Female Warrior Prologue V2C8: Number, 8, Stalemate

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Female Warrior Prologue Volume 2: The Number is Twelve

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 8: Number, 8, Stalemate – translated by Doza

Four people and a pet walked back along the path they had just taken. The first thing one would see would definitely be a translucent, giant yellow entity – Ohmygod had swelled to five times its regular size as herbs had been fully packed into its body, and the person now carrying Ohmygod was not Silvie, but Halfleaf.

As they still had to save Halfleaf’s younger brother, Silvie and the three of them had to return to that small town. Under Silvie’s insistence, Cale finally agreed to go back with them, though he walked on the outermost edge of the group, the furthest from Carol. If Silvie had not continuously pulled on his sleeve, he would probably have disappeared while they were walking.

However, because Silvie was busy holding onto Cale, the task of carrying Ohmygod had been passed to Halfleaf.

Faced with the responsibility for the giant golden slime, perhaps to repay the kindness of having been saved, Halfleaf didn’t say a single word and took the strange creature that would normally cause people to strategically retreat.


Female Warrior Prologue V2C7: Number, 7, Halfleaf

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Female Warrior Prologue Volume 2: The Number is Twelve

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 7: Number, 7, Halfleaf – translated by Raylight

The half-elf slowly opened his eyes. He was slightly at a loss as to where he was at the moment, but he could smell an extremely savory aroma that made him feel a pang of hunger.

When he got up, he realized that he was inside a tent, and the wounds on his body had already been bandaged properly. He first lifted open the tent flap slightly, surveying the situation outside. About five steps away, there was a campfire, and there were three people sitting beside it. Judging from their appearances, they didn’t seem to be the ones that had been trying to capture him.

At this moment, one of the people there seemed to notice that something was odd and turned around to look in his direction.

The half-elf shrunk back for a moment and then put the tent flap back in place. However, he knew that he couldn’t possibly continue to hide and, with gritted teeth, he opened the tent and walked out.

“Oh my!” One of them gave a smile as he shouted, “You’re awake? We can eat now! Hurry and come over!”


Female Warrior Prologue V2C6: Number, 6, …The Fourth One?

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Female Warrior Prologue Volume 2: The Number is Twelve

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 6: Number, 6, … The Fourth One? – translated by Doza

The three of them walked for an entire day and only slowed their steps when it was close to evening. Cale was very surprised that Silvie hadn’t cried out in agony, as he felt that the latter seemed like a person who couldn’t bear hardships. If not, how could he have such fair skin from head to toe, and appear as if bells were jingling from his clothes when he walked? Basically, he did not appear like someone who would venture outdoors.

Carol’s appearance, on the other hand – trousers plus a cloak – is what makes up a normal traveler’s outfit, right?

However, the color of that cloak was dark red and simply not a color that a normal traveler would wear, as red was not a very effective color for blending in with the surroundings. In fact, it was pretty effective in making Carol stand out.


Female Warrior Prologue V2C5: Number, 5, Good Guy? Bad Guy?

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Female Warrior Prologue Volume 2: The Number is Twelve

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 5: Number, 5, Good Guy? Bad Guy? – translated by raylight

Carol had never intentionally gone looking for evil people that Silvie had spoken of, but for some unknown reason, she would always end up running in to these evil-doers. One really could not be sure whether she was fated to lead a life of labor or whether the evil-doers in the Kingdom of Holy Light were simply too unlucky.

Not to mention that this fellow Silvie also seemed to lead a life of bumping in to evil people by accident. Last time, he had been captured by a patrol squad and, in the end, was treated as a slave and taken away. This time, he picked up someone in an alley, and this fellow also happened to have suffered a shocking injustice… Why did she not feel the least bit surprised?

Since there had been an injustice done, then there was definitely an evil person involved.


Female Warrior Prologue V2C4: Number, 4, Cale

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Female Warrior Prologue Volume 2: The Number is Twelve

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 4: Number, 4, Cale – translated by Doza

Cale opened his eyes and momentarily thought that he needed to hurry in making his escape… Then he remembered that he had apparently met up with two strange fellows.

He struggled to crawl upright and initially anticipated receiving an acute pain from his stomach wound. However, he didn’t expect feeling merely a faint sting. This puzzled him a little, but the next thing he saw fully diverted his attention… Other than trees around him, there was also a lake.

If he remembered correctly, the last time he had fainted he seemed to have been in an inn.

Fortunately, he also saw a person’s back, and that person’s radiant golden hair allowed him to instantly know, without looking at his face, who this person was ─ Silvester.

“Silvester, where is this?”