New Public Forums

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Hey everyone, we have a new public forums! Upkeep of the old one fell to the wayside, and thus weeds began to overgrow. It is now a scary, scary place that would take a lot to clean up. We’ve decided to start over altogether.

Here’s the shiny, brand new forum! We tried to simplify things. It’s still a work in progress, so you might still see us tweaking things around. If you have any suggestions, let us know! We’ll also be looking for moderators to help moderate the forums in the future.

To celebrate this new beginning, we are having a long awaited… Contest! Yes, that’s right! A contest! We haven’t had one since 2013! Man, how time flies.

The theme of the contest is “New Beginnings.” The details of the contest can be found over here. Please enter your submissions by posting directly in the forum. :)

We hope to see a bunch of you at the forums! Let’s chat!

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