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Have you ever wondered what it’s like being a PR! member? Would you like to meet the people who bring you your fix of HP or SK? Are you curious about what sort of surprises we have in store in the future?

If so, we are offering one lucky reader a backstage pass to the wonderful world of PR! Included in this package are:

  • Limited-time access to our secret forums and chat
  • A guided tour of the happenings around the group
  • Chance to try out fun activities with our members
  • A preview of one upcoming chapter of your choosing

All you need to do to apply is to make a comment below letting us know why you should be picked. The only requirements are that you’re relatively free during the month of August and that you like to talk and have fun! The winner will be decided by July 31st, so don’t miss this chance!

Update: The decision has been made, so please check your email! If you did not receive one, don’t fret! Expect a blog post in the coming weeks with all the juicy details.

34 Responses

  1. Little Writer

    Dang it, I’m in South Korea until August 19th. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
    Can I do it anyways?

  2. Sen

    That sounds awesome! ^_^

    You should choose me because I am Epic! And if you need other reasons, I am completely addicted to 1/2 Prince and Sun Knight that I check this site out several times a day and will cry when they end (After, enjoying the ending)!
    Also, since I laughed at the Afterward in the 1/2 Prince Volume 1 PDF as much as I do when I read the novels themselves, I REALLY wanna see what your chat looks like XD

    Would it help if I said I have no life so I’ll be able to come nearly everyday and am carrying unlimited amounts of cookies? :P

  3. StarWarrior

    Although i do not know how the tour would work out for that one special reader, i am extremely curious in how the process works. Everyone in the staff seem so friendly and lively. On the weird, i mean, unique-ness scale, i think it matches with the people i normally hang out with. Ever since PR was translating volume 1 of 2/3 prince ( i purposely wrote that), i’ve been recommending my friends to read the translations like someone possessed. They are really into it. I visited China and was looking for the novels but couldn’t find them in that two story store but i did see the manhua somewhere else in Hong Kong. I was that girl squealing in the manhua shop and i had no shame. May the God of Light bless you in the picking and upcoming translations.

  4. NanoLaughing

    I don’t know how the tour is going to deal and all, but, CHOOSE ME! I visit this site almost every day, every hour!! Just waiting for an update. I found out about Yu Wo by reading 1/2 Prince because it was are REALLY popular manhua on many levels. Not only that, I squealed when I see a new chapter on your site, especially LSK (Sorry Prince, the sly and 2faced are more my type xD) I just love how much love you put into your work <3 I just become an obedient dog when it comes to waiting. and if I don't see an update, I read all the fan fics or gawk at the fan art! I'd love to meet you guys, because i am one crazed fan! though to be honest, I'm not the most knowledgeable like Sun, the most strong like Judgement or Hell, not even the nicest as Ice and Leaf. BUT, i am the most happiest fan when I read your translations, THANK YOU!

  5. The Evil One

    Hello, PR people! I am Jasmine. I am a huuuuge fan of your translations. I have read all chapters of anything I could possibly find here, lol.
    I honestly can’t think of any reasons why you would pick me over anyone else. I’m probably not the biggest fan, considering I can’t afford to buy any fan…anything, really. I tried to join the staff, actually, once, but I determined that all I would be able to be is an editor, considering the only other languages I’ve enen so much as started to learn are Japanese, French, and Spanish. (I regret nothing XD) Considerring random God-of-Light awful crap keeps popping up every time my gaurd is down, I probably shouldn’t commit to anthing, anyways.
    I can’t make fanart, either, considering I can’t draw worth a crap. Considering all I’ve ever been able to do is silently read along, yeah, I want this about as bad as anyone else. And I know more jokes than Google.
    But I swear to the God of Light, if I do win, I don’t care if I’m in the middle of nowhere and have to walk six hours a day, I will find a way. One thing I don’t do is break commitments, regardless.

  6. Cheshirekitten

    I would live it if I was picked! I check sevral times a day and end up annoying my sister in the process of reading. I recommend 1/2 Prince and Legend of the Sun Knight to every one I know.

  7. MiyakeMasumi

    Ah, man, I start school in August and have no time! Even if I won, I’d barely be able to come on. *is truly depressed at this thought* And I’ve wanted to see exactly how it works for so long! Four has become my favorite number all because of 1/2 Prince, and I find a way to insert four into everything. XP Prince is my idol. Grisia is my best friend in my fantasies. Oh, how my life revolves around PR!

  8. SnowAngel

    Oddly enough, I start school in August, when this starts. This doesn’t really surprise me though, as my life seems to be nothing but a cycle of bad luck. Any manga sold around where live is pathetic, light novels are impossible to find, anime is impossible to get in the television. My life revolves around checking on PR, then OSS and then all over again. So, even if you don’t choose me, it doesn’t really matter. But if you do choose me, I’m sure that no matter where you are, you will hear me laughing and hyperventilating in joy. I have a ton of free time after school and we don’t get much homework.
    Once, I tried to join the staff, needless to say, I didn’t get on. But, that just makes me more determined to try again. I spend my dreary days dreaming about various bishies (mostly from Yu Wo, who is also my favourite author) and when I read, everyone around me starts staring at my mad giggles.
    So, basically, please pick me *bows*.
    P.S.- Good luck to everyone else and congratulations to whoever wins.

  9. [email protected]@lker

    I’d like to be picked and i even have time *gg* but i doubt your and my online time will match, because i’m running on european time xD For the reason why i should be picked? I’m here since the beginnging (first few chapters of the first volume) and i always come back ;-D ( well, that could be seen as threat if you want to :P )

  10. AC

    Is living in South America too much of a hindrace? If not, I should be picked because I’ve been accom… accom… (the English spell checker is disabled! My life is gonna end… Please don’t mind mistakes) accompainning PR! since before Easter 2011 (probably February…), and have been recommending Half Prince and LSK to my friends so much that now, every time I try to talk about a book, they say “I know, that one from the taiwanese author…” and I have to say “No, not that one!” before I can tell them about the book I originally intended. A shame they never bothered to read… I also have a broad field of interests, even though I scarcely excel in any field, but I love to listen to people talking about stuff I know nothing about and sharing the little I know. I want to be a writer, so I am always telling stories and part-stories I plan on writting, but I can also shut up and listen quietly. And… I can’t say I’m as addicted to Yu Wo’s novels as the people above, but… last Friday I dreamt that Yu Wo’s books were going to be released in Brazil and she had come and talked to me, and gave me a book with dedicatory… I so didn’t want to wake up!

    • azakura

      it won’t be a hindrance XD we have people all over the world, yup ^-^ your timezone would fit right in with many other US people I think :3

    • Little Writer

      Ooh, really? Then, if anybody’s in South Korea, I can do it! Yay!

      My reasons:
      I love Yu Wo <3. I'm not joking, I fell in love with her books. Half Prince and Legend of Sun Knight PDFs literally made my day…everyday (my Kindle). Now, I was really interested in joining you guys, but wasn't sure if you guys would accept an eighth grader.
      Also, I've been nagging my friends every single day to read it. I even sent one of my friends an email with all the links to every chapter in it, just so she would read it O.O
      Plus, you guys are awesome, translating every single chapter (and no, this is not bribery. Feel free to take it that way if you like). As for your requirements, I am in South Korea until August 19, in school at the twenty eighth, but I can talk with the computer, iPad, and anything else with Internet-access. :)
      Thank you for reading this incredible long message. Now, back to regular programming.

    • amgine

      AC, aren’t you helping Bruno with the Portuguese translation? So you’re already considered part of the staff! I’m going to email you the link to the staff forums and give you the complimentary members tour.

  11. meow

    You should really explain how that would work a little more. Are you physically meet up with the reader in real life or is this all just going to be over the internet?

    • amgine

      Physically meeting up… I don’t think that ever crossed my mind.
      No, it’s just over the internet – no airfare required. PR is a virtual organization only.

  12. Crystal

    … Pwease pick me? *puppy dog eyes*
    I’ve been following PR! ever since 2008 or 2009 (it’s been so long I don’t remember when! xD), ever since that fateful day when my friend initiated me into the world of manga/manhua/manhwa/online novels by showing me the 1/2 Prince manhua. I watched as it grew from a small group translating only 1/2 Prince into the vibrant community it is now. I’ve done my share of fangirling, recommending Yu Wo’s novels anyone within earshot *looks around guiltily*, lurking on the website, etc…
    I really want to be picked because I think PR! is just simply… amazing. It’s amazing how you guys manage to balance translating on top of your everyday lives. It’s amazing how much personality and talent the staff members have. It’s amazing how you guys give us fans opportunities like this to get involved and to learn more about how the group works. I’d really love to get to know the members of the group better, chat about random things, and just have a good time~ ^^
    So basically… Thanks for everything! I love Prince Revolution, Yu Wo, 1/2 Prince, LSK, manga, video games, cookies, rambling, the God of Light… so pick me please! :D
    (P.S. I have cookies too! And chocolate and ice cream and shaved ice and strawberry lollipops and blueberry biscuits and… *rambles on into infinity*)

  13. meow

    Why August? I start school halfway through August. I’m not gonna have time. Have fun though.

  14. Lily

    Hm, well this sounds interesting enough.

    I doubt if some of the newer members would even know (let alone remember) me, but I was on the staff for a little while under the alias xosugarhighox when PR! was still a baby and hosted on wordpress– ahh, the days of half-prince. Due to family constraints and school commitments I had to leave after only translating one chapter (I believe it was V2C3).

    I ended up forgetting about 1/2 Prince for a while (the blasphemy!) and only recently I sought to re-check the previous site. Imagine my surprise to see how much it had grown during these years I’ve been away. I spent a good two days reading both 1/2 Prince and LSK and the quality of each chapter never ceases to amaze me.

    As for why I should be picked…well, there’s no way for me to compete against some of the die-hard fans you have. But, I suppose I am a bit curious to see how the expansion from half-prince to PR has changed the inner workings of the group. It’s not the best of reasons, but it’s probably the only one I’ve got.

    Well I could always threaten you with a very sharp kitchen knife, but that’s not nice is it? I’m not Feng Lan after all.

    • [PR]eilinel

      Hi xosugarhigox! I certainly still remember you, but yes, we don’t have many of the older members left in the group >_<. If you want to, I can give you access to our secretbase forum. Old members are always welcome home =). Feel free to join in the fun again, but please don't feel pressured that you have to do the work again. Reply to this comment if you would like the access to the forum.

    • Lily

      That’s a pity to hear but it’s good that there are always new members ready and willing to help. I would like to check out the “secretbase”, it sounds like an adventure in itself! I definitely won’t mind picking up a few chapters here and there, only if you don’t mind me poking my nose in.

  15. dartya

    I would love to get a peek behind the scenes, but I’m afraid I’m not that crazy about Prince and Sun Knight. They are amazing and really great books, and your translations are very qualitative (really, in my country official book translations from English to Latvia are worse T.T), but I’ll always be a potterhead.
    Also, although school for me begins at the 1 September, I’m kinda busy and don’t get much computer time, even though I do read while using my precious phone.
    Also, I’m not really that funny to speak with- atleast in RL.
    And I don’t usually comment on anything and didn’t participate in Easter Egg Hunt.
    *reads everything over*
    Geez, it seems that I’m trying to talk you out of choosing me.
    Anyways, I’d like to use this comment to thank you people. I have been learning English only for three years, and reading P&SK for last year and half has really helped me improve my vocabulary. Also, thanks to this place I started reading fanfiction, and I have read some really great ones, so I really really want to thank you for making the “Fan Creations” page. You have no idea how much it means for me. I can’t even imagine what I could be doing if not for fanfiction.
    And no, I wasn’t shamelessly trying to get the Ultra Cool and Special and Unique chance filled with Unicorns by bribing you lot with compliments. And even if I was, it probably wouldn’t work. Those were my sincere feelings, ya know.
    Anyways, I was reading comments and got this idea- maybe after the one special Chosen One gets his ticket to heaven we could get some spoofs like we got some time ago (we got something like that some time ago, I think it was taken from a chatroom and was hilarious (I think) (hey, I remembered that! Chose me! Jk)) or a scheme of how translation process happens. Nothing too much, you are awesome anyway. Or maybe the Chosen One could write a review or something. That of course is optional- there is a rather big chance that The One Who Shall Be Chosen To Feel Superior When Compared To us, mortals can’t write anything at all and… yeah, I lost my thread of thought.
    Anyways, thank you again. I won’t be too unhappy if you won’t choose me :)
    BTW, I read your translations on the app, but I regularly check your site for spoofs. Loved the biscuit recipe. Haven’t tried it yet. Also, although I didn’t get past the first April joke page, afterwards I still downloaded the spoken version. I actually enjoyed it xD
    Yeah, guess thats all.
    Have a nice day!

    • [PR]amgine

      Having the winner write is review is a great idea, I think! I’ll be sure to *ahem*, encourage them to do something like that.

  16. Azyvli

    I’d like to be the lucky winner! (Not wanting to sound snobby) I should get this once-in-life-time chance to go behind the scenes of PR because I use the PR app daily, I almost always leave a reply, was VERY sad because of the April Fool’s joke made me think something happened to you guys, love ALL of your translations even if something happened in that chapter made me mad/sad, like PR’s Facebook page, am a proud member of the “1/2 Prince Fan Club” that’s also on Facebook, and constantly try to get people aware of 1/2 Prince and The Legend of The Sun Knight! :D A personal reason would also be that I would be sad if I were not chosen and be super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, SUPER HAPPY if I am to be chosen! Note that all of the “supers” were typed individually and that you should image a SUPER HAPPY middle school student jumping up and down merrily. Please and thank you. May the God Of Light bring all of you Sun’s radiance, prowess, and scheming ways. May the Blood Elf kill your enemies and all those that mean you harm. May you have the God of Light shining your days with light and peacefulness. May you have your own Wolf-dage’s that constantly heal you and bring you a sense of contentment. May you find your own Lolidragon that helps you with your troubles everyday. And may all of you have Prince’s agility that’s saved him countless times from creepy and stubborn fangirls.

  17. kitsunewannabe

    Oh! Oh! Um, 我的中华不太好, but I’m trying really, REALLY hard to learn because I’m a total nerd when it comes to language and culture. Seriously, get me started on linguistics and I’ll talk your ear off for a day and a half. I’m saving up money to study linguistics in college. I love reading 1/2 Prince, but Sun Knight is my favorite right now because I fee like I can relate to Sun (I work in retail so you always have to smile and smile no matter how rude the customers are). I’m free every Monday and random other days and times during the week depending on my work schedule. I keep staring at the Proofreader recruitment form, but I only know English (and I’m slowly working on 中文) so I’m not sure how useful I’d be since my job is hell most of the time. Thank the God of Light for creating a job worse than mine (sorry Sun, but your pain amuses me). I love the Frost/Ice Knight and want to marry him because I SUCK at cooking and I love cold weather.

    Yu Wo is my idol because her loving fans are so awesome that they translate her work into other languages. I’m still have a long way to go when it comes to publishing my own works, but my strength is in making fun and loveable (evil/villianous/mwa hahaha!) characters. People say I’m sassy/quirky/funny in RL, so I’m going to go with that. I’m on “friendly” terms with my archenemy (most of the time). I think the best username ever (aside from my own) is “Snuffles”.


  18. missreadsalot

    I won’t deny it, I’m don’t have a huge reason (or an adequate reason for that matter) of why I should be picked.
    I’m not a die-hard fan, and I don’t always comment on chapters (for fear of saying something stupid. I’m a worrywart.)
    But if there’s one thing I do, I swear by the God of Light. I mean, I have gotten into the habit of muttering, “Mother of the God of Light.” whenever things don’t turn out “satisfactory.”
    I don’t thing that’s a real reason.
    Either way, I appreciate the effort put into every chapter (even though I don’t always announce it) and I technically fufill all of the requirements listed above :)
    It’s better than nothing right?
    Ah, well, I could be in worse situations.
    For instance, My enemy could’ve escaped out of my grasp and I don’t have HP and Wolf-dage to heal me, and practically no way to follow the enemy.
    Or I could have amnesia and I just kidnapped one of my fellow holy knights without realizing it, while simultaneously loosing a crystal that my teacher will kill me for not having.

    Wow, now that I think about it, I have it pretty good.
    I’m looking forward to more translations and congrats to the winner! (And I’ll be kegeing my fingers crossed for my one spark of hope! :)

    May the God of Light bless you and perhaps brainwash you into letting me win. But mostly bless you.

  19. 15B

    ^.^ *can’t wait for the blog post* O.o Will the blog post come with or without the chapter preview?

  20. LunaGem

    Wow O.o i wonder how that turnd out well watevr <3 u guys PR! Thank u so much for all the 1/2 prince X3

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