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EDIT: The PDF for Volume 1 has been removed temporarily. We’ll be reworking on it and changing the art to fanart in the meantime. Our apologies to all those who want to download it!

Hello again, everyone! It’s been a really hectic fortnight with one disaster after another for a number of us at PR! (I’ll go into the details later…) but here’s the revised version of the Volume 1 PDF. We’ve noted most of the typos that you’ve spotted, and here’s a huge thanks to those of you who spotted them and went to the trouble of informing us. Here are a few friendly reminders from us:

  • Please do not distribute our PDF file in either hard copy or soft copy. This includes uploading our PDF file on other file sharing sites and/or on IRC.
  • Please do not steal credit or (attempt to) profit monetarily from our hard work.
  • Please note that this is a fan-created version of volume 1 and is in no way an official version of the novel.

Printing this out is probably fine so long as your printer has enough ink and if you have enough paper. To those who have already printed out the earlier version…well, the changes made are really minute, so don’t burn the older version! Be nice to trees!

>> Click here to download Volume 1: The Beginning of a Legend! <<

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  1. BurntSugarCookie

    I’m kind of interested in making a PDF or at least attempting, but it’d be really nice if we had an example to see what would be expected… Volumn 1 has been down for a while now. Is there an approximate date we will be able to see it?

  2. Kittychan H

    Would it be possible to get a 2-3 page ‘sample’ of the previous pdf version…

    I’ve been thinking of sending in a sample of a pdf and I would like to tailor it towards 1/2 Prince.

    I could send some previous things I’ve done for someone else that were ads and spec sheets. However, they are not text oriented. And to be truthful, I do not know if I can match your standard if I don’t have anything I can compare to.

    • eilinel

      We will try to put up some pages soon… I don’t have a copy of pdf here so I will talk to SR.

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