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No Hero Volume 2: The Hero Grim Reaper

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Prologue — translated by dahlys

We were on the street. Although it was nighttime, the moon was so bright it was as if it were a giant light bulb in the sky illuminating the entire world.

I wish it were a little darker.

In the sky, the thunder of the helicopter’s propellers gradually faded away. The crowd formed circle after circle around us, but no one made a single sound. They only stared silently.

I wish it were a little noisier.

The young master stood right in front of me, wearing Dark Sun’s usual outfit. He carried the Death Scythe in his hands, whereas I was completely unarmed. My arms were spread out wide as I stood facing the young master, obstructing his path.

However, this was wrong. I could stand in front of the young master and take care of his affairs, or I could stand behind him silently and wait for his next command. What I should not do is face the young master and… confront him.

The silver visor hid the young master’s face so I could not see how he felt about this situation at all. Regarding this, I could only smile bitterly for a moment. I could not talk because there were simply too many humans around us.

The young master did not say anything, but I knew that he was looking at me. Suddenly, however, he tilted his head slightly and looked at the person behind me instead. Through all this, he remained silent… If only the young master could scold me out loud, that would be great.

But perhaps not as great as I am imagining.

I smiled bitterly again. Even if the young master scolded me, I still could not choose to move aside. Therefore, I might actually feel worse, although I would be hard-pressed to imagine what other situation could possibly make me any more miserable than the one I was in right now.

If I had a choice, I would definitely choose to step aside immediately. However, if I could have chosen in the first place, perhaps I would not even choose to stand here and confront the young master?

I really do not wish to stand here.

I did not have a choice. Similarly, the young master also did not have a choice, since everyone in the entire world was watching him swing his scythe.

The young master is a hero, while, right now, I am a vampire that endangers humans.

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  1. Curiosity

    This is something that has just occurred to me and not entirely relating to the chapter. So what is the reason that Dark Sun has to be a hero? Why can’t he send DSII to do it instead? Or better yet, have DSII help him or something. Yeah, that was pretty random.

    • kezi

      You’ll find out later in this very volume. It’s also explained in the last chapter of Eclipse Hunter vol 4 but it hasn’t been translated yet.

  2. AkaiiRia

    A cliffhanger of course… i wonder what happened to lead to this situation. Perhaps this is a shot at what’s going to happen in the volume instead of a random chapter that starts like something is missing. I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time that Yu Wo starts a volume in a way that will make the fans go crazy, wondering about what the heck happened. The best example would be the volume in SLK that started with Sun’s nightmare…

  3. chay

    That was.. that was… the legendary classical cliffhanger!
    Why use this in the prologue?! that was so cruel! (TT^TT)

  4. kezi

    I gotta say I love this entire series but my favorite volumes have to be 2,3 and 5 (as frustrating as that one is the end is worth it)

  5. snuffie

    weeell, that’s one heck of a prologue, for sure.

    I don’t see why Ah Ye has to ‘act’ like what people expect him to as a hero though, making an enemy of Charles because he’s a threat to humanity and all. Shouldn’t he just do what he think is right? In the first place Ah Ye isn’t someone who would care about his image.

  6. taninha9

    Thank you, for the chapter.

    You guys weren’t kinding when saying it was a short chapter. Short and confusing!

    Well, next month things will be explained…I hope.

  7. haweii

    Waaaah, this is such a mean cliffhanger!! Thank you PR for the new chapter, so like metioned above in the v4 of EH there is explaination, hmmm, hmmm..

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