No Hero V4C7: Endelis, the Last Elysees

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No Hero Volume 4: The Ancient Vampire Castle

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

The Lost Files of the Ancient Castle Chapter 7: Endelis, Last Elysees—translated by Tentacles (proofread by Arcedemius & Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)

Afterwards, I silently followed the two people and found the lab. We fought our way in and finally found the bug.

I have to say, that bug was damn ugly. If you wanted to break a friendship, giving this bug to the other person would definitely make it happen… unless that person is An Xiang Ye.

His eyes lit up as he admired, “It really is a super huge, super ugly bug! Ezart didn’t lie to me!”

Between taking this bug back or destroying it on the spot, if I were asked to vote a hundred times, I would always vote for it to get destroyed; however, An Xiang Ye didn’t give me a chance at all to vote. The moment he saw that bug, he excitedly said that he could finally bring home the souvenir.

Luckily, Briar was adamant that Ah Ye wasn’t allowed to take the bug home. She got angry, she cried, she pouted, she played dumb, she rolled around on the floor, and she even threatened to never see him again.

Ah Ye’s lips drooped in sadness. Between the bug and his fiancée, he reluctantly chose his fiancée. He then bombed the laboratory along with the bug.

From that point on, I changed my mind. Even though Briar is ten years younger than Ah Ye and moreover, only twelve currently, I supported Ah Ye and Briar getting married right away to prevent Ah Ye from bringing strange and dangerous objects back to the apartment! Sadly, both people rejected that suggestion at the same time. Ah Ye said that the law forbade it. Briar said that her papa forbade it.

Finally, the mission was completed. I could go home and sleep. On the way home, I already fell asleep in the car. When I was the middle of sleeping, Ah Ye shook me awake, saying, “Aren, Abner called saying that something came up in the southern district, and that you need to head over quickly.”


For the young master’s happiness, I should lie.

I should even deceive him about the length of our contract. Never would one notify his master about resigning the year after, even if it is the truth. No matter whether or not twenty sets of clothes were too many, the young master was not at all concerned about the price of them. Therefore, I should lie. That way at least, we would have happily gone to X-Killer by now to buy some clothes. Leave the pain of next year until next year!

My honorable father has said before that every dutiful butler should first learn how to lie.

Even if a butler should encounter an unsavory guest, he should be able to show courtesy and entertain that guest with compliments.

In the event that the unsavory person happened to be the master himself, the butler should still be expected to maintain his dutiful role.

The face of the butler, no matter whether his mood is good or bad, should never reveal any personal feelings.

Ultimately, the most dutiful butler will be the most brilliant of liars.

Despite all of this, everything has an exception, my child. Some masters are ones that people will be unable to lie to, and he also will not need your lies.

These kinds of masters are very troublesome, very troublesome… If you were to encounter one of them, you may choose to leave or to serve him with your utmost sincerity. The end result might be that you will either anger him and get fired, or you will serve him for a lifetime.

You will then have to grow old with him, watch his child grow up, and watch his child get married. You will watch him play with his grandson. The grandson may even call you Grandpa Butler.

Finally, you could have a competition with your master on who will die first, of which the loser would be responsible for organizing the other’s funeral… Uh!

At that time, it was as if my father had abruptly remembered something and immediately changed the topic.

Yes, he had remembered something. He had remembered that his son was a vampire. His son would not only win the competition but would also never grow old.

His son could only watch as his master grew older by the day. He could only watch his master’s son be born, age with time, marry, and finally, grow old as well. He could only watch his master’s grandson be born. In the end, he could only watch his master die.


I looked toward the young master as he looked at me, waiting for my response. Although his eyes were bloodshot from crying, it made people want to cherish him even more. While the surrounding crowds did not know what had happened, they all looked at him with concern.

Young Master, right now, you are truly very young, very beautiful, just like an angel as many have said. You are also a very good master… Please forgive me. I am not a good butler. May I be excused from your side, from watching you mature, from watching you grow old, from watching you die?

“Young Master, have you forgotten? Charles is a vampire. He would not pray to anyone, including heroes.”

My voice was soft, but the people who stood nearest to me were likely still able to hear it. However, it did not matter anymore.

The young master stared at me, his sorrowful expression gradually turning into one of anger. Tightly, he clenched his fists. I began to think that he might strike me, but I could not say whether or not that would be a good or bad thing. If he actually hit me, I would perhaps feel a little better. However, if it truly came to that, I am afraid that I would not need to wait until the end of our contract—I could pack my luggage tonight.

If I may, I still hope that I can stay a little longer. After all, I do not know if I would be able to find another master that treats me as a true butler.

“Go away,” the young master lightly said only those two words.

“Yes, Young Master.”

After bowing, I turned and left. Along my path, there were many things that offered reflections. Thus, I could still see the young master with the reflections. The young master sat down on a bench by the sidewalk. He seemed to have a dazed look. The tears on his face had not yet dried. He then pulled both of his legs onto the bench, held his knees with both of his hands, and buried his face between his knees.

Many people stood around watching him. There were those who seemed concerned, those who seemed baffled, and those who seemed to bear malicious intentions.

I was a little worried. Someone ought to accompany the young master.

Melody? But, the young master overheard her words from last night. Calling her over would be a little inappropriate at the moment.

First Wind? Ever since the hostage incident, Ji Luo Chu has no longer been able to treat the young master as a youngster.

Definitely not Bramble and the others. They are the young master’s subordinates. With a single command of “Go away” from the young master, they will have to dismiss themselves.

Who…Who can stand on equal footing with the young master without a care? Even if the young master loudly orders him to leave, he won’t have to comply and can insist on following him?

After contemplating it for a while, I made a phone call. “Aren, could you come over for a moment?”

“…I just shook off a bunch of policemen. I’m going home to sleep.”

Aren’s voice did in fact sound tired. I was silent for a moment, but I still proceeded to say to him, “I do not know who else I can ask this of.”

He fell silent for a lengthy period of time. Luckily, he responded, “Where should I go?”

The moment I hung up, my phone rang and startled me. What a coincidence for someone to contact me now. Who could it be? The young master? I took several deep breaths and then picked up the call.

“Master Endelis!”

“Curtis?” I was a little surprised because of the sheer panic in his voice. “What happened? Say it slowly. Do not panic.”

“M-Master… Madam Sadina’s plane crashed at the airport where the previous plane crash incident happened!”


Upon hearing that, I was stunned for many seconds before I actually understood his words. All of a sudden, I did not know what to feel. My whole mind was empty. Confused, I could only ask, “How could it be? Did she not say that she would not come?”

“That was a lie. She was afraid that you would flee from her because you would not wish to see her. But the Madam is old now. No matter what, she desired to see you again. That is why she deceived you.”

Sadina… Why are you so foolish? If you really desire to see me, then just insist that I go back. If the plane were to crash again, it is not certain that I would die, but you… you…

“Master, where are you?”

Only after a while was I able to answer, “O-on the street.”

“Are you well? Your voice sounds extremely hoarse… Nevertheless, please catch a cab and come here with haste!”

“I will.”

After hanging up, I went to the side of the street and hailed a taxi.

“Get me to the airport located outside the city within an hour.”

The taxi driver was stunned for a second and then loudly cursed, “One hour?! How is that possible! You think this is a helicopter?! I’m a taxi driver!”

I took out my wallet and threw all the money inside onto the front passenger seat.

“…Does that include my speeding ticket fee?”

“Not included.”

“One hour? No problem! I guarantee your arrival!”

“We have arrived! HA! Only fifty minutes. My skills are still sharp. Sir, are you in a hurry to catch a flight? If so, would you quickly pay for my speeding ticket so you can quickly catch your flight?

I got out of the car. Originally, I was afraid to face the airport, yet the taxi driver was rambling nonstop. This gave me a peculiar feeling. Since the cab was not far from the airport, it should be impossible for the taxi driver not to notice a crashed plane. However, he kept on talking nonstop and did not at all seem like someone who had witnessed a frightening scene.

Puzzled, I looked toward the airport runway. However, there was no plane on the runway, nor any sign of a crashed plane. Something seems very strange?

“Strange. No one seems to be here… Ah! Right, didn’t the news report an accident where a plane crashed into the control tower here?”

Right! I suddenly remembered. The incident happened not long ago. That plane has already been transported away, but the tower is not yet repaired. Therefore, this airport cannot be used at all!

There is a possibility that Sadina forcefully used this airport in order to save time. But, I also do not see a crashed plane. This is different from what Curtis said… He lied to me? Why?

Could it be, Sadina wanted him to deceive me, so I would come to see her… No! Although Sadina sometimes likes to play around, she would never use “death” to deceive me. She knows that that is something that can never be used as a joke with me.


I turned around and saw the taxi driver collapse. Behind the driver was a woman with a sweet smile, but despite her sweetness, her actions were not anything to laugh about. She had twisted and broken the driver’s neck.

An average woman would never have this much strength, and both of her hands were unmodified. Nevertheless, she did not need any modifications to reach this level of strength because she was the sixth generation vampire, Gong Feng Xiang.

“Although you are just a one hundred fifty year old adolescent vampire, we still sent out two sixth generation vampires for you.” She brushed her hands off and stepped over the driver’s corpse toward me, while saying, “Touching, right? Little Young Master Charles?”

Two? I instinctively looked behind me. Roughly ten steps away stood a man. There is no doubt he is also a vampire. He was able to approach me without my hearing any of his footsteps. Gong Feng Xiang said he is also a sixth generation vampire? Is he Avexila’s other childe?

I do not at all have the ability to win against one vampire of such age, let alone two. However, they should not know that I have x-speed. Maybe I will be able to escape…

Just as I was about to make a move, Gong Feng Xiang warned coldly, “Don’t try to run, unless you don’t care about your old flame anymore.”

Old flame? I froze. I did not at all comprehend her meaning. Perhaps it is merely a lie to divert my attention?

With a smile, she said, “However, Sadina has become old and wrinkled. It is normal that you don’t want her anymore. Tsk! She really doesn’t make for a good hostage. We should have kidnapped that young master An instead. He really is beautiful, isn’t he? Even men would fall in love with him! Unfortunately, that young master is a bit difficult.”

Sadina… Impossible! Calm down. If they could capture Sadina, how is it that many years ago, their family was persecuted to the point of fleeing because of her? I calmly responded, “You are not able to capture Sadina.”

“Oh?” Gong Feng Xiang gently laughed. “Who do you think led you here? Hm?”

Curtis… Could it be? The survivor from the plane crash said that there is a traitor in the family. Could he have meant Curtis? How is that possible? He has absolutely no reason to betray the Elysees family. He is the next family head! The Elysees belong to him!

Perchance he thought Sadina wanted to return the position of family head to me, so he schemed to kill me? B-but, Sadina should have explained to him… My mind was bewildered. I could not find a sensible reason. “Impossible” was the only word running through my mind.

Gong Feng Xiang is lying to me. Possibly, the person on the phone was not Curtis… I must flee!

I immediately used x-speed. Although I could not use x-speed all the way back to Sunset City, as long as I put some distance between us, they should not be able to catch up with me.

Behind me came a vampire’s unique roar. “Charles Endelis, Curtis is my blood thrall! If you dare run away, I will command him to kill your former lover with his own hands!”

Blood thrall… Distracted, I almost slipped. While staggering a few steps, my phone suddenly rang. I knew I should not stop, but I could not resist the urge to pick up the call.

“Master Endelis, please stop.”

Without a doubt, this is Curtis’s voice. I stopped running. I could not use x-speed while speaking on the phone. If I stopped using x-speed, it also meant I did not need to run anymore—because I would never be able to escape the sixth generation vampires much older than me without it.

Curtis’s whisper came through the phone, “Please speak, Grandmother. Please say something…”

I clenched my phone. The other side was silent for a moment before a faint sigh said, “Cousin Charles, even though I know that nothing I say will make a difference… Sigh. If even you also get captured, we really will be done for…”

An extremely loud slap interrupted her words. I roared, “Don’t touch her!”

Curtis simply said, “Then, don’t move.”

In the background, Gong Feng Xiang’s laughter was like a sharp blade piercing my ears.

“Young Master Charles! I’m telling you, that slap just now was from Curtis! But don’t blame him. He really does love his grandmother! After all, both of his parents died early, so he and his grandmother only had each other. Therefore, when his grandmother commanded him to serve a vampire under the identity of the Elysees family’s next family head—even when the whole family said it was absurd—he still obediently went and served a vampire.

“However, the result of obedience was becoming a blood thrall for life.”

Sadina’s only grandson became a blood thrall! I murmured vacantly, “Blood thrall? How is that possible? When did he become…”

“It was you who left him with me. Young Master Charles, did you forget?

A vampire’s icy hand touched my nape. She turned the phone’s loudspeaker on and spoke with her breath hitting my face, “During our encounter that first day, you let him go shopping and made me wait for you at home. Instead of you, the first to appear before me during my waiting was the Elysees’s next family head, who had returned from buying groceries.”


She let out a loud laugh. “Hahaha! We originally thought that because a long time had passed, pleading with you could have resulted in your forgiveness of the Endelis family. Countess Avexila mentioned before that you are a foolish, soft-hearted fellow. Afterward, we could attempt to become friends with the famous E.X. through you. Pulling him into our family would make for a great increase in strength.

“But I never would have expected to encounter even greater prey! The Elysees’s next family head is now my blood thrall!”

Gong Feng Xiang laughed until she ran out of breath. Toward the phone, she said, “Oh! Sadina, do you understand now? It is the young master Charles who left your beloved grandson to a vampire and even let your grandson become a vampire’s puppet!”

Over the phone, the other end was silent for a moment. Sadina said lightly, “During that time, something probably happened to his master. That is nothing to be surprised about. He is a true Elysees, a descendant of the butler family. The most dutiful butler will always have only his master in his eyes. If it were not so, why would the dignified, large Elysees family only have one descendant remaining? Because, when the butler finally remembered to return home to visit, his wife had already run away who knows how many years ago. So, how can there be any children born to the family to continue the family line? Hehe!”

Sadina, you always accommodate me so much, and pamper me so much. I do not deserve it…

“As expected of Madam Sadina to look upon this matter so openly.” Gong Feng Xiang coldly snorted and then laughed again. Pretending to be puzzled, she said, “But, what does your grandson think of this matter? Curtis, tell me, what are your thoughts about the last of the Elysees?”

“I hate him.” Curtis replied simply.

I know. You should hate me.

“Hah!” Gong Feng Xiang said as she laughed, “Say some more. Why do you hate him? Because he’s a vampire, because he caused you to become a blood thrall, and because he destroyed your life, correct? Vent all the frustrations you have of him!”

Blood thralls can never disobey a command. However, he fell silent for a moment before he started to answer, “After my parents died, I only had my grandmother left. However, she did not only have me. She was always looking at Charles’s portrait and always speaking about him, always talking about her cousin. Grandmother wanted me to inherit her position, but the first thing she wanted me to promise wasn’t looking after the family, but rather that I would follow her footsteps and continue to protect Charles.”

Sadina rebuked, “Curtis! Say no more!”

But under his master’s command, he did not have the ability to stop answering. “Charles… You abandoned Grandmother and abandoned the Elysees family, yet in return, Grandmother used the entire family to protect you! Even after growing so old, she did not consider retirement but rather wanted to persecute a vampire family. Before she dies, she definitely wants to annihilate them, all in order… in order to protect you!”

From here on, he could not help but yell, “Grandmother loved you so much! Her love for you surpassed her love for her only grandson! How could you abandon her? How could you—with so little time left in her life—still refuse to come back and accompany her! You damned cold and heartless vampire! You do not deserve to be loved!”

Suddenly, some beeps began sounding from my phone. The screen then displayed an incoming call while asking if I would like the call to be answered.

“Who is it?” Gong Feng Xiang asked alertly.

I looked at my phone’s screen and robotically replied, “It is the young master.”

“Curtis, hang up.” Finishing her command, Gong Feng Xiang said to me, “Answer your phone and tell him that you are resigning. Do not give him a chance to doubt anything, or else you know what the outcome will be.”

I pressed the answer button.

“Charles, where did you go? Why didn’t you come home… Forget it.” The young master does not seem to want to continue his inquiry. “Come find me at X-Killer. If twenty sets of clothes are too many, you should buy at least a few sets. At least that way, you won’t have to continue wearing those clothes that expose so much of your body. Charles? Are you listening?”

“I am listening…” I fell silent for a bit. With a cold tone, I said, “Young Master, I believe I am no longer fit to be your butler.”

The young master fell silent for a long, long time, and then only said, “There’s still more than a year left of our contract.”

“I know, but…” I could not come up with a reason, not a single one. Finally, I could only say, “I will send you my resignation letter and the money from my violation of the contract together. Farewell, Young Master.”

“Charles!” The young master shouted, terrified, “Don’t leave! Actually, I’m…”

I hung up immediately. At the same time, Gong Feng Xiang took away the phone and then crushed it in her hand.

“Really. Young Master Charles is so naughty, causing such sorrow for every human around him…”

Halfway through her sentence, Gong Feng Xiang lifted her head to look at me. As her words suddenly stopped, she stroked my face with her hand, and she even licked her fingers after she pulled her hand back.

“So salty… When your Young Master An cries, people want to protect him, but your crying doesn’t lose to your young master’s at all! Even I feel like comforting you! No wonder Sadina was head over heels for you for so many years.”

“Do not talk about her like that!” In a raging frenzy, I summoned my rapiers and stabbed in her direction.

Gong Feng Xiang’s smile stiffened. Her blood ability suddenly burst out in great volume and pushed me back several steps… Ow! A sudden pain came from behind, followed by a huge shove. I fell to the ground and spewed out a mouthful of blood. Next came immense pain from my right leg. I could not help but grunt a little. When I turned to look, the male vampire who had been standing behind me all this time was stepping on my leg and gradually increasing the force.

“Krell, don’t break his leg.”

The male vampire raved, “What? You feel bad? Don’t tell me you really fell for him?”

Gong Feng Xiang said coldly, “He is Countess Avexila’s possession. The Countess particularly told me to leave all the torture to her. Do it if you want. After all, I have warned you. When the Countess is not happy later, she won’t punish me.”

“Don’t be angry! I’m kidding… You want to sneak attack?”

Something suddenly landed hard on my back. I almost fainted, and someone grabbed my lower jaw and lifted my whole body up into the air. Her grip was so strong that I was having difficulty breathing.

The one who was lifting me up was Gong Feng Xiang. I grabbed her hand…

She growled, “If you dare attack again, I will go back to Sunset City and pick one of your young master’s friends for dinner! Should I pick the little girl? Or that photographer? Or his college classmate?”

I let go as soon as possible and barely squeezed out a word, “Don’t…”

Krell coldly said, “Feng Xiang, break a few of his bones! Just tell the Countess that he attempted to escape, so we had to.”

“We should punish him a bit.” After Gong Feng Xiang spoke, she suddenly threw me to Krell and commanded, “Hold him tightly.”

From behind, Krell hugged me tightly and said excitedly, “No problem. Hit as hard as you want. I can help you in making up an explanation for the Countess.”

She walked a few steps closer. I was ready to be beaten up, but instead, she lifted her head and kissed me.

Krell protested loudly, “Hey, what the f***! You want me to be your bed while you rape him?”

Ignoring Krell, she grabbed my head forcefully and kissed me like she was going to eat my lips. Kiss after kiss was forced on me, and in the end, she even exposed her fangs and bit through my lips. Then, she started to bite her way down to my neck, shoulder, and then my collarbone. I even felt her fangs collide against my bones…

Krell muttered, “All right, that is punishment. It hurts just from watching.”

After she finished biting my collarbone, Gong Feng Xiang finally came to a stop. She patted my face with satisfaction and said, “If only you were this obedient in the first place. All right, go to sleep now! Sleep well, as this will be your final peaceful sleep. Upon waking up, what you will face is hell!”

Hell or any other place of the sort is fine, but please let go of Sadina and Curtis… Let them go…

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