Update: September 2014

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September Chapters
  1. No Hero V2C1: Among the Ordinary, an Extraordinary Hero
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight V7C9: “Confrontation Between Demon Kings”
  3. No Hero V2C2: Late at Night, the Busy Hero
  4. The Legend of Sun Knight V7C10: “Birth of the Demon King”

What, an update before half the month has passed? What in the world is happening? Must be the end of the world! Quick, where can we find siblings like the Jiang siblings from Dominion’s End so we can survive through the end of the world?

Ahem. We will be bringing you two chapters each of No Hero and Legend of Sun Knight! The No Hero chapters are nice and long, quite different from the super short prologue we got last month. Our LSK chapters will bring us very close to the end of V7! Time to watch Sun’s plan unfold!

Our LSK ebook page has been updated with an updated epub file for the side stories, thanks to Wanderer Brown Sheep. A PDF of No Hero V1 has been added to our No Hero ebook page thanks to Listening Daisy.

Happy September!

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  1. Nooooo! I don’t want the world to end before we finished reading LSK!!!!!
    Lol, more seriously, thaaaaaanks for the early release. As a gift, please accept this humble box of blueberry cookies.

  2. yipppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanksssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this made my day!


  3. you people are awesome!

  4. My worship towards you guys has just strengthened once more.

  5. Thank you for tthis early update **

  6. Yippee! Thank you so much PR. (There’s only 1 volume of Sun Knight left??? Waaa! I’m going to miss it)
    Thank you so much for translating everything. No Hero is exciting!

    • Miau Miau Yeen

      There’s still 39 after LSK. And lets pray for Yu Wo to start work on a complete Female Warrior too. <3

      @PR: Whee! 2 NH and 2 LSK this month! Thank you for your hard work! <3

  7. *searching for the like-button*

  8. Did you guys have problems with you server :)?

  9. Can’t wait for September 30 :D

  10. Out of curiosity, where do the bulk of u PR live? Also,it’s been one looong 30th Sept/1st October refreshing this page ;_;

    • @Hei Yin
      We’re all over the place!

      Please don’t break our site from refreshing too much. :’D Soon, soon.

    • @Hei Yin
      *chuckles* As long as PR! doesn’t forget September only has 30 days, we’re all good. If not, count it as an early October release!

      I remember Yu Wo had a book signing in Singapore a bit back, so some (Well, at least one.) of the staff here got excited over that, since they actually lived in/were close enough to Singapore to see her. Singlish seems to show up every now and then in the comments too.

      PR! goes by American English spellings, so I’m guessing there’s probably a large chunk that’s American or Canadian. (Plus, the releases are usually done before midnight, if you’re in Central, Mountain, or Pacific Coast time.)

      But going by the impression the staff blogs left on me the last time I looked at them, most of the staff seems to reside wherever the best place to read manga would be.

    • @15B
      I suppose the end of the world didn’t happen after all, since, as usual, we love the last day of the month. ;)

    • [PR]raylight

      PR staff are all over the place, but there’s a good number of us from Singapore!~ (By any chance were you talking about me for the book signing staff post) (Eck-)

      There’s also a few from America as well. (and other places) (If I’m not wrong the ones in Singapore tend to be translators due to the bilingual thing and the ones in America are usually proofreaders?)

      I have a feeling that most of us read our manga online, haha.

  11. Shui Ying

    I have to say. Singapore is a mighty fine country to live in. All sunny days and hot sun over here in SEA. Thanks for September Release!

  12. I need more No Hero :O

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