Yu Wo’s Birthday Present – Video

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Just wanted to know how you people felt about making a video to go with the e-card for Yu Wo’s birthday. Should we hold a competition? Anyone wants to submit their fanart (Pics of all Twelve Holy Knights needed)? Does anybody want to volunteer to make the video?

There’s a song, it’s called 光明诗 (Poem of Light). The LSK version lyrics were written by 絮靈 (Xu Ling), and the music is “Namida no Monogatari”. You can listen to the Chinese version here, and “Namida no Monogatari” here.

I’ve written some English lyrics to the song, and sang it. You can hear the normal version, and the fast forwarded one (personally I prefer it fast forwarded). Please forgive my singing, I’m no Yuri Chika OTL. I’ve also added an instrumental version which you can download, if you want to sing it yourself. As an extra note, some of the PR staff may sing a mixed chinese/english version together.

The lyrics may sound a bit weird since they are directly translated from Chinese, but here it is:

Poem of Light

Birds flying high and CLOUD floating past
The golden SUN illuminates the path
Up in the trees a LEAF rustles gently
A butterfly passes me by

A lonely MOON sings in the starry sky
A heart like the STONE never wavers
Crystals of ICE adorn the wasteland
Just for you I write this new song

Smiles interweave in honor and glory
Our dream that sleeps in the universe
No longer lasts!

JUDGMENT is dealt by the God of Fate
Even in HELL hope remains
Hear the sounds of METAL clashing
Creating life’s brightest light

Never fearing death and the grave
Waiting for the path guided by light
That leads to home!

Across the EARTH and over the sea
The BLAZE of flames chases darkness away
In the STORM you will steer my ship
So I will never lose my strength

TWELVE chimes of the clock sends pain away
A bard sings about the HOLY rainbow
The reborn world invites the KNIGHTS
I hear a gentle breeze blow past

p.s. I’m placing this on the updates page for a few days until I see at least a few responses =) You never know, I might get the motivation to try making the video myself.

Cheers! ~Dahlys

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  1. That sounds awesome *_*
    A competition sounds kewl too~ Too bad, I can’t sing for my life >_> Or make a video at that.

  2. A competition would be fun! The song’s really pretty though! :)

  3. >.> Oops. I wrote a comment the day you posted this, but it seems like it didn’t make it on somehow .___.;

    Anyways, I wanted to say a video would be a really nice present! The song, especially the lyrics, fit both 1/2 Prince and LSK, at least in my opinion~ I also wanted to say that your singing is really nice~ ^-^~

    Oh, and, just for practice, I also translated the song into both pinyin (which was quite a feat, considering that I can only read zhuyin) and English, if anyone wants that~ The English version is a little different from yours though~

    Actually, I’ve tried to sing the song , but I suck >.> Well, singing the Chinese version anyways. I haven’t tried the English version.

    I definitely like the fast version better though. The slow one feels a little too slow~

  4. Now I feel really bad… My Mandarin is so horrible to the point where I can’t usually reply back to people other than in “yes or no” format, I can’t draw, I can’t make videos and I can’t sing well.

    御我. 你好!
    謝謝! 我們愛你!

    >.< My Mandarin is pathetic. I hope I didn't say anything rude.

    • dahlys

      That’s okay *pat pat*. But you might want to post that birthday greeting in the Update: March 2012 thread in case it gets missed. >_<

    • @dahlys
      Oh! Whoops! I forgot about that topic!

      Thank you very much!

  5. Dustcloud

    I think a competition sounds cool. Would we just try to sing the song, or submit a video, or submit a video clip or fanart to be included in a main video? :0
    I wish I had Spring Break already so I could be more involved >_<

    • dahlys

      Anything you like. You can:
      1) submit just fanart (email PR or post a link here)
      2) sing and upload to soundcloud or something (feel free to change the lyrics if you think it can be improved/made to rhyme). Or if you’re shy you can email us. XD Should you want to join the PR choir just send us the vocals only version while singing-along with me.
      3) make a video using the downloadable instrumental above (we can change the background music later). Similarly, upload to youtube (titles in english so Yu Wo doesn’t find out), mediafire, or email PR.
      4) Do all of the above and I’ll worship your greatness. O_o

  6. starwarrior

    What if we mixed different videos we all made and turn it to one?

  7. wow i really like lyrics it rally fit sun knight
    sadly not many people can sing well including me

  8. ende of the world

    I agree, the fast version is really good ^^
    And the signing isn’t bad!
    o3o The Lyrics are awesome x) The idea is great too~

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