No Hero V6C5: General Hospital, Painful Yet Healthy Cries

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No Hero Volume 6: Heaven or Hell

Original Novel written by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Heaven or Hell, Fifth Level: General Hospital, Painful Yet Healthy Cries—translated by clrfction (proofread by Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)

[AD 2113]

“Solitary Butterfly!”

You said you trusted me! Then why don’t you believe me? Josh is a guinea pig. He is also someone to protect. We cannot turn him back in to P29!

“I trust you! Calm down and think about it. Dark Sun’s way of taking care of it is not wrong. He is just, just a little callous… but there is a reason for that!”

What reason?

“I don’t know.”

“I know it sounds unreasonable, but that child grew up under unusual circumstances, so don’t be too hard on him! I will talk to him. He won’t brush me off!”

That child? Is he young?

“… Pretty young. Dang it! Don’t dwell on that too much! I shouldn’t divulge his personal information.”

He insisted on taking Josh! Your talk made no difference!

“That was not… Dark Sun… that was DSII.”

What in the world are you talking about?

“I don’t know either! Anyway, Dark Sun is not wrong. That criminal has a very dangerous power! To allow him to roam free in Sunset City would cause huge problems!”

Heroes are supposed to save people, not give up on them because of this or that! If we can give up on Josh only because he might cause big trouble, is there anyone we would not give up on?

The medical staff led me to the outside of the operating room, where a red “Operating” light was lit, and said, “Take a seat here! The operation might take a while.”

“Of course.”

I sat down on the bench outside of the operating room, feeling more bemused than worried. If there really is a surgery happening, then they must have already noticed something is off. Why would the surgery continue then?

Yet I did not dare open the operating room door, so I could only sit there.

Not much later, someone else was brought over by the staff as well. It was Melody. She sat down next to me and fired off, “Don’t worry. The first thing I did was notify Kyle. He was the one who sent the ambulance to pick him up, so they should be performing a fake surgery in there.”

“You have done well,” I said, sincerely impressed.

Melody gave me a look and said, “Dark Sun is still chasing the robbers out there.”

I nodded and asked, “Dark Sun, as in the young master?”

“That’s right!” She said, “I asked Bramble and the others, and they said that Dark Sun really is the young master. The one who fell was DSII, so don’t worry too much.”

I stood up as I said, “I should return home to cook then, in case the young master is hungry when he gets home…”

Before I could finish, Melody rolled her eyes at me and said, “You’re the young master’s brother. He’s in a critical state after falling off the building, and you’re saying you’re going home to cook instead of waiting earnestly outside of the OR? Do you want to end up in the headlines tomorrow? Sit yourself down!”

I could only sit down again with no idea what to do. Melody spoke again, “This was such a large-scale robbery. Not only did five separate groups of robbers show up at the same time, they also attacked the five banks that are the farthest apart from each other to spread the heroes and police force thin. A hacker even infiltrated the network and disabled the surveillance cameras… If you ask me, there has to be a mastermind behind this all! He was probably just sitting in the sidelines and watching the show, not even actually robbing a bank. That’s it! Maybe he’s the hacker?”

A mastermind? I paused. At this time, a white-robed, mask-wearing doctor walked over with a few assistants.

I looked at Melody, who said with a frown, “Kyle’s people should be guarding on the outside. People unaffiliated with the Sun Emperor shouldn’t be able to come in.”

The doctor and assistants walked straight into the operating room, but the assistants came back out a few seconds later. I asked quickly, “Excuse me, has something happened?”

One of them said helplessly, “The doctor said he doesn’t need us and told us to scram!”

“Well, this doctor has character!” Melody said brightly, “Is he single?”

Hearing that, the assistants looked even more helpless.

At this moment, the “doctor with character” walked out of the operating room. As soon as he saw the assistants, he grumbled, “Why are you all still here?”

Some assistants looked awkward, while some looked a little miffed, but they left one by one nonetheless.

To prevent Melody from asking something like, “Mr. Doctor, would you be interested in dating a vampire,” I quickly asked, “Excuse me, what is the situation like?”

The doctored went “oh” and said, “His bones have been knocked out of place in several spots. Fortunately, I brought back-up bones, so I just need to replace them.”

Back-up bones?

“Mr. Doctor,” Melody said with a smile, “can you take your mask off? It’s easier to talk that way!”

I must have worried too much. Melody would likely not mention anything about dating before seeing his face.

“Hmm? Sure.” The doctor took off his mask. It was… Mr. An Te Qi!

I glanced at Melody, who instantly transformed from a smiling beauty into an ice princess. I think Mr. An Te Qi’s looks are just fine, but why does Melody have absolutely no interest?

“Because I don’t want him to drag me off and experiment on me!” That was what Melody told me when I asked her later, and I thought it made good sense.

“How are you here?” I asked, surprised.

Mr. An Te Qi sighed and said, “How would I know? Kyle suddenly asked me to come fix DSII and tossed me onto a helicopter to fly me over. On the way over, someone told me something like ‘I’m here as a surgical specialist with a whole medical team to perform an operation’ and told me to not blow my cover.

“Anyway, Charles, you come into the OR with me.” Mr. An Te Qi waved at me and said, “Now’s a good time start your dissection class.”

Wai-, wait, we are starting on dissection already? I just checked in at medical school today and have not learned anything yet!

“Come on in!” An Te Qi urged, “What are you waiting for? Melody, you want to come in too?”

Melody immediately said, “I’ll keep guard out here! If anyone sneaks in, I can beat him up at once!”

I followed up in a rush, “Did you not say you had some experiment to do and could not teach me until a month later?”

Mr. An Te Qi said resignedly, “Ri Xiang Yan came with Kyle and blasted my test subject into smithereens, so what is there to experiment on anymore?”

Hearing about the Sun Emperor, Melody’s eyes lit up immediately. She asked eagerly, “Is the Sun Emperor good with a gun? I’ve never heard of that!”

Mr. An Te Qi nodded and said heavily, “The Sun Emperor is very good with a gun, but unfortunately, he misses the target occasionally as well.”

That is very unfortunate…

“Hurry and get in!” An Te Qi urged one last time, then muttered to himself, “Fixing DSII and teaching you is done more easily together, then I can get back to my experiments sooner.”

Under Melody’s look of “take care,” I stepped into the operating room with a heavy heart. The first thing I saw upon stepping in was a bloody young master lying on the operating table. Even knowing that was DSII, I still felt a wave of nausea.

“Charles!” The bloody young master… No, DSII sat up and said excitedly, “Are you fixing me too? That’s so awesome! Daddy doesn’t let me talk to him, and I get super bored!”

I followed Mr. An Te Qi to the side of the table and consciously tried to ignore the blood stains all over DSII, but I could not refrain from asking, “Do you feel pain?”

DSII widened his eyes and said matter-of-factly, “Of course I don’t! Did you think I’m human? I can imitate pained expressions though… Charles, do you want me to?”

I said quickly, “No! Please do not imitate such a thing.”

DSII nodded.

After that, Mr. An Te Qi began to show me all the different parts. Even though DSII cannot measure up to Dark Sun, many of his parts were structured the same way, so he was perfect to use to explain. Then Mr. An Te Qi took several X-rays to explain each part in detail.

Surprisingly, the X-rays looked no different from a normal person’s skeleton.

“Hmm?” Mr. An Te Qi said, “Of course it looks the same! I mean, what did you expect to see?”

“A pile of wires, gears, screws, those sorts of things….”

“What era do you live in? Frankenstein?”

“I apologize….”

“Nowadays, of course we try to make things as similar to the real human body as much as possible.” Mr. An Te Qi scratched his head and said, “Though if a doctor looked, he would probably see right through it. The biggest giveaway is actually weight. We couldn’t do anything to reduce the weight, plus Ri Xiang Yan keeps telling me to make Ah Ye more durable, so Ah Ye’s actually getting heavier and heavier.”

An Te Qi went through the X-rays as he said, “I say we should make DSII more durable too, or else if I have to come fix him every now and then, who knows how many of my experiments Ri Xiang Yan will destroy… Oh, right, I should just teach you, then I won’t have to come ever again.”

Wai-, wait a second…

“Come over here and look.”

From then on, we endlessly studied all sorts and kinds of human body parts while the subject of observation chattered on relentlessly. Sometimes, he would point to his disjointed left leg and say, “My femur was knocked out of place, and Daddy keeps telling me off for it, but that was a really tall building! I worked so hard to only knock my femur out of place. Daddy’s too much!”

Or he would motion at his bloody abdomen and say, “Actually, my liver burst when I fell too, but just a little bit! Charles, Charles look here, right here. It only burst a little, right?”

Fortunately, I have cleaned out all sorts of weird things from houses of previous employers before, including rotten corpses, or else I would probably be throwing up in a corner by now.

“Not bad!” An Te Qi looked me up and down and said, “I thought you would throw up! This is good. Let’s go straight to the next step!”

Wait a second….

“You take this knife,” An Te Qi said as he handed me a scalpel, “and cut DSII’s left thigh open. His femur is too bent. We need to replace it.”

“Cut until here.” He drew a line on DSII’s leg. If I cut following that line, I would basically slice the whole leg open in half.

“Am, am I supposed to cut this?” I asked, horrified.

An Te Qi said huffily, “What. Did I give you a scalpel to cut a watermelon? Just do it.”

I held the scalpel, looked down at that leg, and could not make a move….

“Cut it!” Mr. An Te Qi urged tirelessly.

“This is my first time holding a scalpel.” I felt a slight urge to tear up.

Mr. An Te Qi frowned and asked, “I recall that you’re not a human, so you usually don’t use a gun right? What kind of weapon do you usually use?”

I answered truthfully, “Rapiers formed with blood ability.”

He said briskly, “Let me see.”

I did as he said, and Mr. An Te Qi’s eyes lit up upon seeing the rapier. “Wow, this is really convenient. Can you make it into any shape? Anything you’ve seen before? How about the sharpness? The sharpest is enough to cut steel! That is so useful… right, use that to cut this leg open.”

I paused for a second, then did as he said reflexively and swung the rapier. A large slit appeared on DSII’s leg.

Mr. An Te Qi said, “DSII, report injury status.”

DSII said happily, “The cut was just right. It stopped right above the bone, not too much and not too little!”

An Te Qi looked down at the cut, turned to me, and complimented, “Great cut! You’re good with your hands, found the right place to cut in one try, and minimized the bleeding… Are you really not a doctor?”

I answered truthfully, “I am a vampire, so I can roughly sense the locations of blood vessels.”

“Oh~~ oh! So you’re a vampire!” Mr. An Te Qi reached into the slit on DSII’s thigh and nodded as he fished around. “Very good, very good!”

Good for what? I suddenly had a bad feeling and changed the topic, “Would you mind if I ask, what are the chances of surviving a twenty-story fall?”

“If you fell from that height,” Mr. An Te Qi said as he pulled a bloody femur out, “you don’t even need to go to the hospital. Might as well go straight to an incinerator. Can’t even be my test subject.”

“…What if there were a miracle?” I tried my best to ignore that femur.

“If you’re talking about something as unrealistic as miracles here,” Mr. An Te Qi rolled his eyes and said moodily, “then you can miraculously survive jumping off of a plane! Why are you asking this?”

I explained the entire story to Mr. An Te Qi as he took the new femur and put it in DSII’s left thigh.

“Why don’t you announce that Ah Ye is badly injured and needs to recover then!” He said briskly, “I might as well use this chance to upgrade him. He’s been complaining that his knee ligaments aren’t good enough. Not stretchy enough and not durable enough. Get worn out after a few times from using that slide step thing he does. Too easily damaged.” Here, he complained briefly, “What do you mean too easily damaged?! Those joints are at least twice as strong as normal human joints.”

Please do not let it be because of the time I attacked the young master’s joints…

“It took me so long to find better materials to replace the old joints… Right, I think he said he learned the slide step from you?”

Speaking of that, Mr. An Te Qi looked at my knees thoughtfully, from which I felt an ominous chill…

Ring~ Ring~~

I picked up the phone quickly, feeling saved. “This is Charles! Who is speaking!”

“… Charles, did something happen?” It was the young master’s voice, and he said worriedly, “You sound really nervous.”

“Nothing has happened.” I quickly clarified, “It’s just Mr. An Te Qi is teaching me about dissection, and I worry that I will not learn well enough.”

The other side of the line went quiet momentarily, then said, “If Bàba wants to study you, you have permission to physically stop him! As long as you don’t kill him.”

“Thank you very much.” I felt much better after receiving permission and thanked the young master for his understanding.

“Young Master, Mr. An Te Qi asks you to feign a bad injury and stay in the hospital to recover so he can adjust your joints in that time.”

“Oh? O.K., then I’ll head over now. I can’t find the robbers anyway.” The young master sounded slightly frustrated.

This sincerely surprised me. There are actually people the young master cannot find.

After I finished the call with the young master, Mr. An Te Qi suddenly picked up a pile of white objects and placed them in my hands. He ordered, “Here. Now it’s your turn. Change DSII’s phalanges out.”

“There have been so many bank robberies lately.” The young master said anxiously as he sat on a hospital bed, eating pieces of chicken.

Everyone was gathered in the general hospital’s VIP ward eating fried chicken. Of course, I had not fried the chicken, as Li Qi still had my chicken meat. Mr. Bramble, Dell, and May bought these on their way over. Even Aren brought some coke and milk to “visit the sick.”

Actually, it would not be correct to say everyone is here. At least, Melody is still busy holding a press conference to explain that the young master is still alive, so she is not present.

Dell suggested eagerly, “Maybe it’s because the economy has been bad! The unemployment rate hit a new high recently. People don’t have jobs, so they have no choice but to rob the banks!”

“Unemployment rate?” Hearing that, the young master’s frown deepened, and he said, troubled, “That’s not something I can solve.”

May comforted him, “Young Master, there are so many problems in the world. You can’t solve all of them, so you can only do your best.”

The young master sighed and said, “My best doesn’t seem to be enough. Luo Chu-gē’s been so busy these days, Solitary Butterfly seems to be busy as well, and they both haven’t been showing up much recently, so public safety has declined lately.”

“Actually, you’re busy too.” Aren said uncannily, looking slightly miffed.

The young master turned to look at Aren and said thankfully, “Good thing you can transform during the day too now! If you still could only show up at night, then I definitely wouldn’t be able to handle it all!”

“It’s not good at all!” Aren threw the chicken bones he held and yelled angrily, “I’ve been spending so much time as Dragon Peace that I don’t have time to go help out at Luo Chu-gē’s studio! How can I ask to be paid for the month?!”

The young master was shocked by the shattered bones and said timidly, “You’re still helping him as Dragon Peace!”

I picked up the broken bones.

“Sorry for making you clean that up, Charles-gē.” Aren apologized to me, then turned to yell at the young master again, “That’s different!”

“How is it different?!” The young master said under his breath. Seeing Aren’s angry expression, he turned to me quickly and said, “Charles, turn the TV on for some news!”

“At once.” I walked to the TV, picked up the remote, and just as I was about to press the power button, I remembered—the young master must not see the news!

I almost forgot! I broke out in cold sweat, pretended to press the remote a few times, then turned to say, “Young Master, I cannot turn the TV on. Perhaps it is broken.”

Before the young master could say anything, Dell complained loudly, “Are you kidding! The VIP ward has broken TVs? I’m going to file a complaint!”

With that, he jumped up and was actually going to complain right away. I quickly said, “Dell!”

He turned. “What?”

I said tactfully, “Now might not be the best time to let hospital and maintenance personnel into the ward? To the outside, the young master should be a heavily injured patient in recovery, not someone eating fried chicken.”

“Oh, right! I almost forgot.” Dell went back to eating his fried chicken.

“Bàba,” the young master asked Mr. An Te Qi, “how long will upgrading my joints take?”

Mr. An Te Qi’s voice was muffled, as he was busily stuffing himself with fried chicken. “Changing joints isn’t as easy as the treatment from last time, plus I’m using new materials, so I need to do a lot of tests. You need to give me at least two weeks.”

Aren jumped up and protested, “Two weeks without Dark Sun?”

The young master hurried to explain, “DSII will be there. He’ll be Dark Sun in my place.”

Aren thought about it and said, “Oh, then that should be fine, as long as we don’t get a complicated case like we did last time…”

Hearing that, the young master hesitated, then asked, “Have you seen Solitary Butterfly recently? Is, is she still mad at me?”

“Mad for what?” Aren faltered, then said, “She doesn’t have a right to be angry! You weren’t wrong. You guys just have different ways of dealing with things.”

“Really?” The young master’s voice grew smaller and smaller as he said, “But you were on her side back then, and I thought I should not have done things the way I did…”

Aren fell silent at that. He said after a while, “I don’t know if that criminal deserved to be killed either, but the situation was out of control at the time, and if we did not kill him then, we could kill him later. If we killed him though, we couldn’t just resurrect him later! So I thought we should not kill him, have everyone calm down, and it wouldn’t be too late to decide whether we want to kill him after thinking about it together!”

The young master digested that, then explained, “I saw that we would not have reached an agreement, so I took action.”

“How would you know?” Aren said huffily, “If you didn’t chase that criminal with a scythe in your hand, Luo Chu-gē and I might not have supported Solitary Butterfly, and we would’ve won three against one! With or without an agreement!”

The young master laughed at that. “That’s tyranny of the majority!”

“Nonsense. That’s democracy!” Aren retorted assuredly.

“I’m full!” Mr. An Te Qi announced as he wiped his mouth. “Come, come, come, Ah Ye. Let’s go take a look at your new joints. I made a critical technical breakthrough! It’s about the ligaments. We can greatly improve your joint movability, and they’ll be more durable!”

“Really?” The young master said happily as well, “O.K., let’s hurry up and upgrade!”

On the side, Aren muttered to himself, “You sound like you’re leveling up in a game. That’s just so weird!”

At this time, Mr. An Te Qi patted Aren on the shoulder and said, “You too. Drink some medicine and upgrade!”

“A-Again?” Aren’s expression contorted.

“What kind of face is that?” Mr. An Te Qi said, unimpressed, “Don’t you know the best medicines are the most unpalatable?”

Aren growled, “Are your medicines only unpalatable to the tongue? I go through so much pain throughout my entire body when I take them!”

Mr. An Te Qi said dismissively, “The pain’s only around for a while after you drink it, and you don’t even need to do anything during that time. You just lie in bed in pain! Yet every time Ah Ye goes through an upgrade, even if it hurts like dying, he needs to stand no matter what. If he can’t stand, he’ll crawl. Crawl until it doesn’t hurt, crawl until he can stand, then after standing he needs to run… Did you think he doesn’t hurt? You want to go read up on rehab books and see exactly how much it hurts?”

“Modification and rehab hurts a lot?” Aren was rather shocked. He turned to ask the young master, “Why have I never heard you say anything? Does it really hurt?”

“It hurts.” The young master nodded and said simply.

Aren asked confusedly, “You looked so normal after an upgrade that time before?”

The young master tilted his head and answered, “I’m used to it.”

“Used to it?” Aren faltered.

Aren was not the only one. I also felt some confusion and curiosity. I should really find out more about the young master’s past some time to better serve him.

The young master did not reply. Rather, Mr. An Te Qi said, “Ah Ye was modified since he was seven, and from then for about seven, eight years, his life was all modifications and rehabilitation. Of course he’s used to it.”

The young master had briefly brought up this part of his past before, so everyone knew.

“To keep his brother from noticing that upgrades and rehab actually hurt a lot, he’s become accustomed to not making any noise no matter the pain, and he can even chat with his brother with a smile right after an upgrade! You should learn this skill, too!”

Hearing that, Aren did not respond to Mr. An Te Qi, but instead said to the young master, “You don’t need to hold it in with us! Say it hurts if you’re in pain, and tell us to be quiet, or ask Dell to do something stupid to distract yourself! Don’t bear it all by yourself with a smile! Why are you like this?!”

The young master looked at Aren and asked perplexedly, “Is smiling not good?”

“Of course not!”

The young master looked even more perturbed, but he still nodded and said, “O.K., next time when it really hurts, I’ll say it hurts and won’t smile.”

Aren nodded back and finally said to Mr. An Te Qi, “Let’s go. Medicine time!”

“Attaboy!” Mr. An Te Qi waved to me and said, “Charles, you come too.”

I said at once, “Might I tidy up a bit? I will head over in a moment.”

Mr. An Te Qi shrugged and left. The young master and Aren followed him out of the ward as well.

As soon as the three left, I turned immediately and said to everyone behind me, “The master is coming to Sunset City in the near future.”

Mr. Bramble said, “I know. Saw it on the news.”

Hearing that, I asked rather nervously, “Did the young master see it as well?”

Mr. Bramble frowned and said, “No. What is it?”

“Secretary Kyle said the master would like to give the young master a surprise, so he ordered us to keep the young master from learning about his visit until ten days later, when the master will ‘secretly’ visit the young master.”

As I finished, everyone stared at me with wide eyes, all incredulous.

Dell howled loudly, “Butler, tell me you’re pulling our legs! Today’s actually April Fools’ Day right?”

As much as I would have liked to say yes, I could only shake my head regretfully.

May said disbelievingly, “But the story of the master’s visit is already on the news! How could this be a secret?”

“That is why we must keep the young master from seeing the news on TV for the next ten days.”

“No TV for ten days?” May said, aghast, “But we watch the news every day when we eat breakfast!”

“Dell, May, break the TV right now to prevent the young master from turning it on by accident.” Mr. Bramble ordered promptly.

“Yes sir!”

As the two worked on wrecking the TV, Mr. Bramble said with a heavy expression, “Actually, we can’t guarantee that the young master won’t see the news even if we break the TV. He can look for online news in his head, so he can get news even without a TV.”

Hearing that, the two busy breaking the TV stopped what they were doing, but the TV screen was already half smashed.

I nodded and said, “So we must also work hard to keep the young master’s attention elsewhere to minimize the chances of him looking up news in this period.”

“I’ll get Briar to stay over for ten days!” Mr. Bramble made the call immediately. “Briar, come stay at the hospital for ten days! You have class? Study on your own here. The young master’s here, and he’s much better than your teacher is.”

Mr. Bramble, you have such incredible assertiveness. With you here, this impossible task now seems a tiny bit more feasible.

Dell suggested earnestly as well, “Getting Ezart here should help too!”

I said resignedly, “Mr. Ezart is exploring an ancient tomb and has not picked up in a long time. By the time we can contact him, it will probably be past ten days.”

“Just how are there so many tombs for him to explore?” May said stiffly, “Last time when he went to explore the polar regions he brought a huge frozen bug back as a gift for the young master. Watch him go to a tomb this time and mail a zombie back for the young master!”

…In some ways, vampires can be categorized as zombies as well.

“Please Maiden, have some common sense. Zombies are super expensive, okay! A lot of rich people out there collect those!” Dell yelled, “If he really sends a zombie, I’m selling it online! I’ll make a fortune!”

May said crabbily, “Did you think the young master would let you take Ezart’s gift to him and sell it online?”

Dell’s excitement froze at that.

Mr. Bramble completely ignored the two, lost in thought with a frown. He finally said, “Our only silver lining is that the young master needs to be upgraded, so he won’t be going out in the next two weeks, so he won’t see the news outside…”


I stopped, but Mr. Bramble and the others rushed out of the door, their reaction speed on a different level from mine. I quickly followed them out.

The noise came from the operating room. The four of us sprinted to the operating room, and Dell and May slammed the door open.

Aren was lying on the ground, screaming and writhing, looking like he was in severe pain. If I saw correctly, his muscles were “writhing,” as if there were countless snakes crawling under his skin, and it was quite a visual shock.

The young master knelt next to him, looking completely lost.

“A-Aren!” The young master cried nervously, then looked up at Mr. An Te Qi. “Bàba, is this really okay? Aren looks like he’s in a lot of pain. Even if it hurt, he’s never screamed this much before!”

A hint of hesitation flashed across Mr. An Te Qi’s face, but he stiffened his expression and said, “Men need to toughen up to achieve more! It’s not easy to gain power!”

Aren seemed to hear that as well. He bit down tightly, trying so hard to bear the pain that his face twisted. He forced his screams to be as quiet as possible.

“But…” The young master hesitated, then asked, “Bàba, are you positive this is okay?”

“Sure!” Mr. An Te Qi insisted, “Nothing’s wrong!”

At this moment, Aren’s skin began to turn red, and it was an exaggerated red. One could not turn this red even after drinking a barrel of wine. This color is as red as a rose!

“Is there really nothing wrong?” The young master asked more strongly.

“There shouldn’t…” Mr. An Te Qi began to show signs of uncertainty, and seeing everyone’s terrible expressions, he added quickly, “At least he won’t die… I think!”

“Bàba, you…” The young master was close to tears. “I told you, you can’t use my friends for your experiments. What if something happens to Aren?”

“Ha!” Aren suddenly jumped up and yelled, “I’m all fine now!”

Even if he says so, he really does not look fine. Contrarily, he looks worse. On his face appeared finger-sized bulging veins one after another, his whole face contorting. Not to mention the length of his hands and feet kept changing, and random body parts would randomly enlarge. His whole body looked scarier than monsters in horror movies.

“That really looks terribly painful!” Dell swallowed.

Aren’s face twitched, and suddenly he bellowed in Dragon Peace’s voice, “Get out, all of you!”

Aren—or rather Dragon Peace, it was hard to tell who he was in his current state—shoved us all out of the door, leaving only Mr. An Te Qi and DSII inside, and slammed the door shut.

The young master quickly pressed his ear onto the door, looking extremely worried.

“Young Master!” I said loudly.

The young master turned to look at me. “Hmm?”

I kept the volume of my voice up as I said, “I went to class today and have several questions about what I learned today. Would you mind going over them with me?”

After I said that, I lowered my voice and said, “Young Master, Aren must suppress his screams when you are around.”

The young master paused, then nodded and said loudly as well, “O.K., let’s go back to the ward then. There’s a desk and some chairs, so it’s more convenient!”

With that, we stayed quiet for a bit, and soon howls of pain began to start up in the room again. The young master looked very troubled by these sounds, but after a while, he began to look more relaxed.

“Even though it sounds awfully painful,” I said lightly with a smile, “he sounds full of energy.”

The young master smiled too. “Mmhmm, I think he’ll be fine! Let’s go back to the ward! Charles, do you really have questions?”

I smiled wryly and said, “Actually I have not even started my classes yet, but Mr. An Te Qi…”

Hearing his father’s name, the young master seemed to understand. He nodded knowingly. “I’ll give you an overview of the human body’s anatomy and some vital parts you must not damage!”

“My sincerest thanks, Young Master!”

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  4. Minty

    “Today’s actually April Fools’ Day right?”
    Talk about a missed opportunity.
    Thanks for always translating (feeding my addiction)!

  5. Karen

    I’m just imagining DSII in an operating room just smiling as he complains. It’s both weirdly funny and horrifying XD

  6. Crystal

    Wow Charles is amazing…I’d throw up a long time ago if I had to do anything like that >< I feel really bad for Ah Ye though…all the pain and torture he suffered…Q.Q makes me wanna roll him up in a blanket and throw him in a sea of soft toys…of course with plenty of food and hugs. Thank you for the translation PR!

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