Update: V1 Complete!

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Right, it’s time for update 9 and the introduction of new crew members. Before I do that, however, let me first say…


Right, on to other things.

New Translator and Proof-reader

  1. First, we have K00ST3R, our latest translator! K00ST3R will be working on V2C7 (just so you guys know who’s doing what).
  2. For those of you who were wondering who our latest proof-reader is, it’s SHADOW REBIRTH, who has already been assigned LOTS of drudge work /laughs/.

Slight Changes

  • For those of you who are slightly baffled by why we changed the order of the chapters on the “translations” page, it’s because now that we’re moving on to new volumes, we’re going to keep the most recent chapters at the top so that you won’t have to scroll a long way down later on.
  • Some changes made to our notice on the translation page.
  • Major changes made to our recruitment page to give everyone a better idea of what is involved for each role.

Right, that’s it. Happy reading as always.


21 Responses

  1. Ethermina


    Good job everyone! You guys ROCK!!! As always, thanks for the translations of Volume 1.

    I’m looking forward to the following volumes.

  2. BoP


    I have a suggestion on how you could arrange the translation page. What you could do, for later on when a multitude of chapters have been translated, is to hide the chapters under a “volume #” button, which when clicked on would open to show the corresponding chapter posts. Now, I don’t really know how to do this, since I’m not a programmer or an advanced blogger… But, it is something that would be good to look into. An example of what I mean is the spoiler buttons that most forums have. So, if you could find something like this, the translation page would remain fairly short and easy to navigate for those new to the site as well as the regulars.


    P.S. Congratz on the completion of Volume Uno ;D

    • erialis

      Yep, that idea did cross my head, but my HTML skillz are not 1337 enough, so we shall see if any of the other crewies are good at html…

    • dialsaxophone

      is this website hand-coded then. it wasnt made by dreamweaver.
      (if it was made by dreamweaver then all you have to do is put the “anchor”-its that anchor button so the link matches with the corresponding volume/chapter)

  3. nessa1234

    Congratulations one vol. 1 … keep up the good work guys!

  4. nicole

    Thanks for the awesome translations.

    I noticed on the synopses page that you said covert art for the novels are by Ya Sha, instead of cover art.

  5. Kadamon

    I’d like to thank you guys for these translations, I’m loving this series quite a lot and I can’t wait for more to be finished.

    Congrats on the finished first volume.

  6. nonyabsns

    loads of thanks you guys (well mostly girls anyway)
    and congrats on your first finished folume and good luck with the rest.
    personally I can’t wait for more. this novel is teh awesome, even though it seems to be sexually confused(mangaupdates says it is both shoujo and shounen, thats a sexually confused manhua/novel)
    looking forward to more major lolz.

  7. ConfusedGirl29

    AAHHHHH I’m looking forward to the next volume^^ I’ve been wondering if anyone has read in the novel the part where Prince ends up in the east continent? (I started to read the novel because of the manhua like most people do here) I want to know because in chapter 25 of the manhua Feng Lan gets a phonecall from Zhuo, somewhere in that chapter he thinks for himself that it’s good that Gui can’t see Prince for a while but he himself can call her whenever he wants… well so far they haven’t shown any more phonecalls in the manhua from Zhuo but do they ever mention that he calls Feng Lan more than once in the novel?

  8. Akabara

    just want to know. How is V2C1 going? ;)
    In your update 8 u stated, that it will be out “quickly” after V1C8, so I hope nothing bad happened.

    Best Regards

    • erialis

      The first half of the chapter will be out soon. Our translator is having a spot of school troubles…

    • Akabara

      ohh :(
      Hope it isn´t too serious and he/she will sort it out.
      Until then I will wait.

      Btw. thanks for the fast reply -eri

  9. Daywalker

    Hmm, i want to at least see the chapters written down for vol. 2 on the translations page ;)
    Nice work so far :)

  10. ensis

    checking for updates has become a daily ritual lol.

    but the quality of the translations is high, so i like this place.

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