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October Chapters
  1. No Hero V2C3: Make Your Choice, Besieged Hero
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight V7Extra: “When the Sun Knight and the Judgment Knight Have a Falling Out, Follow the Sun Knight's Commands – Unless the Sun Knight Has Not Upheld His Duty.”
  3. No Hero V2C4: Under the Wailing, the Hated Hero
  4. The Legend of Sun Knight V7Epilogue: Character Introductions

We’re finishing off volume 7 of the Legend of Sun Knight this month! That means, there’s only one volume left of the main story after this. There’s still 39 LSK of course, a 3 volume spin-off detailing the 39th generation, and we are most definitely translating it. Now that the chapter titles for volume 8 are no longer spoilerish about the identity of the Demon King, and we’re close to publishing v8, the chapter titles have been added to our chapter list. Take a look! :D

This month, we bring you another two (very long) chapters of No Hero! You’ll get to know Ah Ye and Charles even better~. (C4 has a very awesome and hilarious scene~)

AkaiiRia has started a French translation subgroup over at PR! International. They already have a few chapters up from 1/2 Prince and Legend of Sun Knight! Super exciting! :D

Have a great October! Are any of you dressing up for Halloween?

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  1. Next week we have a day at school to dress up like a superhero! Ah… Everyone would look at me very strangely if I tried to come in as a No Hero character. Maybe next year! *walks to school as Motorbike!DSII*

    Everything is getting so exciting!~ My poor seat might break if I keep bouncing on it. I’m sorry chair. I’m not getting any lighter.

    *points at the Legend of the Sun Knight shared rule* That’s a spoiler if I ever saw one. I’m glad PR! decided to follow Shared Rule #8 so well until now.

    And… *claps for the French translation group* It’s pretty audacious to take on two novels at once. Please don’t die! (Is it Canadian French or French French? Is there even a difference?)

    • AkaiiRia

      It’s Canadian French actually but we have some people from France too in our team. And yeah there’s a difference between the two since french canadians and french french don’t share the same grammar rules and expressions.. So it’s a little bit of a problem for the translations. But, we’re trying to make a compromise between the two languages so it’s not too annoying for french french to read our chapters.

    • Thief-Hare

      Thanks for the support and don’t worry about the two novels at once ! We can do it !! 8D
      And it is in Canadian French so there are a few differences in grammar but we work so it won’t be too weird for the French french readers (being french from France myself, I can tell).
      Sorry if my english is a bit weird x).

    • @15B
      Haha xD “SHHHHH!”

  2. Yay!! We’re getting to know more about Ah Ye and Charles (I can’t help but like them). Thanks to PR! for getting us new chapters as always ^^. Haha shared rule #7, seems like Sun really is in deep shit :P

  3. Miau Miau Yeen

    Whoa! 2 chapters of NH! Thanks PR! <3
    This is one of the few volumes that I really love! :D
    Can't wait for "them" to meet! :3

  4. I have literally been checking for the next update every hour. It’s a good thing i don’t know any of the PR staff personally, or the way I would pester them would be comparable to Sun getting Judgement to buy him blueberry pie…

    On a side note, i have recently been reading books with “despicable” villains who were eventually caught and punished. I would laugh and them and think to myself,
    You deserve to be punished. What kind of villain are you? You’re not even half as despicable as Sun. Eh? That doesn’t sound right…

    Thanks to PR for working so hard to get us these chapters!

  5. Lazyknight

    is volume 8 the last of The Legend of Sun Knight or is it still in progress?

    • Volume 8 is the last volume of Legend of Sun Knight. The main series is complete.

      It has a spin off called 39 Legend of Sun Knight. It doesn’t feature Grisia as the main character but rather the 39th generation Sun Knight (in-training). 1 volume out of a scheduled 3 has been written so far.

  6. DarkPresent

    I’m really sory for a lack of knowledge (or rather good memory), but Grisia is Sun Knight of which generation?

  7. Hi just wondering has all the 3 volumes of 39th sun knight released in Taiwan?

  8. Thanks for the chapter… Wow, Grisia is finally the Demon King…!!! How suitable..!!

    Anyway, is No Hero CH 4 coming out today?! I’ve been stalking the site for almost a week almost every 30 minutes in my every waking hour. Thank you very much for the translations. By the way, does PR also plans to translate Eclipse Hunter? I love that story… So hilarious( though not as hilarious as LSK, mind you)

    • @Illumi Senri
      Either it’ll be up within a half hour, as of when I’m posting this, or we’ll just have a double surprise on Halloween!

      And no. They’ve said multiple times that they will not be translating Eclipse Hunter. Oddsquad is actually making good progress on the series, even if it isn’t immediately visible. Also, PR! likes starting from scratch, not starting where others left off, and to take up a series when someone else has finished almost 4/5ths of it seems a little redundant. =P Besides, they’re already busy with No Hero and Legend of the Sun Knight, along with End of Dominion and Illusions, Lies, Truth. If they took up Eclipse Hunter, we’d have to wait a long time for releases of the other projects! (* .* I’m not really sure what I’d do if I had to wait for LSK releases every two months, like it was all the way back in LSK V3. It’s going to be so intense with DemonKing!Grisia!)

    • @Illumi Senri
      Double surprise on Halloween. XD The chapter is too long…! Nearly 8k. LSK chapters aren’t nearly this long, haha. Charles, please be less wordy. You are even worse than Grisia.

      15B is correct about Eclipse Hunter~.

  9. @15B
    Okay, I can’t sleep… I’m quivering in anticipation… Thank you very much… Ah yes, oddsquad just published v4ch9 yesterday.. I guess it feels a but weird that I’m already reading the sequel before I finished EH. Lots of question arose, will Yue Baylian appeared in NH? And why did Ah Ye’s friends suddenly disappeared? There’s only Ezart in NH and How did Elian and Eli became an official bodyguard for the Solaris Emperor? He used to be surrounded by friends… Okay, that’s one too many questions..! Have a nice Halloween^_^

  10. Jasae Bushae

    OddSquads translations can be so odd. XD They can go months and months without updates and suddenly, Boom! Three new chapters released within a month. I almost suspect they time such updates when people least suspect it.
    Getting close to the final volume too which is nice ^^

  11. Thanks for all the chapters, they will (hopefully) save my Halloween. I was planning on dressing up, but there was a scheduling mistake at work, so now I’m stuck until past 11pm. There goes my favorite holiday. :'(

  12. Can you give me the link to chapter 9 please? I cannot seem to find it on OddSquad!

  13. @Persimmon

    It’s not yet officially posted. I just found this to the latest threads. Still subjected to editing. They even said they already translated up to v5ch1 and they haven’t disclosed yet when exactly are they going to post it.

  14. @Krescent

  15. Miau Miau Yeen

    By the way, I would like to ask if you would be planning to pick up GOD(the newer version) to translate? :3

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