Modern Days Job Depiction Contest

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Submission Open: From November 16th to December 31st until midnight
Winner Announcement:
Second week of January
How to win:
Submit the best depiction of one of Yu Wo’s characters at a job in our universe today. See contest description below.

Contest description:

Alert! Alert!

Yu Wo’s characters have escaped from their books and have disappeared into our current world.

In order to avoid starving to death, they have found suitable jobs and living arrangements (even though some of them may not be very legal).

Finding them is proving to be difficult, as the characters seem to have adapted well to our world. However, it is still possible to spot them because of their specific characteristics. It is also possible that they may have caused some trouble and disturbances.

Yu Wo is asking for your help (not for real) to find them in order to return them to their respective books as soon as possible.

As she is also extremely interested in what job they may have chosen, please report any sighting of them while they are in the middle of their duties at work. You may use the medium of your choice to render the best depiction of one of the characters.

The escaped characters happen to be from the novel series translated by PR!.

Please be aware that the characters do not wish to return where they are from. Be careful not to be found out by them.

The official contest is held on the public forums.

Details and rules:
1. To enter, you must have an account on PrinceRevolution’s forum. We will contact you through the PM system if you have won.
2. One entry per person. Please do not use different accounts to participate more than once. Otherwise, you will be disqualified.
3. PR! Staff members can participate, but they are not allowed on the evaluation team.
4. Late entries will not be considered.
5. Only submit one character. If you decide to add more for fun, ensure that it is clearly stated which character is the one you are submitting.
6. If your medium is an illustration or a photo, please make sure to have the original hosted elsewhere than PR!’s public forums as it takes a lot of our precious available space otherwise.
7. Once I “like” your submission, that means it has been approved, and can no longer be modified.

– To enter, post your submission directly in this thread as a reply!
– Please give your submission a title if you can.
– Please put your entry under a spoiler tag to save space, and label the spoiler tag with a general description of your submission.
– In your post, clearly state which character is chosen from which series and what job they have.
– Using any medium of your choice, provide us with the best depiction of the chosen character in the middle of their duties at work. Their job does not need to be legal.

Winner can choose 1 from below:
1. Provide PR! Staff with a list of questions of their choice to answer truthfully OR a challenge to do. (Restrictions will apply on this prize. To be discussed with PR!. Only one winner can choose this prize. Priority goes to Grand Winner.)

2. Request PR! to create a webcomic based on a chapter of their choice from one of the series translated by PR!. (Drawing quality and style as well as interpretation of characters and story may differ from one staff to another. For an example, please check this April Fools chapter Only one winner can choose this prize. Priority goes to Grand Winner.)

3. A chibi drawing of their choice offered by Raylight. (Only one winner can choose this prize. Priority goes to Grand Winner.)

4. Request PR! Staff to record an audiobook with a chapter of their choice. It can be from any series translated by PR!. (Only one winner can choose this prize. Priority goes to Grand Winner.)

5. Have PR! Staff write a 500 words ficlet about any series translated by PR! with ideas the winner may provide. (Lucathia offered to write it, but it could get longer if other PR! Staff decide to join in the fun~. Only one winner can choose this prize. Priority goes to Grand Winner.)

6. Request PR! staff to sing a song of their choice. Only some staff will be available. They will try their best~. (Available languages are Chinese, Japanese, English, French, and Spanish.)

7. A sneak peek of a chapter from DE, EH, and Big & Little Sun Go Go.

8. Join PR! Staff in a game of themed Pictionary.

9. Decide the theme and the details of the next contest held by PR!.

There will be one winner chosen by the staff. We will add one more winner if we get more than 10 participants.

Regardless of what you pick as your prize, you will also get a shiny forum badge!

We look forward to your participation! Remember, you need to have an account on the public forums to participate.

7 Responses

  1. Mirian

    Yes! I’m going to try participating because I haven’t been able to last time…(sighs in sadness). When the time to look over the submitted works are on, this’ll be real fun. *smirks*

  2. [PR]Trespasserby

    Huh! This topic sounds interesting. Time to decide if I’d rather join or judge… Or figure out if I have time at all… orz

    • [PR]AkaiiRia

      Actually, the judges have already been decided. So feel free to participate if you want. ;)

    • Kamui

      Ahh, poor Trespasserby. Don’t worry, we readers still love you! That said, you should participate! The more, the merrier, and we need this holiday season to be as merry as possible! (Says sad person stuck abroad for the season, but clearly not trying to guilt trip anyone or anything!)

    • [PR]AkaiiRia

      @Tresspasserby If you want to help with the NH Test though, I wouldn’t say no to an extra person.

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