LSK Characters Deserve English Nicknames Too

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Ever thought that the characters’ names didn’t translate quite right to English? I mean, here is the default list of nicknames:

太阳骑士(格里西亚) – Grisia Sun
暴风骑士(希欧) – Ceo Storm (死喔 – Deatheo)
绿叶骑士(艾尔梅瑞) – Elmairy Leaf (艾梅 – Elmy, 草莓 – Strawberry)
大地骑士(乔葛) – Georgo Earth
白云骑士(帝摩斯) – Demos Cloud
烈火骑士(奇克斯) – Chikus Blaze (奇怪廝 – Freakus)
审判骑士(雷瑟) – Lesus Judgment
寒冰骑士(伊希岚) – Ecilan Ice (稀爛 – Stelan, 稀巴爛 – Wastelan, 嵐 – Lan)
孤月骑士(维瓦尔) – Vival Moon
刃金骑士(莱卡) – Laica Metal (萊姆 – Lime, 史萊姆 – Slime)
坚石骑士(艾维斯) – Aivis Stone
魔狱骑士(罗兰) – Roland Hell

And most of them sound less than suitable. Well, I finally remembered how I translated the LSK characters’ names before I joined PR, and the list looked something like this:

(note: nicknames are mostly based off how they really sound in Chinese, English names might sound totally off)

Grisia – Girly-sia
Ceo – Chief Executive Officer
Elmairy – I am Mary
Georgo – Choco(late)
Demos – Demons
Chikus – Chickens
Lesus – Laser
Ecilan – Easy lah (means very easy in my country’s slang)
Vival – Wage war
Laica – Like cars
Aivis – Elvis (Presley)
Roland- Matthiola incana [Chinese name for this plant is 紫罗兰(prn. Zi luo lan)]

Other characters deserve nicknames too.

Mike (the Son of the God of War): Mickey (Mouse)
Austin: Aston (Villa) [A football club]
Neo: Nya~
Aldrizzt: I, twister
Adair: You’re tired
Jacques: Jackass
Vidar: (Darth) Vader
Tyler: The loon
Elaro: Ero-kun

and the Grand Winner of All Nicknames

Phil Lucen = Failure Loser

which would make Lesus’s original name Laser Loser.

So, what do you think their nicknames should be?

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  1. Wyn

    Hello fellow Singaporean! =P I got suspicious when you said “girly-sia”, and you kinda confirmed it with “easy lah”! XD

  2. Sakura95996

    ahahahaha, that was so fun to read, so funny…XD thanks for posting it up!

  3. ZwartWit

    Well, excuse me when I’m dead laughing XD
    Also, this gem –> Elaro: Ero-kun
    I always know there’s something fishy behind his big-brother persona!

    Grisia would probably kill anyone who call him Girly-sia though even though that totally suit him

  4. Aurelia

    Hahahaha omg this is obviously Singaporean xD Girly-sia amd Easy-Lah takes the cake xDD
    Yay for Singaporean slang hehe:D I have to share this with my other SG LSK fans hahahahaha

    On a side note, I found it quite sad that YuWo didn’t come to Singapore this year ): I was hoping she would )): and her new book for No Hero should have been out this month but still isn’t~ D: I feel loke clawing my eyes out…

    Okay enough rambling xD I loved your translations hahahah Girly-sia xDD

  5. Cerisabeth

    Petition to change Judgment Knight’s name to Laser Loser! XD (Please don’t kill me Lesus)

  6. acia

    LOL I love these nicknames.
    Interestingly enough, when I was trying to figure Grisia’s name out in Chinese (with incredibly limited knowledge) for fun, I ended up with Ke3 Xi1 A (sounds like unfortunate), with his last name would be Tai4 Ke3 Xi1 A (too unfortunate). Probably got some of the ping yin wrong :P

  7. 15B

    XD Here’s some of Google translate’s versions of their names:
    Grisia: Gerry Valencia
    Ceo: Alessio
    Elmairy: Al Meredith
    Demos: Royal Moss
    Chikus: Cheeks
    Ecilan: Yixierde Lan
    Vival: Vivaldo
    Laica: Lycra

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