Belated PR’s birthday Quiz!~ (Also it’s Yu Wo’s birthday)

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First of all, Happy birthday to Yu Wo!~ Thanks for writing in many interesting stories again this year!~ (She posted the last part of “When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher” on her blog for her own birthday XD)

Also, did anyone even remember that PR’s birthday is in April? XD Anyways, ’cause we have been delaying chapters for a while, so I had originally intended to release a mini-quiz to entertain the readers while they waited for their chapters… However, it seems that I too missed the date (Ack), so I shall publish this late *cough*  (Happy belated birthday to PR and congrats all of the staff for staying with us yet another year!~)

That being said, I will say that there’s no reward for getting all the answers right to this quiz – your only reward is acknowledgment of your fangirl/fanboying abilities- *shot* Well, without any further ado, I shall start this game show- Beware of traps and strange options ahead~

PR! segment:

Who is the founder of PR! …?
1) eilinel
2) Shadow Rebirth
3) Erialis
4) Grisia Sun

In which year’s April Fool’s prank did PR rickroll their readers?
1) 2013
2) 2012
3) 2011
4) 2020

1/2 Prince segment:

What is the name of the game in 1/2 Prince?
1) The World
2) Dreamworld
3) Second Life
4) Third Life
5) No Life
6) Sword Art Online
7) Linden Lab
8) Royal Road

Which of the following food has not appeared in 1/2 Prince?  (Hint: There is more than one answer.)
1) Xiao Long Bao
2) Borscht
3) Chicken’s Foot
4) Tempura
5) Blueberry pie
6) Wontons in chilli oil
7) Gyoza
8) BBQ pork
9) Drunk-in-one
10) Meatbun
11) Clam
12) Tofu

Sun Knight segment:

What is the name of the series?
1) The Legend of the Sunbathing Knight
2) The Legend of the Sun Knight
3) Tales of the Sun Knight
4) The Legend of Zelda
5) Legend of the Sun Knight
6) The Legend of Sun Light
7) The Legend of Sun Knight

What is Grisia’s favorite flavor?
1) Strawberry
2) Burberry
3) Blueberry
4) Elmairy
5) Gooseberry
6) Huckleberry
7) Raspberry

In Leaf Bud City, what is the cost of repairing an ordinary sword?
1) An amethyst ducat
2) A gold ducat
3) A silver ducat
4) A copper ducat

 Yu Wo segment:

Yu Wo is a — addict?
1) Sugar, especially blueberry flavored stuff!
2) Spicy stuff
3) Coffee
4) Prince Revolution
5) Dim Sum
6) Alcohol

Which of the following is not one of her series?
1) Eye of the Soul
2) 1/2 Prince
3) No Kill
4) Eclipse Hunter

In which language is her books officially printed in? (Hint: There is more than one answer, and less than three answers.)
1) Chinese
2) Russian
3) Japanese
4) Thai
5) God of Light speech
6) English
7) Hindi
8) Latin
9) Arabic

So, that’s the end of the mini-quiz! I hope you all enjoyed it, and please don’t throw stuff at me if you didn’t like it *hides in a corner*

14 Responses

    • Creepaz

      Forgot to say, happy belated birthday PR. And thousands of thanks from me, for your awesome translations.

  1. Aurelia

    Happy Birthday PR! Love you guys for all the things that you guys have done for this fandom! /force feeds everyone with blueberry cake
    And of course, Happy Birthday to Yu Wo as well! May the God of Light always watch over her and keep her in his light. And may Muse visit her often to write more! ((:
    Since I’m here, I might as well do the quiz then!

    1. Erialis
    2. 2011
    3. Second Life
    4. Borscht, Tempura, Drunk-in-one (I have no idea about this O:)
    5. The Legend of Sun Knight
    6. Blueberry (even I love blueberry stuff now^^)
    7. A silver ducat (I actually went to loom this up… couldn’t remember the chapter /: took me so long)
    8. Coffee~
    9. Eye of the Soul
    10. Chinese and Thai

    Alrighty~~ haha I laughed so hard at some of the choices xD sunbathing knight omg

    It was a good quiz! (:

    – Aurelia

  2. The Da

    Waaaa… Happy belated birthday PR!!! (And of course to Yu Wo as well!!!) Mini quiz… Let’s do them!
    1. Erialis (Grisia?? Bwahahahaha!)
    2. 2011

    1/2 Prince segment
    1. Second Life
    2. Blueberry pie and Drunk-in-one (kinda guess them since they are from LSK)

    LSK segment
    1. The Legend of Sun Knight ( I can’t forgive myself if I can’t even remember this!!!)
    2. Blueberry
    3. A silver ducat

    Yu Wo segment
    1. Coffee
    2. Eye of The Sould
    3. Chinese and Thai

    @ Aurelia: I do too!!! Bwahahaha! The Legend of Sunbathing Knight XD

    Did I answered them right?

  3. Jasae Bushae

    woo! a birthday quiz!
    Lemme see….

    1. Im certain the sun knight himself founded the great translation group! What? Erialas actually did it? O.o No way! It was totally grisla!
    2. All the years! XD Though 2011 in particular

    3. OMG! THE WORLD! le gasp! the dictator of life is really from the world instead of second life and someone is trapped inside of the game and the quirky weirdo mmo has some weirdoer celtic magic plugged into it that is causing weird things to happen! someone save it!
    4. Does clam count? XD There is a clam but i dont think anyones been thoughtless enough to try eating it with their bud city drunk in ones XD

    5. OMG! Its totally the legend of zelda: sunbathing legend of sun knight! That would be the awesomest game ever! XD
    6. im sure instead of blueberry, alot of pairing fans would say elmairy XD
    7. well its either a silver ducat or being able to grope an unconcious roland

    8. sweet things! sugar! pastries! So throw out all of that coffee you were planning to send her and mail hundreds of sweets!
    9. legend of sun knight because that was totally written by by pet kitty who also leaps straight into a window to try getting birds! XD Well either that or eye of the soul which doll was so fond of quoting and I dearly wanna know more about it XD
    10. theres more than one answer? O.o well aside from chineese and in an overly flowery speech to the god of light i dont know ^^;

  4. Karen

    *gives cookie* XD It was an interesting quiz. I had to look back at the comments to check if I was right LOL :D Pretty hard and I like to reread a lot of the blog posts and chapters.

  5. Chocolate Cosmo

    3.Second Life
    4.Drunk-in-one and blueberry pie
    5.The Legend of the Sun Knight
    7.Silver ducat
    9.Eye of the Soul
    10.Chinese and something else….

  6. Jan

    well, Happy Birthday!
    The quiz was great, but I’m not sure about the last question…

  7. Aurelia

    Haha seems like I got the food question wrong xD but yes! This quiz was fun~ I hope more people will reply^^

  8. MPToki

    Happy Birthday PR and Happy Birthday YU Wo =D
    The quiz was fun =D

  9. Listening Daisy

    Here are my guesses without looking at others answers.

    1. Erialis
    2. 2011
    3. Second Life
    3. Xiao Long Bao, Chicken’s Foot, Tempura, Blueberry pie, Drunk-in-one
    4.The Legend of Sun Knight
    5. Blueberry
    6. A silver ducat
    7. Coffee
    8. Eye of the Soul
    9. Chinese, Thai

  10. Elfangor567

    1. eilinel (Wrong… And to think I’ve been here since near the beginning… *Embarrased*)
    2. 2011 (I seem to remember a long winded jerk that I replied to.)
    3. Both Second Life and The World (But only Second life really matters)
    4. Chicken’s Foot, Blueberry Pie, Borscht (No clue on this one..)
    5. Legend of the Sun Knight
    6. A silver Ducat
    7. Coffee
    8. Eye of the Soul (Doll has read this.)
    9. Chinese and… Japanese? (Or maybe Thai…)

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