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Another awesome chapter. I remember Ice fought Roland in the first volume, but I don’t think we’ve seen him in action since. This chapter really highlighted two things for me: 1) It showed us how awesome the Holy Knights are compared to normal people and 2) Revealed a bit more of Sun’s character too. This chapter seemed like it was comparing Sun’s abilities to what a Holy Knight should be able to do. Ice was acting as a foil [Foil (literature) to avoid confusion] to Sun. Those who have been reading up on Neo’s adventures will also know what Grisia is lacking ability-wise. His adventure party companions clearly won’t believe in a million years that Grisia is the Sun Knight. However, we the audience have the advantage. Sun is our hero and our protagonist. We know there’s more to him than meets the eye. The other Holy Knights follow his orders without question. The Pope entrusts him with the most tedious and delicate missions. He’s even friends with a death lord. I think this chapter was meant to take Sun down a peg before Yu Wo catapults him into a position of awesome. However, I could be mistaken. What do you all think?

–What are Sun’s key traits that have earned him such loyalty from his fellow knights? Ice suffered a great deal of humiliation in the previous chapters.
–What function do the members of the adventure party serve in the plot? Personally I think they’re a brilliant plot device.
–Has Ice gained any more fans?
–Will Yu Wo reveal more about each of the Holy Knights as we go along? Who’s your favorite so far and why?
–Best scenes from the volume thus far.
–Other interesting topics
–No spoiler please.

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  1. i agree with catapult him to awesomeness… awesome demon king! (speculations based on title and preview of upcoming volumes)
    even though ice was humiliated i’m just happy he’s turning into a “even if there are other people around, he will still be endlessly talkative” kind of knight.

  2. I want to thanks translator for their hard work>>This chapter was Awesome**Ice show his true self(He is so cute)^^
    Everone can’t belive that Creus is the Sun Knight haha.Hmmm…I think that would be great know more about Cloude .Everyone in Sun knight Pluton have a secret personality and Clude must have it too.Ice is quite popular but after this chapter he will gain some new fan. Sun’s new team is really… interesting they see him like funny person who don’t know who he is.Poor Sun he couldn’t saw Eclain “colour”;( I have got a question …How do you think “Why Sun lost his memory”.Maybe it’s related wit his blue neckless?

    • kitsunewannabe

      Personally, I think the memory loss functions more as something to spice up the story. Thus making the “how” it happened secondary. In the previous volume Leaf died and Sun had to sacrifice his sight to bring him back. A “hero’s sacrifice” as a plot device just generates such an emotional response from the audience, but then it raises the bar so high most writers end up thinking, “Crap, now what?” I think this shows how experienced Yu Wo is as a writer.

      This volume’s prologue was the perfect bait. We, the audience, can just picture the holy knights standing there looking at Sun’s lonely sword and this wave of dread washes over us. “Oh no! What has Yu Wo done to our hero?!” This creates and important tension that keeps the audience engaged in the story. Yu Wo maintains this tension doing a classic power play technique. In real life amnesia is very rare; an amnesiac hero, however, is nothing new. Thankfully we’re not questioning originality here since the amnesia serves a different purpose.

      For once we, the audience, know more than the hero. This power shift has us on the edge of our seats, biting our nails, or whatever as we “watch” Sun make one faux pas after another. How many of us were sitting there wanting to scream at the words on our electronic devices? This proves we are tense and engaged. Yu Wo has once again caught our attention and held it. And how does she reward her loyal brainwashed masses? With a cliff hanger.

    • immasweetslovinggirl

      I completly agree. While authors usually seem cruel, and cold hearted to their chracters they make very good scenerios for each one developing their traits well. Yu Wo does such a great job that when Sun get’s hurt I and i’m hoping the other fans get hurt as well and get mad over whoever hurt such a great chracter and makes us want to read more and learn more about the characters situation and how he came to be the way he is now.

  3. Baka Weiss

    The Demon King idea does make me wonder – was everything Pink did a big pileup of Xanatos Gambits to push Creus(I prefer the alternative version of the name) towards becoming the DK? And why bother with the Su Knight when she had an effin’ Death Lord under her arm? Unless Roland is there to eventually be Demon King Creus’s trusted lieutenant? And if Red is not Pink, then who is she? A previously-seen but unrevealed character? An accomplice of Pink that took stage to cover for her compatriot’s “absence”? A totally unrelated necromancerlichundeadthingie that wants a piece of Creus and/or his soul?

    So many questions…

    • immasweetslovinggirl

      @Baka Weiss
      I don’t know if that is true or not but if it is OH MY GOSH SUN BECAME A COMPLETE AND TOTAL JERK AND HAS SARTED SHOWING HIS TRUE COLORS IN PUBLIC!!! All we can do now is rely on his teacher, and the other 11 holy knights to put him back in line again…soon…Really soon…Knowing Grisia he would probably destroy the world if not stopped.

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