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There is now a new forum available for ½ Prince fans to go to!

It is a place for fans to meet and discuss the latest chapters (both manhua and novel), ask questions and have them answered, and muse together as a group. It has a gallery of ½ Prince pictures, a place for FanArt/FanFics, and a spam subforum to meet other fans like you.

Join today!

EDIT 6/8/2009: The forum has been moved to

EDIT 11/27/2010: The forum has been permanently moved to

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  1. ConfusedGirl29

    Ohh nice, I was gonna look at FAQ but I guess that was stupid for a brand new forum hehe

  2. JOY! LOL
    -lurks everywhere-

  3. There should be a link from the forum back to this site.

  4. Could it be that the forum is down at the moment ? can’t connect anymore

  5. ConfusedGirl29

    Ohhh poor xosugarhighox, too bad about the trojan thing…:(

  6. Wow, that sucks xosugarhighox… try the program RESTORATION by brian kato found here might find the file I’ve had some luck with it in the past.

  7. “The board administrator requires all members to log in” – Where’s the fun in that? D: Big brother is watching you?

  8. gawAntank

    hello To All Members.Wish you all guys wishes be ok.

  9. AndrewJZ

    Hello does anybody on here mange to view this website and view it clearly on their mobile phone eg. iphone? Any knowledge gratefully received as to which is the best way to view this place on the move. I am looking to change my mobile phone shortly

  10. gawAntank

    hello to every one.Wish you all when a in something of fact pleases be ok.

  11. Dwerowlrets

    Such did not hear

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