of our website at the same time, or constantly refreshing pages every few seconds
– Use any plugins that automatically “prefetches” many pages on our site
– Hotlink images or any other content from our website. This includes using images from our site in your signature on a different website (I’m looking at you, R____n from
– Use any software that automatically downloads every single resource found on our site
– Post spam/advertising/inappropriate messages
– Use a browser with malware that might simulate the above activity. Older versions of Internet Explorer are considered high risk. Google Chrome is an awesome alternative.

Please remember that we are providing a free and ad-less service and are currently paying for the server costs out of our own pocket money. If you just can’t wait for the latest chapter, instead of refreshing our homepage every two seconds, we suggest subscribing to any of our services that automatically alerts you to new chapters: our Facebook page, our Twitter account, our RSS feed, or the built-in WordPress Subscribe option on the right.

We would like to be more lenient, but unfortunately we simply cannot afford to do so. So please enjoy our translations responsibly to keep our server up and running. If you do happen to find yourself IP banned, please contact us at [email protected] and work things out with us. We will lift the ban if you demonstrate to us that you have taken corrective measures.


Amgine, on behalf of PR!

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  1. Sumi-cha

    Oh, wow. Well, I don’t think I was violating any of those things already, but I will strive to be even more careful about it in the future!

  2. miaow

    I use RSS feed with My Yahoo, though I load My Yahoo a couple of times every day, I hope that is not a problem to you.

    • amgine

      That is perfectly fine. You can reload the RSS feed every 5 minutes all day and it won’t be a problem.

  3. Lala

    Whew. Thank you for the warning. O.O Because in the past I used to open several chapters in tabs at the same time so I can read them even when I am disconnected from the internet. Sorry! I won’t do it from now on.

    • amgine

      Well actually opening them in separate tabs isn’t a problem in and of itself. But if you reload them all at the same time, it’ll be problematic. Some browsers when they crash will automatically re-open all previously open tabs. If you have 15 different chapters open and the browser crashed, then it’ll be loading all 15 pages at once, which would be a problem.

    • Jasae Bushae

      To add to this, other browsers will restore pages three or four at a time. and (at leat with internet explorer and mozilla firefox) allow you to edit the settings (though its kinda complicated to work out) so you can load only a singular page at a time.

      though amgine is right on the part about open tabs. its fine if you have multiple tabs open because it doesnt even show up on the website that ssomebody left a page open. because the page isnt constantly loading, its sorta like an afterimage of the page that you loaded. a scrap in your temporary internet files to be more precise.

      Personally I would worry myself due to habits of opening past chapters to read up on things while reading up on the latest chapter to catch any references except that given the fast loading speed off the pages on this website (due to the relative lack of images and lack of ads and such)
      loading more than five pages at a time would be VERY difficult to accomplish unless your connection was 5kbs or you were trying to somehow download the website with a program or something ^^;

    • amgine

      @Jasae Bushae
      Yes, you’re right. 99.9% of the time, loading pages manually shouldn’t be a problem at all for our website given our current number of unique visitors. I wouldn’t be too concerned about opening past chapters to re-read as long as you’re doing it manually one at a time.

      It’s only when people use automated programs that somehow load hundreds of pages at a time do we anticipate running into issues.

  4. ende of the world

    Oh my o.o I’ll be careful~
    Good job I installed Google chrome a little while ago~

  5. 15B

    O.o Not checking every few seconds will be tough!
    Joking, joking.
    But now we can’t use ignorance as an excuse. And I’ll have to make sure I don’t crash my computer with a bunch of PR! tabs open. <.< I end up reopening everything. *sweat* And not involve PR! with signatures… (Wait… I still have to learn how to make signatures with images! Safe for a short time…) By the way, how do you even know about the person with the PR! signature…?

    May this post never have to show its face again.

    • amgine

      Was digging through the logs to see what caused the server overload. Found a bunch of people coming from a random website ( loading a particular random image. Put two and two together. Confirmed by visiting some pages on

      Using images from us for your signature is fine as long as you ask for permission first.

    • ende of the world


      Loading pictures from your website can cause it strain
      (Not that I do) But if you re-uploaded the image onto another website (crediting of course)would that be okay?

    • amgine

      If you want to use an image/audio/video from our site, please just ask us first and let us know what you intend to use it for. As long as it’s for your own private use (i.e. not for a company/group/organization), we will most likely approve it (unless there’s some sort of copyright issue) and we’ll let you use/modify it at will and/or re-host on an external server.

  6. Ivy

    I would love to be a fly on the wall when the person/people who did this log on with a different computer and realize why their computer isn’t loading PR.

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