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In which you all really shouldn’t trust us near April Fool’s. XD

I know some of you are probably enraged by our April Fool’s prank, cause we get a horde of angry readers every year. Some years more than others. This year is relatively tame in comparison to some of the years.

I ask for you all to forgive us for our yearly entertainment, and try not to get too upset or offended by such. If it truly, truly upsets you, just don’t visit the site at the start of April.

Anyways, I have complied a list of the April Fools pranks that PR! have done over the years. This may allow you to get an better idea of what to expect next year. XD  Please read and tell us which year’s April Fools was the best in your opinion and why! (If you wish to find the previous April Fool’s pranks, they are mostly floating around somewhere… XP)

April’s Fool Events:

2015: (This year)

Fake chapters for No Hero and LSK.

Both No Hero and LSK chapters were embedded with songs, with an extra post that can be unlocked through a password. (Though unfortunately, no actual chapter releases.)

LSK had a version of Let it Go. (Which you guys probably hate us for. :P)

(Btw, the Official Singer thing is also a joke, so don’t be too offended.)


Fake chapter for LSK. (Where Sun turns into a girl)

Password to actual chapter and the link was both in the fake chapter.


2013: (Probably the most elaborate prank so far.)

Fake update where we announced that LSK will be put on hold so that we can translate a new project, The Lovers’ Saber.

A rabid Sun Knight fan then takes over the prince revolution site, along with a fake blog that includes an encrypted code message on tumblr.

Replace all the Yu with 0 and Wo with 1, (as well as the spaces between the Y u with 0) and you will get a few pages of binary that can be converted to text.

The decoded message will be a google translate version of the upcoming chapter.


Front page was turned entirely into Chinese for April Fools, with the newly released chapters all in chinese.

A random story was put in the chinese joke site, “This is a beauty pageant”

Fake disclaimers.

If you managed to find your way to the actual chapters, it is in audiobook format so as to “prevent copyright issues”.
(Surprise! It’s a double prank.)


Fake chapters for 1/2 Prince and LSK.

Lyrics of Never Gonna Give You Up was put in the 1/2 Prince chapter.

While Adair broke into a song of Friday by Rebecca Black for no reason.


As I said, all of the above is done as a prank, and please try to take it in good fun! All work and no play is no fun at all. D:

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  1. hmm.. somehow i want to hear adair sing..

  2. Well, pranks does make some of us angry because we fell for it. But if no one visits during April, won’t you all be lonely? I shall receive the pranks from all the haters then! Well other than that, nice job doing April Fools joke everyone lol. It’s fine to have fun rather than working with no fun after all.

  3. The LSK password was rather frustrating, and then when I solved it, to find out that it wasn’t even a real chapter! But that’s the point of April Fool’s, right? All in good fun. You went to quite a bit of trouble to pull these pranks, and they’re totally harmless. Good job~ Good job~

  4. Last years LSK prank was sooo funny!! I think it was the best one and really hade me fall for it!

  5. I think the only people you will get angry at you is newer readers. The rest of us are pretty used to getting an April Fool’s prank at this point. It is fun to get the fake chapters and figure out the password each year ^^

    • @Paopu
      That’s pretty true… My first April Fools’ Day here was the 2012 prank. The Chinese text made me scared that the site was completely bugged up. (I tried to read some of it, but I gave up after one and a half painful sentences.)

      I didn’t even suspect that the prank site of 2013 held any deeper meaning, so I kind of just skipped past that page… I’m sorry for wasting your hard work. (But props to the one person who figured out the code was binary. I just wish that person hadn’t mixed up the 0’s and 1’s…)

      I liked 2014 and 2015’s pranks a lot, but I would have to say 2014’s was funnier. This year’s prank made me realize how horrible I am at singing. (I tried to sing “Song – Black and White,” but it turned out badly.) That was a little depressing.
      Did anyone else take up the challenge?

      The April Fools’ Day pranks are a great idea. We don’t get to see too much of the staff during the rest of the year. It’s a nice reminder that PR! is more than just a better version of Google Translate.

    • @15B
      Heh, 2014’s timing just worked out perfectly, since it was at the cliffhanger point of the story. XD

  6. Your prank during 2012 was the worst for me xD That time I was in boarding school and rarely got the chance to use the internet. Since we don’t really celebrate April Fools in my country, and the fact that I don’t keep track of the date, I was genuinely surprised. So I didn’t get to read in the end and wanted to cry ;w;

  7. Ppl actually get angry? o.o
    As someone who has been around since the first fools joke, I really should know better, yet you guys got me this year too! x.x
    I loved this years btw, Grisia first made me go O.o and then when it crossed over to NH, hilarious!

  8. Evera Wing

    I really wish I could have been there for some of the earlier April Fools Pranks *sigh*. No matter, I’ve always been coming back since I started reading from PR, even fell for some of the April Fools, last years joke espically!!! ‘My mind wandered to a very naughty place.’ – To quote Grisia

  9. I don’t really hate you guys, you all just got me good. XD ‘*Happily reading* what? This is a prank nooo!’

  10. Ha too bad I miss all these, should be enjoyable. I like the one with all Chinese but for someone who can read Chinese maybe holding the project one would work better. But I love the idea of making a new chapter of Sun Knight into a girl, creative… Can fake and have fun making a parallel universe story. Think people can enjoy it too lol.

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