Update: December 2015

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December Chapters
  1. Romance RPG V1C15: Part Fifteen
  2. Illusions, Lies, Truth V1C3: Jiang Ziya Part 2 – Sparks
  3. No Hero V3C8: The Goal of Non-Humans and the Hope of Humans
  4. Romance RPG V1C16: Part Sixteen
  5. No Hero Side Stories 2: Never Change, Part Two
  6. 39—Legend of Sun Knight V1C1: In-Training, Part 2—Judgment Knight
  7. Dominion's End V1C8: The Sick Cat Retaliates

Amazingly, it’s already the last month of the year! We have chapters from all of our projects this month, plus the 2nd half of our first No Hero side story (order of chapter releases subject to change). Happy holidays, and enjoy the releases.

Over in our forums, we have a new contest, the No Hero Insanity Quiz! How well do you know No Hero? We want to know! Deadline is December 15th. You need a forum account in order to participate. More details in the forum post.

We have a new language subgroup. Check them out over at PR! Русский. They’re working on many series, including Dominion’s End, Legend of Sun Knight, No Hero, and 1/2 Prince. In order to support the number of subgroups we have, and for better usability, we’ve updated the layout for our international site.

Our old poll plugin stopped working, so we’ve found ourselves a new one. Unfortunately, it meant that our November poll ended abruptly. Zhuo Ling Bin was in the lead of the all-nighter poll at the time. We tested out our new poll plugin with a simple question, Meatbun or Ohmygod? to decide a winner once and for all. Ohmygod pulled ahead with 223 votes, 56%, but don’t despair, Meatbun! Meatbun had 178 votes, 44%, making it out to a total of 401 votes from the latter half of November.

Our December poll is, What mode of transportation would you choose?

ListeningDaisy has updated the PDF of the LSK side stories to include side story 19. You can grab the updated PDF over here.

Last of all, a general notice. New chapter releases are automatically added to the chapter listing on the front page and chapter lists. If a chapter does not show up on either list right away, it should be a result of caching. Cached posts help reduce our server load. Refreshing your browser may help. Using Facebook or Twitter to be notified of updates also helps our site out with server load, and you can be notified immediately of new releases.

As always, do feed the hungry translators and proofreaders.

Edit: Congratulations to CherryChimchim for scoring 25/25 on the Insanity Quiz: No Hero!

25 Responses

  1. ~RenTheWitch~

    Fair enough, a good way to end the year is with a chapter of each of the novels u guys translate :) i dont read them all but its good to have LSK, Dominion End and No Hero <3

  2. *cry crocodile tears* even though I love to read it all, why dominion end always the last one!? ToT I always have to go back to read the previous chapters to know what’s going on…

  3. MaplePanda

    Wow that quiz is insane /sweat/ I can see myself re-reading all the chapters just to answer the questions.

    And no problemo Sun, I’ll can probably leave at least 10 comments across all the releases by the end of December.

    • @MaplePanda
      LOL same, I took a peak at the Quiz and I can totally see myself having to rereading all the chapters just to answer the questions too XD but sadly that’ll have to wait until finals are over D: the timing .-. but it’ll be fun!

      ..and my eyes were a bit itchy when I read Sun asking for a favor.. LOL though I don’t think I mind forever owing our lovable Sun favors.. maybe…

    • dollyfishe

      aaah, and here i am thinking i will definitely not re-read before answer *sob*
      and today supposed to be the only day i have spare time ~><~
      how to answer then without re-read them T_______T

  4. dollyfishe

    still no baolilong ? hix … how I wish u re-translate KNM then ~><~
    @renthewitch, why dont u try 39 ? well, I dont believe u will leave it there though :p

  5. Well, it’s expected that most promising chapters are always last but dear PR! I have one favour to ask. Don’t relies DE on the night of New Years!!! At least a day prior to to that! Otherwise I won’t be able to enjoy it for couple of days since I’ll be berried under New Years chores.

  6. Yesssssssss. I will take these uploads as lovely birthday and christmas presents *_*
    As for the new poll, always pick the cutie because yaaaa know…. chance to get close ;)

  7. dollyfishe

    *sigh* my first comment was eaten again. please dont consider this as a comment spam (ahahhahahah) at least i found out why my comment was eaten each time i post a long comment using phone. it turn out that there are words limit to post using phone (i dont know with others, or how much the words limit, but next time, i will postpone when i need to post a lengthy comment). ok …. next to repeat what i was going to said previously ^o^
    *another sigh* i really want to see baolilong on the poll. can i really ask for you to re-translate KNM so that we can see KNM character here on the poll ? (no matter what, liola and kaiser still my duo-trouble-maker most favorite character. while oddsquad is the group of trouble-maker, Sun is the most despicable shameless, ah ye is the most lovable, lin jian yin is the most screw, and jiang shuyu is the most handsome of all. but i still want KNM. yay … what am i saying tho)
    and leaf ???? i cant help myself cracking out loud when i found his name there. makes me remember our shameless Sun riding him wahahhahahaha but sorry, i cant choose leaf after all. for the fact that i’m not that shameless, and for respecting our Sun that has the only privilege to ride him.
    as for the poll, i believe no one would choose Anrui. and as the other two, dsii and whitey …. hmmm i wonder which one will take lead ? but no matter which one will win, i wont discriminate against clam. ANRUI, please take care of me ^o^ (to the other one who choose Anrui, *highfive*)
    btw, i love the pic there. bunny sun asking for a comment, five or ten ? hihihihi i’m just happy you take my challenge seriously :p after all, who ask you to put DE on the end of the month. although that’s to be expecting, but still ……… that cliffhanger ….. @$(*&#^$(&#$ (to prevent PR change the content, i sensor my comment myself)
    anyway, dec is a holiday month. this might be too early, but merry christmas for everyone that celebrate \(^.^)/

    • ~RenTheWitch~


      After reading this i feel so shameless for choosing leaf…i mean, a cute AND hot archer offers to carry me? yes plz, princess carry <3

    • dollyfishe

      wahahaha … princess ann will cries a thousand river if everyone thinking like u :D
      princess carry eh ? I prefer jiang shutian \(^.^)/ so sorry he’s not in the pool *grin*

  8. The poll made me laugh..of all the choices the obvious one should be dsII but of course i chose elmairy. He is guaranteed to be safe, a little bit comfortable(where can you ever find a mode of transportation that would worry and care for you like a mother?!) and an instant carrier of spices.
    Sorry strawberry

  9. “The sick cat strikes” yes, yes and yes. I think I know what that means XD

  10. *is one of the people shouting, “FASTER! FASTER!” to DSII*

  11. and here I am hoping to see Dominion’s End around the middle of the month… Guess I need to wait till new year.
    I may try the quiz… Thanks PR

  12. Oh my god, I just noticed the “God of light rambling” behind Sun, awesome! xD
    I’m looking forward to the releases then – so sad that we were just a few votes away from the two 39 releases but you will be busy enough with these, so it’s alright x3
    And what kind of poll is that? All of the transportation methods are more or less dangerous (and dear Leaf doesn’t count because of a certain someone ;A; ), so who should I choose …? *sobs*

    • dollyfishe

      i was gonna leave the rest for a comment scam for today since today portion already posted and approve, but i cant help LOL-ing this. the first thought that flashed my mind was that …. does my comment give out those strong effect for those who dont know what to choose ? hahahhahahha then later on i think, u must be talking about Sun when you mention a certain someone (blame it on him hihihi as for whatever Sun will do later, let’s face it later. after all, i already do him a lot of small favor :p)
      so let me say this, whitey is more or less a safe choice, with term & condition applied. if you not a v*****, you better choose other as whitey wont let you even go near him, let alone ride on him.
      as for my reason to choose anrui, that’s because that’s the safest choice. you know what will happen when you discriminate against clam. i dont wanna experience being flatten, so anrui it is :p as the clam-motion-sickness, i hope i can overcome it by sleeping as soon as i pose leisurely, and wake up later when arrive ^o^

  13. Jasae Bushae

    I love clams so im choosing An Rui ^^
    Especially when their breaded X3

  14. dollyfishe

    and i thought i dont know what else to say for the comment scam ….
    but there it goes my full mark on the insanity quiz. i was too fast to submit it, i still had 2 more chapter to read but i was getting impatient and submitting before i realize i had 2 more question that was not correctly answered TT_TT my three days of hard-work to sneak-reading all NH chapters while i was doing my work gone to waste with a single click on a wrong time *sigh*
    but hey, i dont know there would be 20 voters for ANRUI while today was only 7 dec ^o^ i originally thought there will only around 20 voters, but i guess i was wrong *high-five for all ANRUI voters*

  15. I’ve been leeching/reading off PR for a couple of months already and haven’t bothered commenting… Sorry I’m ashamed of myself ):
    So thanks for the hard work. I really enjoy and appreciate it!
    PS: Thank you Sun for your kind and benevolent reminder lol

  16. thanks for the updates :)

  17. Are we getting a Christmas present? XD

  18. Merry Christmas to all of PR’s staff and thank you so so much for your hard work!

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