No Hero V6Epilogue: Character Introductions

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No Hero Volume 6: Heaven or Hell

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Character Introductions—translated by lucathia (proofread by Trespasserby)

Li Qi: The chicken merchant at the food market. He is a towering young man who is very outspoken and straightforward.

Ni Cai: A rather famous doctor. He is one of Charles’s professors at the university and also Lieder’s friend.

Shuu Kahl: Charles’s classmate.


Although the fifth, sixth, and seventh volumes of No Hero each focus on a different case, these three volumes actually have to be combined together for the overarching case to be considered complete. That’s why the flames from this time’s incident will burn on in the next volume!

In this volume, the butler sure showed off his prowess! (Even though it ended with him falling unconscious.)

It was only after writing up to the sixth volume that I discovered that the butler could be so impressive in battle—I really have to thank painkillers!

Charles, you are just like Popeye the Sailor Man. You should take analgesics in place of eating spinach! (Wrong! Good children should not copy this.)

Throughout the entire volume, the other heroes had nowhere to show off their skills, but they actually worked hard, too. When the criminals were firing their guns everywhere in the business district, they were actually the ones who worked with the police to wipe them out.

Using a first person point of view has always given me a huge headache. Back when I first posted No Hero online, I used the first person point of view, but when it came time to officially publish the series, I had once tried using a third person point of view to write the story.

The third person point of view has the advantage of showing many different characters’ perspectives. In this kind of story where “the hero is everywhere, while the butler is taking care of housework at home,” a third person point of view is truthfully a lot more convenient.

However, using the third person point of view would lose the butler’s perspective of the heroic young master. The reading experience would lose the unique feeling of slowly getting to know the daily life of a hero, of surmising the inner thoughts of the hero through his actions and words. That’s why I deleted the beginning that I had written in third person. In the end, I used first person.

However, the disadvantage of using first person is how I sometimes really can’t find a way to let Charles know all of the details of what is going on, and thus, the reader is left in the dark as well. It is true, though, that I can at least fill in some of the details in the beginning pages of each chapter.

Ever since I started writing, I have felt that both first person and third person have their benefits and shortcomings. Neither is a perfect fit without any faults. It’s just that one of them will suit the story better!

Fortunately, of all that I have written so far, there is no series where I would choose a different point of view than the one I had chosen, if I were given the choice to choose again.

I have written the Church’s image to be quite poor. Let me make it up to them by saying that this story views the Church from the perspective of a vampire butler and his young master, who both side with X. That’s why they feel very ******, but as a matter of fact, that is not the whole story. They have their reasons for acting the way they do.

Currently, I have plans to write E.X.’s story. Lieder and co.’s story will also become a separate book. These two series will likely involve the Church more. They may or may not help them make a comeback!

With those in addition to the previous Eclipse Hunter, which is the master and the young master’s story, the scope of this story universe is so huge that my hand feels weak from writing, like I won’t ever finish writing. But, you can read each series as a standalone. On top of that, since the main character is different, the style of each series isn’t exactly the same either.

However, the series have places where they overlap, and there are also events that lead to other events, yet they must all stand alone… 囧, my ability to dig a hole to bury myself seems to have grown even stronger.

Nonetheless, I always get a sense of satisfaction when I see the world inside the story develop more and the lives of the characters advance continuously!

It’s like I have given birth to a bunch of children, watching them gradually grow up. They each have their own lives. It’s truly a great feeling!

I also hope that I have given everyone a sense of how these characters are continuously making growth.

However, I will have to ask everyone to wait a bit for the stories to come. I still have a few series I am currently writing. In the future, I only have plans to write two series at once as well!

Doing it that way should be better. That way, you won’t have to wait too long for the next volume of a certain series.

However, the disadvantage is that you’ll have to wait longer for new series.

Sure enough, there are advantages and disadvantages to everything!

I pray to the God of Light: I wish for advantages to multiply and for disadvantages to lessen.

Last but not least, the seventh volume of No Hero will be the final volume.1 The preview this time will be very short because I want everyone to read the actual content of volume seven. I don’t want you to find out the content in the preview.

No Hero Volume 7: The End, the Beginning

Criminals with special abilities have escaped from P29. Other than humans and non-humans, there are now special ability users that are like both humans and non-humans. This world is becoming more and more complicated!

As the incident involving the criminals progresses, the battle between the heroes and the criminals finally unfolds. However, this is not the end but a beginning…

By Yu Wo

Character Introductions

Sun Emperor

Profession: Business boss

Sun Emperor’s famous words: Credibility and ruthlessness are the rules of the business world!


Profession: Anthropology professor who part-times as an assassin.

Lieder’s famous words: The difference between humans and other humans is that there is no difference!

Xie Wei

Profession: The leader of the police department’s NC squad.

Xie Wei’s famous words: Get the handcuffs and drag them to the police station!


1 “the seventh volume of No Hero will be the final volume”: No Hero was originally going to end with seven volumes, but in the end, it took Yu Wo nine volumes to finish telling the story.

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