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November Chapters
  1. No Hero V2C5: Publicly, the Hero in need of an Identity
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight V8Prologue: Crusading Against the Demon King
  3. The Legend of Sun Knight V8C1: “The Enemy of the Demon King—A Hero”

Hey everyone! Here’s the November update. This month brings us the beginning of LSK V8, the last volume of LSK! We’ll be releasing two chapters of LSK, the prologue and chapter 1. For NH, we’ll be releasing one chapter, another long chapter. The word count of this one chapter isn’t much less than the word count of both LSK chapters combined~.

Meanwhile, we are slowly adding project pages for our new projects. (Have we mentioned yet that we would be translating Romance RPG. Well, we are!) We’ve recently emailed Yu Wo asking permission to translate these series, and she has given us her consent. :) Each of our new projects are either short — Romance RPG is only 1 volume long — or are just in the beginning stages. Illusions, Lies, Truth and Dominion’s End are both two volumes long at the moment. They are kind of like side projects for us, so we won’t be promising regular updates for them at this time. But look forward to them! We already have a few chapters of each translated but would like to stockpile on more before we feel comfortable. If any translators are interested in helping with translations, do give us a shout. We’d love to have you join us~.

Also, we’ve been waiting on releasing Knife Blade, Metal’s side story, since Yu Wo hadn’t posted it up online just yet. Now that she has, you’ll see it from us very soon. :)

Yu Wo’s newest release will be Dominion’s End volume 2, to be released on December 1, 2014. You can view a promotional video for it here, and you can view more details about the novel here. (You can even download a free wallpaper!) The artist for Dominion’s End is Wu Ling, who also did the art for Female Warrior. Yu Wo seems to be working on No Hero volume 9 at the moment, so that is probably what we will see next from her.

So far, our menu is organized based on what series we released first. (Thus, 1/2 Prince is on top, followed by LSK). Should we keep the menu like that, or should we alphabetize it? Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Uwaaaahhhh, looking forward to the looooonggg NH chapter^_^ oh and I’m so looking forward to Grisia how he would play the role of the Demon King…! I mean he’s pretty much already a Demon King now it’s official… PR staff thank you very much…!! I love you guys…

  2. I think you should keep the menu like that. There isn’t so many series yet that it would be hard to search through. (You know what I mean? Translate more. /slap)

  3. *nervously chewing on a baby celery plant* Demon King Grisia!~ Super serious Lesus! And the final boss battle! * .* I won’t even have to cry during the last chapter of V8 while enjoying its epicness because I’ll know there will be super cute Gen 39 knights to look forward to! (Is it wrong to look the most forward to the 39th Storm Knight because he’ll be able to help his teacher with paperwork? At age seven, he’d barely know how to read…)

    *shakes head* I have no idea how Yu Wo even manages to write things like 8k word chapters. 300 words already makes me frazzled. (By the way, I noticed I’ve never taken the time to thank PR! for being super meticulous translators and proof-readers. I’m glad you all invest so much time into the chapters making sure details are consistent and trying to preserve as much of the original tone of the passage and characters as possible. I’m especially grateful because your 3 big projects, 1/2 Prince, Legend of the Sun Knight, and No Hero, are all in the first person! If you all weren’t super picky about every detail, then so much of each narrator’s unique personality would have been lost in transit!)

    Yu Wo works so fast too… Another End of Dominion book out already? She must be very excited about the end of the world.

    About your menu… I like it like this! It’s like a timeline of PR! (It also makes it easier for me to decide whether I want to spree on old volumes or obsessively reread the newest chapters since the older, more finished novels are at one end and the new sprouts are at another.)

    • @15B
      The 39th generation = adorableness. 8D Hey, seven year olds aren’t that bad at reading! Maybe he really strives to learn faster! But starting paperwork at age 7…. (Don’t learn faster, mini Storm!)

      8k chapters… Too epic for me to write. (3k is seriously my limit~) As for translating & proofreading 8k chapters… It feels like an eternity! (But I do love reading them) Huh, we seem to really like Yu Wo’s 1st person works. The ones being translated by other groups are all third person, huh… Dominion’s End is also in 1st person! Illusions, Lies, Truth, Female Warrior, and Romance RPG are our non 1st person projects, haha. But the deciding factor for each of these was their short length.

      She is definitely very excited about the end of the world. XD

      Oh, cool, cool. I like things chronological! But I did wonder if like… newcomers would be confused at the seemingly random organization.

  4. Thank you PR! You guys are the best really ! And I agree with 15B how keeping the menu as it is, is like a nice timeline^^ I think its cute and should be kept as it is for now(:

  5. Thanks you for the release! I love you PR!
    I also like the menu as it is now. I wouldn’t mind if you change it, but I like the timeline concept, like said 15B

  6. Jasae Bushae

    Squee~! I am looking forward to this! Romance RPG sounds like it will be a load of fun to read! ^^

  7. Yay! Can’t wait to see the new chapters! ≧◇≦ (though I guess I should do my homework first… //sob)
    You guys are so awesome for translating these every month!
    I actually prefer the current menu, but if you guys would like to change it, the choice is yours…

  8. A happy November for everyone! Thanks PR! I also prefer the current menu.

  9. Thank you so much for all the hard work you guys!!!! I love you all!!! I’m do glad for this translation team!!! Please always update even if it takes months to wait ill wait obediently!!! And don’t over work or stress urselves from doing this very great volunteer work of translating for us fans… :D

  10. Miau Miau Yeen

    Ahhhh~~~!! If I recall correctly, I love this chapter of NH~~~ *waits patiently*
    And today, Yu Wo’s post on her blog about Metal is really funny! Was laughing so badly at the ending! ><
    Thanks again for the translations this month~~~ <3

  11. I think that finished ones like 1/2 prince and female warrior can go down the menu since most of the people here are following the new releases anyway. thought its not a big deal now :)
    Thanks for the hard work as always!!! Hope the releases wont take to long or ill die a painful death caused by not knowing the continuation of my favorite stories

  12. The staff of princerevolution never fail to amaze me. I can’t wait to finish up reading about Sun’s despica- i mean farsighted plans and then move on to adorableness x12. XD
    Although, will Sun disobey his teacher and let Roland continue to be the Hell Knight when the time comes? So many answered questions. Maybe Yu W wrote the series to appease all her fan’s questions about the Twelve Holy Knights’ futures.
    Thanks for also translating Yu Wo’s short series. I’m sure they’re going to be really fun reads. :)

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