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Three translations of Yu Wo’s recent plurks about ½ Prince! She doesn’t plurk too much about ½ Prince as she finished writing that series quite some time ago, but lately, she has talked a little about ½ Prince because of the manhua and the new illustrator editions of the novels. The timing is fairly perfect, since PR! has recently released the corresponding chapters she talks about. If you haven’t read HPV7C6, do that before reading these plurks!


In the newest installment of the ½ Prince manhua, I saw the Dictator of Life kiss Prince (turns page), and then there were all these spectators going “oooooh—“… Wait! Did they just KISS KISS while being surrounded and watched? Seriously, did they just do that? (Didn’t I write this?) (Well… I wasn’t at all paying attention to the spectators by that time~)


(turns page after page) Even more spectators are calmly saying, “I see. No wonder it felt like the Dictator of Life was trying to stop us, yet at the same time…”
Is this the main point? The final boss has just kissed Prince in front of “everyone”! Are you seriously analyzing this calmly off to the side?
(Didn’t I write this?) (Well… This is a case of having words adapted to art and suddenly discovering that my embarrassment level has risen by 1000%…)


I reread the side story volume of ½ Prince I wrote in the past so that I could write the summary for ½ Prince 07. The writing style of this volume is a little more unique. I used 1st person perspective with four characters to finish telling the entire story. Readers who have read it should know which four characters they are. XD
I haven’t had a chance to ask everyone, what do you feel about this kind of writing style? I suddenly felt like asking this~. Actually, there is a pitfall I would really like to write by continuing this kind of style (a similar style, not that it will be completely the same.)

(Lucathia: Hahaha, I can’t wait until I see the manhua with this kissing scene between Prince and the Dictator of Life. I bet the spectators will look quite awkward. For everyone who wishes to know, PR! will be translating the side story volume! It’s like a mini sequel to 1/2 Prince. The newest “new illustrator edition” of ½ Prince comes out on June 11. Volume 06 comes with a phone strap of the Dictator of Life, and the cover also features him~. V07 that Yu Wo mentions writing a summary for is most likely the next volume of the new edition.

Yu Wo has also been plurking with tidbits about the LSK spin-offs she is currently writing that features the 39th generation, but those contains spoilers, so I haven’t translated them. I can say that they are very amusing tidbits though!)

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  1. lunaatje123

    you guys are so amazing, translating not only the novels, but also these little things. Thank you so much!

  2. shiro

    Hahaha seriously I didn’t know she forgot about the spectators while writing. YAY Sidestorie volume for PR! Can’t wait the sun knight ones always make me laugh XD

  3. 15B

    *spew tea* *cough cough*
    Oh my. They really just stood there and analyzed the situation calmly?! I’d be going, “T.T So many gays in Second Life; how is this possible?!”

    But you know… Prince and the Dictator of Life were in their own private bubble for the moment. No spectators allowed.

    XD Thanks for translating this! (And thank you all for so much else.)

  4. Snowstorm

    Ha, ha. Really Awkward. Isn’t anyone worried that the all four bishies- Prince, Gui , Wicked and The Dictator are GAY?!!!
    I didn’t even think about the spectators.

  5. okura

    @Snowstorm, i was thinking about that while reading the chapter, lol. i wanna read that spoilerish LSK spin-off! would any child be able to survive having grisia as their master? rofl. As always, thanks so much for the translation!! :DDD

  6. NanoLaughing

    For Prince to be kissed in front of everyone, I can only imagine that both Wicked and Gui (or maybe a couple hundreds of female Prince followers) having a cold chill down their spines. But if they were there, Imagining both of their faces (Wicked&Gui) are priceless!!

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