Romance RPG V1C18: Part Eighteen

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Romance RPG – 18

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part Eighteen – translated by Minna (proofread by EvlNabiki, Trespasserby, C/E edited by lucathia)

Sword Spirit, who had already told her to change numerous times, silently cheered when he heard Meng make such a big decision herself.

“But…” Meng felt a little hesitant. “What do I actually have to do to become a beauty?”

Sword Spirit couldn’t help but want to use his hand to slap his forehead, but unfortunately such an action would truly be too hard for a handless and headless sword. He could only blink his eyes to express his helplessness. At the same time, he had already decided that he would help Meng. He would help her completely change her image. After all, she was also his capable manager. Besides, Sword Spirit had a tiny, selfish motive. Helping her change her image would also be easier on his own eyes. A beauty would always be more pleasing to look at than a female ghost or an aunty.

“Your hair,” growled Sword Spirit. “Straighten your hair first!”

“Straighten my hair?” Meng blinked. These three words sounded really familiar. Could it be that straight hair really suits me more? She touched her curly hair.

Sword Spirit tried hard to urge her, “Hurry, go back to the city. There definitely has to be a beauty parlor there.”

Seeing Sword Spirit’s impatience, Meng couldn’t help laughing and feeling warm inside at the same time. This sword always helped her without any hesitation, frequently being even more anxious than she was. Even though Sword Spirit had a really sharp tongue and his words were often like swords stabbing into her heart one after another, he was genuinely worried about her and sincere about helping her change herself.

“Okay okay, aren’t I walking already?” Meng laughed and strode forward.

“Hurry up, you’re walking too slowly. Did you eat or not? It’s like you have no strength to walk!” Sword Spirit continued to yell.

“I’m very quick already. Otherwise, how about you grow some feet and walk by yourself?” retorted Meng furiously.

After her retort, Sword Spirit could only grumble, “If I could grow something, then it should at least be a pair of wings. Who wants to grow feet? A sword with a pair of feet would be downright hideous.”

Meng rolled her eyes and couldn’t help but say, “Do you think a sword having two eyeballs and a mouth looks good? Don’t worry, you can’t be any uglier than you already are.”


Meng stealthily went to the beauty parlor’s… neighboring tree. As she hid behind the tree and peeked furtively, she could hear girls laughing inside. Once in a while, one or two girls would walk out while discussing how well their hair had been done for the day, or how well their nails had been done.

Meng swallowed and asked, “Do I really have to go in?”

“Duh, just hurry in.”

Meng quailed for a moment, but remembering her newfound resolve, she stepped away from the tree in a resolute way, pulled out the sword behind her, and used Sword Spirit to gather up her courage.

“Great, great! That’s the spirit,” announced Sword Spirit. “A woman entering a beauty parlor is just like a man entering the battlefield. Let’s go! Kill ‘em!”

As Meng was brimming with confidence, she murderously screamed, “Kill ‘em!”

Sword in hand, she rushed toward the beauty parlor, and her feet forcefully kicked open the beauty parlor’s door. The door immediately hit the wall with a tremendous bang. All the people inside froze. An apprentice boy who was blow-drying a customer’s hair absentmindedly held the blow-dryer in his hand, and kept blow-drying the customer’s hair non-stop. The customer, whose hair was being blow-dried, was also out of sorts and didn’t notice the excessive heat. An apprentice girl, who was pouring tea for the customers, froze, not realizing that the water was already overflowing. A hairdresser, who had been cutting hair, had gathered a handful of hair and with a few snip, snip, snips, cut it more than ten times.

Realizing that the whole store’s attention was on her, Meng was shocked to the point of trembling. Even her voice was stuck. She could only shakily explain, “I came to, came to…”
After saying the two words “came to” around ten times, she was still stuck at “came to.”

The people inside were scared to death by the two words “came to.” What in the world had she come to do?

“Rob us?” asked the hairdresser while shaking.

Meng forcefully shook her head.

“Take revenge?” The blow-drying boy showed a terrified expression.

Meng forcefully waved her hand to deny it.

“Then, what in the world did you come here to do?” everyone shouted in unison.

Meng was so intimidated that she even threw the sword to the ground. With both eyes whirling and her shoulders trembling, she whispered, “Get b-beautified.”


Hahahaha, haha… Bai Xue Chen laughed so hard that he had to lean on the counter. How can a trip to beautify oneself turn out to be like a robbery armed with a knife? He was really going to die laughing because of those two clowns.

Lin Jian Yin, who was next to him, had a dark face. Furious to the point of having his teeth itch, he glared at Bai Xue Chen, whose laughter never ended.

Bai Xue Chen had noticed that the two eyes filled with killing intent were about to transform into killing actions, so he hurriedly turned his laughter down a notch and asked with suppressed laughter, “What happened after that?”

“After that, I don’t know how many times we apologized before the people at the store were willing to do her hair. I waited and waited next to her and fell asleep without noticing. When I woke up, it was already morning.” Lin Jian Yin felt a little helpless. Because of this Nintendo, the sofa in the living room had been his bed for several days already.

Bai Xue Chen reminded him, “But if you only helped Meng change inside the game, it doesn’t necessarily mean Ye Meng Ling will change in real life, right?”

“No!” Lin Jian Yin shook his head and said with absolute certainty, “She will change. She’s not the kind of person who is all talk and no action.”

Bai Xue Chen couldn’t help but smile, but from Lin Jian Yin’s point of view, this smile was very weird. He cautiously asked, “What are you smiling about?”

“Nothing.” Bai Xue Chen revealed an innocent expression. “It’s just that I felt that you sure understand her well. She actually came to this store before you did… and she had straight hair.”

“She came here before I did?” Lin Jian Yin was startled and asked hurriedly, “Why was she here? Didn’t she run away angrily just yesterday?”

“She came to see Yue Lan. They both acted secretly. I don’t know what they talked about, but then they said they wanted to buy clothes and went out.”

Lin Jian Yin felt rather happy. “That’s great to hear. She really changed to straight hair, and she is buying new clothes as well. Sounds like she’s serious about changing.”

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  1. 15B

    *cheers* Go Meng! Kill the competition!

    With hair done, Meng just needs new clothes, makeup, and probably accessories for a ball. Since makeup can only be done the day of, Meng just needs to find clothes and accessories. (I hope her accessories will be more practical than walking around in glass shoes.)

    Have to wonder how the Nintendo is affecting their sleep schedule, though. Does playing on the Nintendo count as sleeping time or staying up late? I don’t know if Lin Jian Yin can walk around with puffy eyebags if he’s going to be in music videos.

  2. Moonmoon

    Good thing that Meng got some fire in her heart about changing but busting down the beauty parlor’s door sword in hand is not such a bright idea.

  3. Mizzy

    Aside from buying makeup and learning how to apply it herself, she’ll need to learn about fashion and etiquette since she cannot rely on Ms Painting forever.

    And when all seems well… I just hope she actually also took in to consideration: underwear or lingerie.

    That would be a huge facepalm for a perfect-looking lady who gets into an accident, only to reveal saggy or tattered undies…

    Oh… the horror.

  4. Manga Hunter

    She must have looked very scary when she first came in, but I had to hold back my laughter since I am at work…I’ll laugh a lot when I get home. Thanks for the update.

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