Current Chapter Discussion: LSK V4C8

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Another awesome chapter. I remember Ice fought Roland in the first volume, but I don’t think we’ve seen him in action since. This chapter really highlighted two things for me: 1) It showed us how awesome the Holy Knights are compared to normal people and 2) Revealed a bit more of Sun’s character too. This chapter seemed like it was comparing Sun’s abilities to what a Holy Knight should be able to do. Ice was acting as a foil [Foil (literature) to avoid confusion] to Sun. Those who have been reading up on Neo’s adventures will also know what Grisia is lacking ability-wise. His adventure party companions clearly won’t believe in a million years that Grisia is the Sun Knight. However, we the audience have the advantage. Sun is our hero and our protagonist. We know there’s more to him than meets the eye. The other Holy Knights follow his orders without question. The Pope entrusts him with the most tedious and delicate missions. He’s even friends with a death lord. I think this chapter was meant to take Sun down a peg before Yu Wo catapults him into a position of awesome. However, I could be mistaken. What do you all think?

–What are Sun’s key traits that have earned him such loyalty from his fellow knights? Ice suffered a great deal of humiliation in the previous chapters.
–What function do the members of the adventure party serve in the plot? Personally I think they’re a brilliant plot device.
–Has Ice gained any more fans?
–Will Yu Wo reveal more about each of the Holy Knights as we go along? Who’s your favorite so far and why?
–Best scenes from the volume thus far.
–Other interesting topics
–No spoiler please.

Current Chapter Discussion: LSK V4C7

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Phew~! I’m so happy that we got a silly break this chapter. The tension last time was almost too much for me. Scarlet (who may or not be Pink) has warned Grisia not to trust anyone. Which if you’re an amnesiac is really sound advice, but we must not forget that Grisia is a natural evil mastermind. It seems weird calling the story’s hero that, but he’s certainly my favorite chess master type character. Has the Church really been keeping secrets from Sun? Would they even be able to?

Suggested Topics:
•Should we expect a cameo from Neo this volume?
•Unicorns are drawn to holy light, apparently. Does that mean that their original “bait” idea was bogus? (Fanfiction writers must be overjoyed)
•Will the Ice Knight remain loyal to Sun? Will Blaze ever get over the shock of being attacked by Sun? After (if) Sun’s memories return will he be forced to “silence” his new friends permanently?
•Does Ice serve a greater role in the plot or is he just going to be tied to the back of a unicorn for the rest of the volume?
•What do you think of the list of “lost” items?
•Sun’s nick-naming skills strike again! Are only Judge and Roland exempt from the nicknaming?
•Favorite scenes from the volume so far and other topics in depth
•And no spoilers please!