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GOD —The Beginning of the End— Volume 1: The First Pet is a Swordsman

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Afterword and Character Introductions—translated by lucathia (proofread by EvlNabiki)


GOD has been published again.

Compared to revised editions of other series, the new version of the series GOD will have more changes. Especially starting from the middle portion, I will be adding some more scenes.

It’s because when I reread GOD after a long period had passed, I felt that the foreshadowing of the first portion was not enough, and the middle to final portions were too rushed. Since it’s a rare, new edition, I decided to revise it and develop the plot more. That way, the “rushed” feeling will be fixed.

To those who have read my novels before, you will likely know that the first volume is usually for describing the important characters. GOD, on the other hand, has fairly slow development, taking many more volumes than other series to detail all the characters. Back then, I was a little shocked at how slow the development was, so I began to increase the pace of the second to final portions of the story.

However, now that I’m looking at it again, I was actually wrong. The first portion was actually better, while the middle to final portions were too rushed. There were more ideas and plot development that should have and could have been included.

Now that I can publish this novel again, I am super happy, especially since I can make up for the parts that were lacking in the original story, to make GOD, this darling book, become even better. This really solves a lot of my regrets.

It’s because GOD is the actual first series that I wrote when I first started online during my college years. Afterward, I published ½ Prince and Kill No More before I published GOD. When I published it, I even tossed away the old text. Only the backdrop and the main characters were the same. As for everything else, I started over from scratch.

After all, a full two series, ½ Prince and Kill No More, had come in-between. Part of it was that my writing had changed, part of it was that I had moved some ideas and used it in the other books, so I had to rewrite it from the start.

Even though I had rewritten it back then, you can still see many hints of the other books in this series, such as the characters and the similarities between the themes. When I first published GOD, there were also readers who mentioned that certain characters in GOD resembled certain characters from ½ Prince or Kill No More.

But that is the exact opposite. It’s ½ Prince and Kill No More that resemble GOD, not that GOD resembles them.

Among my novels, GOD can be considered the primogenitor.

That’s why, I have always been very fond of GOD. This time, I will make it even more enjoyable to read.

By Yu Wo

Character Introductions

Shooting Star

Sex: Male.
Race: Outer appearance is human, but in reality, he’s…?
Profession: Collector of beautiful pets, part-timing as an adventurer.
Age: Looks to be a boy around fifteen or sixteen years old… Right?
Personality: A little devil who will anger you to death with no remorse.
Favorite color: Crimson red.
Favorite food: Anything that flies though the air, anything that walks on the earth, and anything that swims in the water. There’s nothing he doesn’t eat.
Least favorite food: As far as Bai Saya knows, absolutely nothing!
Most afraid of: His older brother.
Weapon: Crimson Snake Whip.
Greatest dream: Collecting every beautiful thing in the world as his pet.


Sex: Male.
Race: Elf.
Profession: His main profession is being the air conditioner of the team, mainly part-timing as a pet, and secondarily part-timing as an adventuring mage.
Age: Fifty-six years old.
Personality: Cold, but once he is angered, his destructive ability is abnormally un-elflike.
Favorite color: Green.
Favorite food: All sorts of boiled and easy to cook food.
Least favorite food: Spicy and stewed food.
Most afraid of: Dirtiness.
Weapon: The Staff of Nature.
Greatest dream: Returning home.

Old V1 Character Introductions (2006 version)

Shooting Star: Said to be the protagonist of the series. His appearance is innocent and cute to the point of trickery, and his personality is that of a little devil who will anger you to death with no remorse. He has countless weird habits, including collecting beautiful things (race doesn’t matter, sex doesn’t matter, being alive or dead doesn’t matter) to be his pets, eating all the delicious food in the world (flying, walking, there’s nothing he doesn’t eat), and taking a nap in all kinds of places around the world, etc. His weapon is an SM whip… Wrong, it’s the blood red Crimson Snake Whip. Shooting Star’s actual strength is unknown. He fights like a warrior at times, yet is also like a mage.

Bai Saya: Someone from the Eastern Continent who traveled thousands of miles to avenge his shifu. In a very unfortunate turn of events, he met Shooting Star and turned into Shooting Star’s target for pet number one. His personality is upstanding, and he is tolerant. Often, because of Shooting Star, he has a wry smile full of helplessness. Instead of calling him pet number one, it’s more apt to call him Shooting Star’s nanny (manny?). His weapon is the snowy white Sword of Sacred White. His profession is, of course, that of a warrior’s.

Bones: An undead creature whose appearance is that of a little monkey’s. Its special trait is how its head is super large. It likes to make kiki sounds and is Shooting Star’s precious pet.

Mannen Ford: The foe who murdered Bai Saya’s shifu. The person in the Goldenstyle Merchant Guild who is specifically responsible for capturing slaves.

Bipsha Ford: Mannen’s son who was unfortunately captured by Shooting Star as a hostage to threaten Mannen.

Tang Wulie: The person in charge of the Adventurers’ Guild at Stella City. A thirty-something year old who is very unhappy to often get called “Old man Tang Tang” by Shooting Star. At the same time, Shooting Star often owes him money without paying it back. He always has a hard time dealing with Shooting Star.

Alan: A rarely seen elf. He possesses a prideful personality common to elves. His original name is Alanmishusgrodiatila, which is so long that even the author can’t remember it. Therefore, Bai Saya, who also can’t remember it, simplified his name to Alan.

Dan: Half-human and half-demon. The current volume has only revealed that he is Mannen’s superior in the Goldenstyle Merchant Guild. As he is a demon who cares about his desires over everything else, even though they are both guys, he developed feelings for Bai Saya the first time he met him, and protects him all the time.

Glen Melos: An old man with a full head of white hair and a long white beard that nearly reaches his waist. At first glance, he looks like a dull-witted old man who only knows how to slobber, but in reality, he is a famous weapon smith on the Western Continent. He is the person who crafted Bai Saya’s Sword of Sacred White.

Extra information about Shooting Star from the old edition

Height: 168 cm.
Weight: 52 kg.
Birthday: It must be June 6 of a certain year that ends in 6. (The author’s random guess!)
Blood type: X-type? (The author’s complaint: I don’t even know if he’s human or not. How would I know his blood type? So I can only represent it as X.)

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