Female Warrior Prologue V2C6: Number, 6, …The Fourth One?

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Female Warrior Prologue Volume 2: The Number is Twelve

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 6: Number, 6, … The Fourth One? – translated by Doza

The three of them walked for an entire day and only slowed their steps when it was close to evening. Cale was very surprised that Silvie hadn’t cried out in agony, as he felt that the latter seemed like a person who couldn’t bear hardships. If not, how could he have such fair skin from head to toe, and appear as if bells were jingling from his clothes when he walked? Basically, he did not appear like someone who would venture outdoors.

Carol’s appearance, on the other hand – trousers plus a cloak – is what makes up a normal traveler’s outfit, right?

However, the color of that cloak was dark red and simply not a color that a normal traveler would wear, as red was not a very effective color for blending in with the surroundings. In fact, it was pretty effective in making Carol stand out.

Carol walked to a large stone by the side and sat down, then took a roll of sheepskin out from a cloth bundle. She frowned as she looked at the map, then raised her head and yelled, “Silvie, come here.”

Silvie walked over, and Carol thrust the map at him, asking, “Where are we?”

Silvie looked at the map and even had to turn the map up, down, left and right before he finally found the correct orientation. Frowning, he said, “This map is very crude. What kind of map is this?”

Carol said flatly, “A map of the forest where the elves live. The herbs we need to pick are distributed very closely to the place where the elves live. We need to be careful to avoid them, so as to prevent angering the elves.”

“Aren’t you acquainted with the elves?”

Carol glared at Silvie. This fellow always used every possible excuse to hear about the relationship between her and the elves.

“Being acquainted doesn’t mean I want to get in contact with them, and the elves I’m familiar with do not live here. Now, have you understood the map yet or not?”

“I don’t understand it,” Silvie said honestly. “The map is too simple. Also, I’m not familiar with this area.”

At that moment, Cale moved up closer to them, took a few glances at the map, then used his finger to point at a spot, saying, “We’re here.”

Carol looked at the map and thought deeply for a moment.

“We should be able to see the herbs after another half day of walking tomorrow. Silvie, there is a river here. Take Cale over there to light a fire and set up the tents in advance. Leave Ohmygod with me, and I’ll see if there is anything nearby that I can hunt to add to our food supply. Then, I’ll meet up with you guys again.”

“Also!” Carol spoke in a warning tone, “You better pay attention to the road. Even if you want to die, you shouldn’t drag others to die with you!”

Silvie immediately nodded frantically.

Carol grabbed Ohmygod from Silvie’s head, roughly stuffed it into her cloak, then turned around and left.

Silvie and Cale stood motionless in their original positions, as if respectfully seeing off their immediate superior. Before the superior departs, how could the subordinates dare to turn around and leave first?

The two of them waited until Carol had disappeared into the middle of the thicket before they started to head towards their destination.

Without Carol and Ohmygod, Silvie was at long last serious about truly paying attention to the road conditions. It was rare for Silvie not to open his mouth and talk incessantly. On the contrary, it was Cale who opened his mouth first to ask, “Why take Ohmygod away?”

“Without Ohmygod to lead the way, Carol will have to spend a long time finding the road.”

Cale cried out in astonishment, “That guy has no sense of direction?” How can this be? It would be more reasonable to say that Silvie has no sense of direction!

“Oh, I wouldn’t really consider it lacking a sense of direction, just not that good at finding the way! Carol always has to spend twice the amount of time before arriving at the destination.”

That means no sense of direction!


Cale helplessly watched as Silvie tripped again. Without Ohmygod, he fell down quite hard this time and even lay on the ground groaning and panting when he could not get back on his feet.

After much difficulty, he crawled up and, with a single glance, the two of them saw that the culprit who had caused Silvie to fall down this time was…


Carol walked back to the camp, still holding Ohmygod in her hand. Ohmygod’s body was wrapped around several spherical objects, bird eggs she intended to use as an additional dish.

With Ohmygod’s help, Carol did not have to waste any effort to find the location of the camp. It always knew Silvie’s exact position, and though this was not particularly normal, Carol did not want to think too deeply about it.

In many aspects, Ohmygod was indeed very useful. It could be used to find their bearings, it could turn into a rope, and it could even wrap things as a cloth. It was much more useful than Silvie and did not cause trouble! It was even very quiet!

If not for the fact that Ohmygod would never leave Silvie, she should keep Ohmygod and then throw Silvie away.

The moment she walked into the campsite, Carol noticed something wrong with both their expressions. Silvie’s expression was always easy to read. Every time he did something he wanted to hide, he would deliberately pretend to be busy and not look at her. Right now, he was looking down as he made soup and did not even call out a greeting when she entered the camp. He was obviously concealing something.

On the contrary, Cale’s worries were all over his face. He was not even hiding them.

Carol threw Ohmygod, along with the bird eggs, to Silvie. As Silvie was not looking at her, there was a moment of flustered movement before he managed to catch them. However, he did not even utter a single word of complaint, and instead busied himself with taking the bird eggs out from Ohmygod’s body.

As expected, he was hiding something from her. Carol pondered for a moment. Nevertheless, she would wait until mealtime to interrogate them. She walked towards the tent, intending to set down her luggage and cloak first. When she lifted up the tent flap…

“Silvester Uriah Nate!”

Silvie covered his ears tightly, as if doing so meant he could treat the bellowing as something that was not actually happening.

Carol furiously rushed over, growling, “What is that thing in the tent?!”

Nervous, Silvie replied, “I-I’m also not sure what his race is… He looks a lot like an elf?”

“I’m not asking about his race! Where did he come from?”

“We picked him up from the undergrowth!” Carol’s furious expression was so terrifying that Silvie was close to tears. He hurriedly hung his head and pretended to be remorseful as he said, “He had fainted in the undergrowth, and I tripped over his leg and fell down. It was so painful…”

Carol angrily roared, “Who cares if you fall down ten times a day! Who allowed you to bring him back here? Is an Ohmygod and a Cale still not enough?”

So it turns out that I’m on the same level as Ohmygod? Cale silently thought.

Deeply afraid that Carol would throw out the elf-like person, Silvie anxiously said, “But he’s hurt! How could I have ignored his plight and left him?”

Carol really wanted to blurt out the words “Go throw him away,” but then she thought about the relationship between her and the elves. She truly could not allow Silvie to throw him away. She immediately suffered an incessant headache.

Shouldn’t these sorts of creatures, like elves, be hiding deep in the forest, so that even if you searched you could not find them? How could Silvie have picked one up simply by falling down?

“Carol, is h-he really an elf?” Silvie asked cautiously.

“No.” Carol carefully recalled the shape of that person’s ears and decided, “He should be a half-elf.”

“A half-elf?” Cale exclaimed, “Are you saying that he has mixed blood and is born from a human and an elf? Do those sorts of people with mixed blood truly exist?”

“Yes, but very few, even fewer than pure elves.”

Carol walked back to the tent, lifted up the tent flap, and looked at the delicate and pretty half-elf lying inside. His green hair was shoulder-length, and his body was slim and slender. Based on her estimation, he should not be too old… in terms of an elf’s lifespan. Elves below a hundred years were all considered children. Half elves within sixty to seventy years old would also be considered children.

This made her even more puzzled. Although elves are unwilling to come into contact with other races, they should accept half elves. Why is this young half-elf running around any old how in the wilderness by himself?

Carol walked back to the side of the campfire, sat down, and said, “Silvie, cook a separate pot of stew with egg, bread, and cheese. Elves don’t like the stench of meat.”

Silvie blinked, then happily said, “Oh, oh! Alright!”

As long as Carol did not throw away the half elf, he would not mind even if he had to cook ten different pots of soup!

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  1. Jasae Bushae

    A wild Half elf appears!
    You caught a wild Half Elf~
    Would you like to name your Half Elf?
    Leaf Knig__

  2. abersham

    so that’s why leaf is good at bows.
    carol is judgement, silvie is sun, cale is storm, the half elf is leaf, and ohmygod is the god of light?

    • Truthfully...

      If you think about it properly, Cale tried to kill his father’s murderers brashly, ran away, tried to pick a fight with Carol, doesn’t that mean he’s the Blaze Knight? Ohmygod as the God of light? More likely he is the pope! But that might actually be wrong since Carol has a sister that she dislikes and the sister is called ‘The Holy Queen’…

    • EliSan

      Carol is a 100% Judgment Knight!!! Just look how she is thinking of interrogating those two in the chapter!!! Thou I have no ideas who Cale might be… Well, we’ll see who he is as soon as he takes out his weapon.

    • hi

      Carol is a woman, no woman has ever been recorded as a knight so, wouldnt she be judgement? I get the feeling that cale is earth knight. he’s so honest his feelings were all over his face.

    • Truthfully...

      The half elf appearance is that of the leaf knight of legends, Carol is Judge, Silvie is Sun and the Hell knight isn’t being shown yet for some reason, and Carol was the warrior Queen and she didn’t HAVE to be a man to be the leader of an army!

  3. Hchi

    I’m starting to understand where their unnatural hair colors are coming from. :D
    I’m curious though who will be Storm; maybe some other half, or a guy who just really liked to dye his hair blue.

  4. LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8’D Omg, you guys have NO idea how happy this makes me. <33333 Aaaaah, I can't wait to read tehnext one! X3 ~<3 Keep up the great work!

  5. Monica

    Thanks PR!
    Wow, I didn’t think Carol had no sense of direction. Neo had it though.. lol

    • Jasae Bushae

      Between Neo, Carol and Prince from 1/2 Prince, I am beginning to suspect that no sense of direction is a prerequisite for badass over the top fighting ability.

    • Moonlightflower

      Amendment to the comment above: they share a characteristic of sword-using, too.

    • aqualens

      Though I think a lot of people would have ‘no sense of direction’ in a forest (the trees all look the same!), the matter is whether she would have no sense of direction in a town that makes it a big matter.

  6. EliSan

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  7. fuyuki

    no sense of direction… =.= was that supposed to be judgement knight the most reliable person?..?

  8. snuffie

    Yu Wo and her directionally-challenged yet crazy strong characters……..
    So the whole continent apparently doesn’t know that the Leaf Knight is a half elf, else Leaf would have to go around sporting pointy-shaped doughs on his ears..

  9. snuffie

    This thought popped in my mind way back when Female Warrior has just started.. what if the rumor (err, or fact, as the whole continent would claim) that the first Sun Knight only loves the God of Light and shows no interest in females was in fact because he.. err.. likes Judgement, that is to say, Carol, whom everyone thought of as a guy……
    Just want to throw it out there, I myself don’t really think this theory could be true~

  10. Anonymous

    Wondering the same thing. “Unlike humans, might elves have naturally-blue hair by any chance!?” I thought, but it seems that’s not the case after all. –Unless… unless! “Must disguise that am not human! However, cannot effectively dye green hair a normal human hair colour! In that case, must dye hair a different close-to-green hair colour that elves don’t have, so as to appear a human with flamboyantly dyed hair!”. Just because Leaf doesn’t dye his hair green (at least not that I can remember), I’m going with (betting on, though with no stakes) this. *glee*

    • Much Feels

      @Anonymous I think that this might actually be storm! Remember how aldrizzt was really proficient at wind magic?

  11. alex

    I still think cale is metal because he seems like he would have a sharp tongue when he’s angry… in any case, there’s no way he could be earth, otherwise the legend would say that he was sly and quick to anger rather than extremely innocent! Unless he’s just really good at hiding it, in which case… the 38th Earth Knight is a LOT closer to the original than we thought… O.o

  12. Chicaalterego

    I think putting an elf there is gonna make things hard for Carol, think about it, if Leaf is a good guy, then he would side with Sun every time he picks up a pet XD

  13. Anon

    I’m really think that Cale is Earth. And a possible future plot would be that once he realizes that Carol is actually female then he’ll start being all shy and stuttering when around her, like the legend goes.

  14. EliSan

    I wonder of Ohmygod has something to do with the God of Light himself? In LSK we were told that Shadow god tore a part of himself to create three “guides” for the Demon King candidates. Maybe Ohmygod is part of the God of Light which he gave Silvie to make sure he won’t fall to his death before he actually becomes his Sun Knight???

  15. Jynx3d

    I can’t wait for Yu Wo to write more volumes on this! It’s going to be so good! And I love how he just picks them up (:

  16. Mizu

    LSK is pretty muck about how ironic the actual characters are to the Legendary first Knights. They shouldn’t be compared to the present LSK Knights who are compared to the first ones. In fact, the FW characters should be based on the descriptions of the original Knights in LSK. It’s really a simple case of reading, remembering and analyzing.

    It’s a prerequisite for a Judgment Knight to be good with logic and deduction. That’s pretty much Carol for you. It just makes me think of Neo, being the best sword fighter, a sense of Justice, but with no sense of direction. And also makes Lesus a good Judgment Knight. We don’t know about his sense of direction, but I think it should be better than Carol’s. :3

    It’s no denying the Half Elf is Leaf. Green hair.

    As for Cale, he can’t be the Storm Knight. Storm is supposed to be handsome and a womanizer. He indeed can’t be Earth who is famous for his innocence and stuttering. Can’t be Cloud who’s known for… being a ghost lol. Can’t really be Blaze who’s stubborn and reckless… with red hair.

    That’s 5 other members of the Warm-Hearted faction that cannot fit Cale’s description. If anything, he would be more in inclined to the Cold-Hearted faction and follow the Judgement Knight. Vengeance. Justice. Torture.

    Can’t be Moon who always holds his head high. Can’t be poker faced Ice. Hell is supposed to be like a double agent or something too. Based on his history, he wouldn’t fit that. Stone is supposed to be stubborn (as stubborn as a stone XD).

    • Jasae Bushae

      Actually, the original Cloud Knight is known for being a free spirit who hates staying in one place and thus is constantly roaming about like a cloud and settling under ‘banyan trees’ to read poetry if I remember right (a love of reading is the only thing that matches with the current XD )

      Hmm…He also really does not fit as Metal who was widly regarded for his poisonous tongue and low opinion of anyone and anyone…(Heck, Carol has more of a barbed tongue than he does.) Fits closer to the modern day Metal who has rampant fanboyism for Judgment)
      Nothing really eliminates him as Hell either, since the defining feature of the Hell Knight is that they are a member of the cold faction who follows Sun unquestionably and acts as a spy/double agent for the sake of the church…Which really isnt alot to go on unlike ‘earth is kind and shy’ and ‘storm is flirtatious and a rebel who supports the underdog and hates authority’ whose natures make him much easier to call.

      Perhaps though we will find out more about his personality later on which will give us a more in depth look at him

  17. bites

    “Why is this young half elf running around any old how in the wilderness by himself?”
    I re-read this sentence so many times that I thought my English suck, but I still don’t understand what it’s trying to say…
    Thanks if anyone mind filling me in.

    • [PR]doza

      I assume what you don’t understand is “any old how” — “any old how” means randomly, in no particular order

  18. shanagi95

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  20. Luneth

    I think Cale is the Earth Knight. The Earth Knight is honest and kind, and in this chapter he shows concern for the unconcious Leaf and is not even trying to hide it. His innocence and stuttering is around women. And well, he doesn’t know Carol is a woman yet. Any of the other Good Warm-Hearted Faction Knights are out of the question, as are the Frost Knight, Moon Knight and Metal Knight (the Metal Knight is said to insult anyone at any possible moment, and I haven’t seen him insult anyone yet outside of logical people. Stone Knight is also out of the question, because then he would be too stubborn to listen to Carol like he does. Also, Cale is much closer to Silvie than to Carol, which implicates he belongs to the Good Warm-Hearted faction. He is also the first to join Sun and Judge, and the Earth Knight, Sun’s closest companion, is a logical choice for his first companion.

  21. PhantasyPen

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    • katanara

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