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A quick translation of two interesting plurks from Yu Wo!


“Legend of Sun Knight version”: Tell three statements that people think are false but are actually truths.
Grisia is a very responsible guy.
Lesus is actually very dependent on Grisia.
This series’ original name was actually “I am a knight”.

(Lucathia: Hahaha, in the comments, people said they knew both 1 & 2 to be true! Is it as apparent to you? :) “I am a knight” huh… I’m glad Yu Wo changed the name!)


The hardest thing about writing a spin-off for Legend of Sun Knight is that…I have to come up with a bunch of names again. (explodes) Anyone want to contribute words or full names? XD

(Lucathia: Oh, translator woes… I already don’t look forward to figuring out a bunch of new names. XDDDD Yu Wo has mentioned that this spin-off will be 1-2 volumes and will be based on the 39th generation of the Twelve Holy Knights. In faaaact, if anyone wants to spoil themselves crazy, here’s a preliminary pic of two of the knights from the 39th generation. Aren’t they cute? Can you guess who they are?)

By the way, No Hero volume 7 is coming out on 4/25. Anyone thinking of buying it? :)

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  1. Demoninmysoul

    Oh, WOW!!! I mean the picture looks great!!! I can’t wait to read that story too!!! Thanks for sharing!!! (I knew 1, but the other 2 were new to me. :) )

  2. CocoFlower

    I actually thought 1 was false haha because I thought Sun always skips meetings, dumps paperwork on others and leaves his platoon’s affairs to Adair.

    A spin off…how intersting~ But reading something based in the LSK world wouldn’t be the same if it’s not from Grisia’s witty POV. I’m guessing the drawing is of the next Sun and Judgement knight- the black haired one looks so young! <3

  3. The black haired one is so cute! I’m hoping it’s either Judgement or Hell. Mostly because I want to see Grisia training both if it really is Hell.

  4. =3 Maybe the title of LSK should have ended up as “I am NOT a cleric!!! *echo times 100*”.

  5. KuwaNeko

    “Grisia is a responsible guy” ………. ah, normally, and out of the top of my head, I would have answered ‘no’. but thinking it through I would still have to say ‘only when he wants to’… and when he ‘really needs to’.
    but I don’t think Storm would agree much, lol

    “Lesus is actually very dependent on Grisia” I’d say it goes on both sides.
    I’d say it’s specially clear in ‘Facing the Darkness’, and the prolog to Vol 4 (though you’ve probably seen plenty more scenes). only guiding myself by the first, I’d say Lesus sees Grisia as an anchor, both in the normal sense, and in a “I must keep him out of trouble, thus I must keep myself sane” way

    It would have fit… still, I’m also glad she changed the name

    oh god, they’re cute, and that’s little Judgment right? so small…

  6. Thanks for translating!

    i wonder what kind of teacher Grisia will make… will he be like Neo, or worse…? O.O

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