Update: November 2015

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November Chapters
  1. No Hero Side Stories 1: Never Change, Part One
  2. Romance RPG V1C14: Part Fourteen
  3. 39—Legend of Sun Knight V1C1: In-Training, Part 1—Vice-Captain
  4. No Hero V3C7: The Non-Human Dark Sun and the Human Ah Ye
  5. Dominion's End V1C7: The Coffee's Not To Blame, Part One
  6. Dominion's End V1C7: The Coffee's Not To Blame, Part Two

A tentative schedule. We’ll be back with more news. Maybe. Enjoy your November releases~. We start releasing 39 LSK this month! We also have the first of our No Hero Side Stories. We’ve divided Dominion’s End V1C7 into two parts because of the sensitive content of the second half.

Voting for our Halloween contest has just started! It will end on November 14. If we get 100 or more voters, we promise we’ll release two 39 chapters in December. Remember that you need a forum account to vote. Stay tuned for our next contest after this one ends.

Last month, our poll was “Ideal vacation spot?” Second Life won with 567 votes (44.33%). The other results were Kingdom of Forgotten Sound (42.77%, 547 Votes), Sunset City (4.85%, 62 Votes), Meisia (1.56%, 20 Votes), and Taiwan (6.49%, 83 Votes), with a total of 1279 voters. Taiwan was included because of ILT and Romance RPG.

November’s poll is, “You’re pulling an all-nighter to study for finals! Pick a study partner.” The choices were Zhuo Ling Bin, Ri Xiang Ye, Jiang Ziya, and Jiang Shuyu. Our old poll plugin stopped working before the month ended, so unfortunately the poll had to end early! Zhuo Ling Bin was in the lead at the time.

As always, don’t forget to feed the hungry translators and proofreaders.

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  1. Yes!!! I was worried that Dominion’s End chapter split meant a month or more wait on the 2nd half. Glad to see it will all fit in the same four weeks. ^_^

  2. Judgement isn’t on the poll? XD I could use his brilliant deduction skills to spot exam questions.

    But Ah Ye can also help me to hack into the school’s server and access the exam papers and answers, right? :D AH YE! Please be my study partner and give me the exam solutions~~~~~

    Back to reality. /Depressed/ Finals are in 3 weeks time. Time to pull an all-nighter to catch up on the backlog of tutorials.

    • Trespasserby

      Ah Ye would be more likely to tell you to take studying seriously than to help you hack into the school’s server!

  3. Yayyyyy we will have a 39 chapter:’) Thank you for your great job.

  4. SnowForest

    Yay talk about dedication, we’re technically getting two Dominions End chapters, as well as Two No Hero Chapters this month along with everything else!
    Thank you so much for all the hard work PR, If I hard any abilities you guys needed I would help in a heart beat but alas the best I can do is cheer you on from the the sidelines. \(*.*)/ …. (That’s my cheer, like I said I’ve got no skills XP)
    Here’s to a great month!

  5. Ahhh, why can’t I pick Storm??? Sun always goes to him for info, and he’s constantly pulling all-nighters anyways … XD *coughlet’spushalltheworkontohimcough*

  6. ~RenTheWitch~

    a bit late! trick or DE! :D

  7. Aaahhh the 36th generation and 2 part of DE chapter!! Thank you for your hard work PR! ! *cries of joy*

  8. dollyfishe

    waaagh oh no … ah ye is left behind wicked ~><~
    and jiang shuyu, obviously a no no. his great body and handsome face is too distracting for studying purpose. unless the exam is biology, I refuse
    conclusion, u all have to choose ah ye !!!!
    (waaaagh I ended up bad mouthing everyone else except jiang shuyu)

    • dollyfishe

      part of my comment were eaten by the connection, and i was thinking on re-write all those but then again …. i’m too lazy to do that (i’m forgot them already anyway)
      *sigh* i guess i cant comment using phone now, since it happen twice, and i guess another time few month ago too. anyone having the same trouble ? or is it just me with bad connection ?
      (and i’m really sorry for distubing PR! who need to approve my comment this time)

    • [PR]doza

      It’s definitely no problem ^^ We love comments~

      Hmmm, I haven’t been experiencing any connection problems or any of the others things that you mentioned though :/ I hope this isn’t a common problem. (I’m not an IT expert, so I can’t really diagnose your problem sorry m(_ _;;m) )

    • dollyfishe

      ok, i have a hard time to sleep, so i think i come out with the reasons why u should choose ah ye instead of the others. i dont like the fact that wicked leads the pools till now, it had to be ah ye !!! (hahhaha how come i become so determine ? usually i love it when hp character win the pool)

      while judging from the character so far, ah ye would definitely wont help you hacking the school/college server, or come up with any tricks to help you cheat, but ah ye still had that cute side of him that will make it hard to not trying your best to studying in order to not letting him down (Devon syndrome, remember?). in addition, he’s not even need to peek a book to answer all your serious question about studying, he can also help you find the best method so u can remember all your studies in one night (hahhaha i always do that years ago). not to mention that u can have charles to serve you midnight snacks as well. the snacks will flow nonstop as long as you keep asking them (ew … i would become real fat pig after the exam finished. now, i’m not sure if i will be happy choosing ah ye to accompany me pulling all nighter.)

      wicked, has only soft side for any girl with the name Lan, so if your name not Lan, stop choosing him !!!!! he will just ignore you if you are a girl, and still ignore you if you are boy, if your name is not Gui. since you cant be both (Lan and Gui), he will just ignore you. he may be good at studying, he may be good a good drool material, but your reason to choose him is exactly to be studying together, right ? what the good of it if wicked just ignore you ? (waaaaaaaaaagh i cant come out with a good reason not to choose wicked after all. may be i just too scared of the double Lan found me bad mouthing wicked)

      jiang ziya, (i need to ignore his past self as a grand duke), is another scary character. if you want to pull all nighter, just stop considering this guy. you wont be able to study coz you just too conscious of what he can see. when u need your concentration the most, you dont want spend the night wondering if there is anything scary around u right ? your exam result will be doom if you choose him !!!

      as for jiang shuyu, i could only say …. DO NOT choose him. he’s just too handsome for you to concentrate to study. if u had to spend all night with him, alone, you wont be able to study at all. i dont need to mention his great athletic body to say any further, just DO NOT choose him if you really want to study. (i wont mind if the next exam is biology tho, or anatomy to boot !! wohooo, his my first chosen partner if it is!!!)

      so, all in all, just choose AH YE !!!

      (yay … it’s turn out so long coz i’m panicking seeing wicked leading on the pool, and after my first comment, it seems that another 9 voters added to jiang shuyu ? ahh, it seems like i’m not doing a good job to make ah ye win ? anyway, i’m having fun making this, so if it’s lost again, i dont even want to re-write everything down)

    • @dollyfishe
      which one is Ah ye from? Sorry i did not score through all the comments DX

    • Trespasserby

      Zhuo Ling Bin: 1/2 Prince
      Ri Xiang Ye (nicknamed Ah Ye): No Hero
      Jiang Ziya: Illusions, Lies, Truth
      Jiang Shuyu: Dominion’s End

      If you’ve read Eclipse Hunter, you might recognize Ri Xiang Ye as Daren Solaris instead.

  9. Ah Ye would definitely be my choice. He has access to so much information, studying would be a breeze. I wouldn’t have to worry about him acting irritated or smug if (when) I didn’t understand something; he’s too sweet.
    Of course, there are also the benefits provided by a certain butler. Totally innocent benefits. ;)

    I’d just have to be careful not to set off his brother…
    But it’d still be worth it.

  10. Yay! You will post dominions end when i have free time lol XD
    And, i was only looking for dominions end, but after reading the comments it seems you have started on lsk 39! Interesting, wonder how that will go!

  11. Yay for DE and 39 LSK! Many thanks, PR.

  12. I was not able to come up with anything for the halloween contest. I’m sorry …

    A 39 chapter already? … Thank you ; – ;

    Ah Ye is the best!
    He won’t get tired, he is a walking dictionary, he has a built in clock, he is helpful by nature, he wont look down on you for not knowing the answer, he would likely give continouos encouragement, a snack making butler is part of the package, he is super cute, his house is so sturdy that you can be sure you will be able to study even if a war starts nearby, if you start to fall asleep he can shoot one of his guns next to you, and if that gives you a heart attack he knows a guy who is a super doctor, so you won’t die… various things may become different though…

    ( bad grammar because I am on a phone and this takes 8 times as long as typing, and 15 times as long if I go back and try to fix things)

  13. Jasae Bushae

    There were some really good Halloween submissions this year. ^^
    In the end, I ended up voting for the twelve holy pies for its delicious originality (Though I think Moon could have done with some ‘whip’ cream)
    And ‘the first Halloween’ which was quite an entertaining read.

  14. [PR]Trespasserby

    If anyone sees this message before November 14 and hasn’t voted in the Halloween contest yet… Go vote! Only 63 people have voted so far, and we need 100 voters for double LSK 39 chapters in December. (The 39th generation is very cute, so it’s worth taking some time to vote.)

    • dollyfishe

      vote already …
      I love the pie, but I already vote another 3 ~><~ can I vote for 4 please ?? (ahahha I knew its impossible, so I had to choose 3 from 4)

  15. Hello~ Long time lurker here. (Sorry I usually stay away from comment sections to try avoid any reference and/or unintended spoiler for female warrior since I haven’t started that serie yet)
    I have been unable to visualize the captcha to register in the forum. Just wanted to say that maybe other people have the same problem as me so don’t feel disheartened if you see small numbers in the forums, after all the monthly poll shows that a larger number of people come by to benefit from the amazing work you guys do for us.
    Sorry for my stunted english ^^’
    *lots of love for all the PR! staff*

    • [PR]Trespasserby

      Hello, gisp. Sorry for the trouble you’ve been having.
      Do you mind taking a screenshot of the captcha (or lack of it) and sending it to admin@princerevolution.org for us to check out? It might be able to help both of us.

    • @[PR]Trespasserby
      Leaving this here in case someone else has the same problem.
      The problem was the antivirus blocking (without notification) the captcha popup.
      Thanks for your help :)

  16. New poll lol :p The layout of the poll does appear to have changed. Meatbun and Ohmygod? So few pets? -Thinks hard- What about Fire Phoenix? Does Baolilong count? Maybe Jian? Is DSII a pet? Yu Shu’s butler? Lu Yang’s sword? Maybe Whitey to represent LSK (since I take Ohmygod as representing Female Warrior)? And while thinking about pets from the various series, DE doesn’t really have a pet yet… Although I can think of one that will appear in the distant future.

    • dollyfishe

      eh ? I tho that’s coz few days ago the old pool gone missing, so this is just a trial version ? it’s not really fun like usual (since it’s only 2 to choose), but basically, isnt meatbun and ohmygod basically the same too ? (I can imagine both appearance like poring (anyone played RO?) with one in white, the other gold ?

  17. Couldn’t you have added Baolilong? You know, from KnM?

  18. Aw…. only 92 fans of Dominion’s End??? So close!

  19. I’m so sorry Leaf!

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