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Phew~! I’m so happy that we got a silly break this chapter. The tension last time was almost too much for me. Scarlet (who may or not be Pink) has warned Grisia not to trust anyone. Which if you’re an amnesiac is really sound advice, but we must not forget that Grisia is a natural evil mastermind. It seems weird calling the story’s hero that, but he’s certainly my favorite chess master type character. Has the Church really been keeping secrets from Sun? Would they even be able to?

Suggested Topics:
•Should we expect a cameo from Neo this volume?
•Unicorns are drawn to holy light, apparently. Does that mean that their original “bait” idea was bogus? (Fanfiction writers must be overjoyed)
•Will the Ice Knight remain loyal to Sun? Will Blaze ever get over the shock of being attacked by Sun? After (if) Sun’s memories return will he be forced to “silence” his new friends permanently?
•Does Ice serve a greater role in the plot or is he just going to be tied to the back of a unicorn for the rest of the volume?
•What do you think of the list of “lost” items?
•Sun’s nick-naming skills strike again! Are only Judge and Roland exempt from the nicknaming?
•Favorite scenes from the volume so far and other topics in depth
•And no spoilers please!

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  1. Neo will probably appear when the dragon appears(if one actually appears that is).

    For the unicorn I think that the combination of virgin Grisia with all that holy light was irresistible to the unicorn. I mean if it was just the holy light then you would expect the pope and every sun knight to have a unicorn but they don’t and we know for a fact that Neo and the pope aren’t virgins by any stretch of the mind(well the pope maybe but I highly doubt it given him being even older than Neo) so the virgin bait still has to be true.

    Ecilan will always be loyal since Grisia, even though he is evil, is generally good to his friends despite misnaming them. Blaze will probably get over it eventually but not for a while I think. And Woodrow and them are screwed once Grisia gets his memory back.

    Ecilan is forever doomed to being tied to Whitey.

    Well I am sure Grisia is gonna be sad once he gets his memory back and finds out he lost his sweets pouch. As for eternal tranquility he will get it back soon so doesn’t matter.

    Neo is also exempt from the nicknames due to Grisia being scared of him.

    My favorite scene was Ecilan shutting up when Grisia asked him what nickname he had for him.

  2. i just want to ask… where is the back of a unicorn or a horse?

  3. I Hope Neo appear in this Volume and meet amnesiac Grisia, I wonder what will Neo do (= 3 =) ~
    ( Probably Smack Griasia in the head until Grisia remember )
    I think Ecilian will still remain loyal to sun knight (after Grisia tied him for the half volume, well…at least he got screen time GG~)
    I think the “Lost” item is Grisia water element Pendant that Neo entrusted…
    Sorry for bad english

  4. I’m really looking forward as to who was originally responsible for attacking Grisia, because all those other questions are nice, but they aren’t a mystery, even though most people are suspecting Red/Pink.
    But to be honest i really would like to see Grisia go down the dark path and become the renamed Silent Eagles Boss. Wouldn’t that become sort of complicated, if he sees the Princess again, if she even went out of her Room? :) I admit I’m silently snickering imagining when she sees Grisia and attacks him and he’s in full Evil mode and smacks her around…. (I do have something against Princesses). And then how would the Church of Light explain Grisia changing sides plus why shouldn’t Evil Grisia become a womans man, shouldn’t he get some girls with the whole Evil thing? But on the other hand… have you ever read about an Evil Necromancer/Mage on a date? I didn’t, but it would be sort of fun.

    • @[email protected]@lker
      it seams to me inprovable that Sun becomes Silent Eagle
      if the sistem is eqivalent for the Cathedral of the Shadow God as in the Church of the God of Light Grisia does not meat the criteria reqired + Silent Eagle was a warior/knight ad Sun is stil inept with a sword.
      before he reaches the princess of Moon Orchird he will be recognise by the whole palace.

    • @Mokona
      so obviously someone will meet him and recognise him

  5. off topic, i wonder who commissioned the eternal tranquility (?) that prompted Neo to retrieve it from that cave in the first place? (vol 3). and why, of all things, is it the only thng that scarlet took from him. thing of value, i mean, since the dragons’ armor is left with him even if its an expensive antique, and a necromancy book was given back

    the clothes and other burnable items (including Ecilan’s candy bag) was probably destroyed (perhaps by scarlet?) to prevent people from recognizing Grisia as the Sun Knight. remember that Grisia was found badly burned by Yuna and the others

  6. in the comment section of the manga i saw this is it real???

  7. OH! OH! I just had an idea, based off the last two titles and someone else’s kinda idea.

    Ok so next up is “as you wish” and last is “slave the dragon”

    So what is the dragon saint’s Bridgade (sp?) saves Sun by taking in all the dark element? and they have a touching moment where sun tell the badge not to sacrifice it’s self, because we all know that sun will always find another way if it means sacrificing anyone but himself [ or a someone he hates ;0 ] but the badge tells him it the only way that it’s done, but now b/c of all that power it will morph into an actual dragon. One that will attack villages, hence Sun having to kill him in the last chapter.

    And now for the gaping hole that has been bugging the #%$*@&# out of me:
    Shouldn’t Rolland be wearing the Dragon Saint’s Brigade (also why can I spell this all of the sudden?) since that’s his Knight Captain Hell disguise???? What happened? I mean Grisia clearly got it back form him, but he is also clearly dressed up to be wearing it too….. so what, Grisia went and bought Rolland “regular” cloths that look like Dragon Saint Brigade??? 0.O but then what about the hair???

    So now that I’m done ranting… thoughts?

    ps I also think this “prediction” is a long shot, but a touching scene between Grisia and the badge just REALLY tickled me and I had to share <3

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