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Yu Wo posted about her recent trip to Singapore on her blog. I, Raylight, and Azakura all went for the event and got her autographs! Here’s her story and ours.


28/5/12 01:13 PM

I’m so happy I got to go to Singapore this time.

Last time, my plane landed in Singapore but I got into a car and went to a book fair in Malaysia right away~

I finally got to drink Ya Kun1 tea! (Reader: Wait a minute! Are you there just to eat?)
See Photo

No, I’m actually there to work.
See Photo

The famous Marina Bay Sands hotel! I took this picture from a DUCK!!!2
See Photo

Haha, back to the main topic, this is the shelf in Kinokuniya bookstore, Ngee Ann City3, where they put all my books~~
I signed a few books and left them with the store! Readers who couldn’t come to the book fair can go ask around at the bookstore!
See Photo

This book fair was split into two sessions, the first was an autograph session at the Taiwan Centre. Do you see the words, “Taiwan Connection” at the back?
That is the Taiwan Centre at the book fair. It’s so big!
See Photo

Me looking at everyone at the start of the first session~~
I received a stuffed bear, 0 \\\\ 0 Thank You So Much! But everyone, please don’t spend so much money! My heart will ache~~~
See Photo

This session only lasts for one hour, so I immediately went into signing-mode~~
See Photo

This pair here are readers who flew in from Malaysia, let me tell you…they are mother and daughter~~~
When I heard that, I got a shock, because the mother looked really young and energetic…
See Photo

After that, I did a two hour talk. However, this was not done at the Taiwan Centre but at the main stage. The main stage is so big and grand…(sweat)
See Photo
dahlys note: Two PR members have been caught in this pic. Guess who?

For the Yu Wo on stage, the topic was: “The Story of Yu Wo”. I started with the process of writing and told the story of how I became a popular writer.
See Photo

After the talk had ended, I started signing autographs again ^^ ~~ This is one of the group photos.
Unfortunately, because time was short, I couldn’t take a photo with the people at the back of the queue T^T~~
See Photo

These are the presents that everyone gave to me, thank you very very much >\\\\\<
See Photo

Thank you friends from Singapore who came to the autograph session. Also, thanks to Linking Books Publishing who invited me, and the angelic editor-in-chief who took photos for me~~

I had lots of fun this time ^0^ ~~

I hope I can get the chance to go to Singapore and meet everyone again~~


On 26 March, Saturday, fans armed with books went to the Book Fair at Suntec City, hoping to get a glimpse of their favorite author. The queue for the autograph session of the Taiwanese author, Yu Wo, was rather long; the queue snaked in-between the other booths. As we walked over, we could see the autograph table piled with books, and the author diligently signing them all.

We made our way to the back of the queue, and rabid- or not so rabid fans immediately walked up to the Sun cosplayer that was with me to request for pictures. Of course, being in public, the Sun Knight accepted and obligated with his fan’s requests. Dressed in a white collared shirt with a black ribbon around the neck, and black pants, the Sun Knight looked ready to be serving others at a certain restaurant praising the God of Light with an elegant smile. The only thing that spoiled the image was the existence of a certain pink lollipop that the pretty guy was holding, along with a pink scrapbook that fans had collated to give to Yu Wo. With so much pink, Sun looked like he was pretty much making a trip to Pink’s.

It was a rather disappointing setback given to us by the God of Light when fans realized that Yu Wo’s autograph session was only an hour, thus those at the back would not be able to get her signature. Dejectedly, we dragged our heavy bags towards the stage, wanting to take the good seats for her speech later.

After an hour’s worth of waiting that we could have used to do some paperwork, Yu Wo finally appeared, causing the crowd to go wild with excitement. With her gentle demeanor and cute actions, she charmed and captivated the audience, as she spoke animately about how to write properly. Fans, however, nearly hyperventilated when she brought out the prizes to be won. (The reporter pleads guilty to the above.)

After a very entertaining session, Yu Wo drew the session to a close, and ended with a bang by having another autograph session for those who couldn’t get one before. This of course, lightened everyone’s mood, as they all queued in a neat line, carrying their prized books for signatures. .. I nearly felt heart pain for Sun having to carry 8 books in an elegant manner. At least my friend didn’t fall down the stairs- It would be difficult to have to do so elegantly! I was carrying 9 books, so I couldn’t help.

Anyways, it was a pleasant experience for those involved, and the fans all had but one wish: That Yu Wo would come back to Singapore again! Or rather, come back and have another autograph session, so that she can ‘Sign-a-lot’. Well of course we all would like her to do so, we shall all have a moment of silence for her hand first. Here is the almighty hand that wrote all the books, and has slaved away signing at least 70 books. Amen. We pray for her safety and well-being, as well as for her hand to recover. No doubt, her hand will be slaving away in the Malaysia event now. May the God of Light bless her and her hand.

dahlys: Lookie here! Ray got a Female Warrior (1st gen 12 Holy Knights) artbook for asking a question! Guess which knight that is.

Where did this come from? *anyone get the reference?*


I met up with Ray just before she went into the fair XD. We couldn’t recognize each other and were talking on the phone when I noticed someone nearby also on the phone…That was Ray. Her friend was cosplaying as Sun, so I took a photo with her!…er…him. For the day, anyway.

Pictures speak a thousand words, so I’ll just put them here, huh?

Yes. I’m a trollface. Ha ha ha. And the other troll’s my friend.

Eh, well, was I the only one who talked to Yu Wo while she was signing? Anyway, I asked her about the birthday video. Here’s her answer:

About the video: The video was really nice, *points to pile of sweets with “Good Job!” written on them* here’s what I think of it! Really Good Job!

Picture of one sweet. (sorry it’s blur)

To you readers!: Thank you for the comments and encouragement!

Last but not least, to PR!: Keep up the good work!

(she didn’t say why she did not reply to our email, my guess is that she received too many emails on her birthday)



Dahlys: Throught the whole event, Ray and I never managed to find Azakura. However…she was actually queuing RIGHT IN FRONT OF Ray’s group at the first autograph session! OTL I only discovered that shortly after being chased out of the queue due to reasons explained above by Ray, when I went on PR! irc chat. However, Null told me that Azakura’s phone battery was flat! i.e. uncontactable. I ran around looking for someone resembling the girl I vaguely remember standing in front of Ray…and failed. Sigh. Sorry, Aza.

Here’s the amazing amount of stuff Aza got signed. It includes postcards!

Azakura: >0< I wish I gave her a giant teddy bear too…didn't think of that earlier


1. (Ray’s question) When will Woman Warrior be released?
After I finish one of my current series.

2. Will there be a sequel to No Hero?
There isn’t one planned yet, but there might be one in the future so as to fill in some holes that the main character doesn’t see and hence doesn’t know.

3. Will there be a sequel to Legend of the Sun Knight?
Yeah, there will be one, Looking for Roland.

4. When will it be released?
When I finish one of my series.

5. Which character in LSK are you the most like?
Is it bad to say that it’s the most devious character- Even at home, my brother says that I speak like Sun… Why would he want to read my book when he hears it all the time at home, he says… Except that I’m the inelegant version, and I don’t go around talking about the benevolence of the God of Light and such.

6. Which character do you like the most?
Hmm actually I’m surprised no one asked which character in my books are my favorite type of guy… I always get one of those questions whenever I go to an event. I think some of you guys may know it already? *insert shouts of name here* Did I hear Earth? So I like that type of playboy, flirty type of guy? XDD *after some more screams* Yeah, it’s the main character of No Hero, the vampire butler. Do you guys know why I like him?

Fan answer: Because when he goes into the kitchen, out he comes with heaven! (he’s good at cooking)

Yu Wo: You forgot the third line, and he can get onto– (implies bed*cough*) Anyways, it’s because he’s a attentive, caring sort, and he’s good at housework and the such. So I like the caring, good at housework vampire. (Me: I doubt that you can find a vampire to love in this world?)

7. Why does all princess in Sun Knight call Sun ‘despicable and shameless bastard’?
Because he is a despicable and shameless bastard! Anyways, it’s because the Sun Knight is supposed to be benevolent, kind and gentle, so when Sun reveals his real self to them, his image is broken.

8. What is the small action that Sun does when he’s setting a command?
Well, I always get this question at events too… It’s a secret!

9. Did you take reference from Sailor Moon for 1/2 Prince and Legend of the Sun Knight? Also, when you go and buy meat, upon seeing the meat there, do your both your eyes light up? (*reference to scene in No Hero)
*sputters* I’ll answer the other question first. Yes, I took a few lines from Sailor Moon in 1/2 Prince, for Doll, but I don’t think I did for LSK. You know, the line where she goes, “In the name of –, I’ll punish you”? And the other question, for that scene, I had made the observation while going to the market that for some reason, the butchers are always this big and burly guy hacking meat, and the fishmongers are always the female housewife type. So I thought that I’ll try writing a young butcher in my book. And no, both my eyes don’t light up when I’m buying meat! *pretends to be offended*

10. Are you going to come back to Singapore?
I honestly don’t know… That would depend if there’s an event that I can go to. I can’t just randomly come over to Singapore and have a autograph session, right?

11. What meat is the meat in meatbun?
Probably pork… I doubt Prince would eat meatbun’s roasted meat if it was human flesh.


First, she gave a short introduction of herself. Like some of her works, and she’s an author from Taiwan, etc.

Then, she showed pictures of One Piece, Lord of the Rings, Pokemon (pikachu to be specific) and Sailor Moon, and asked if the audience had seen them. The reason behind it was to find out what the audience knew so that she can use certain examples. Her reasoning is because different age group and countries have different types of knowledge, and she doesn’t want to talk about something that no one else understands. She wants everyone to be able to understand what she is saying. It’s really very hardworking and considerate of her to do so. I kind of respect her because of it, really..

She mentioned that the three important points/stages of writing is:
– Collecting ideas/inspiration
– Penning it down
– Finishing your work

She says that for collecting ideas, it’s important since in a one-shot volume, you may need 5 – 10 good ideas to work with. But for her, since she writes series, she may need even up to a 100 good ideas to work with. How to look for so much inspiration? Well, first of all, observe your surroundings, and integrate everyday life into your work. You don’t have to live an exciting life that came from a movie to write. She gave a few examples from her own books, such as from No Hero, the paparazzi and the collecting of stickers that when you reach a certain amount, you can exchange for something. She also says that she tends to put some of the dreams and things that she wanted to do, but couldn’t do so in real life, so she wrote it into the book. Like having No Hero collectable figurines, and being a liege lord and top player in an MMORPG game.

She also talked about the inspiration for different books. 1/2 Prince was inspired due to her own online gaming experience. She actually likes to play as a (hot!) guy in games, and thus she put that into her writing, about the experiences and problem that a girl playing a guy might meet. No Hero was inspired by hero films, such as Batman. She actually likes watching hero flicks a lot, one of which is The Dark Knight. She commented that the film in Taiwan didn’t have the name ‘Batman’ on the DVD cover, so one time, when she went to buy the DVD, the girl beside her asked if the film is good, and when told it is, she said “But the logo on the film looks like Batman!”

Legend of the Sun Knight is actually inspired by her way of thinking of what is a knight. She then created the Sun Knight from the original concept of a someone working in the service industry, how they would put on an unchanging smile for the customers, but they might be feeling something entirely different inside.

No Kill More was inspired when she was reading a lot of books by male authors, so their characters would defeat characters, grow stronger, kill more enemies, and stuff. She was being ‘rebellious’, and wanted to write a book that defies that, so she had a main character that doesn’t kill. It later turned into a serious story though.

She also introduced to us some Taiwanese phrases and their origins, the very famous ones. She actually said that she was happy that she finally can explain about something when some people shook their heads, cause before that, every time she mentioned something, almost everyone nodded their heads to imply that they knew what it is XD Yu Wo joked that she might actually be a Singaporean in disguise when she realized that we actually know about all the things she likes, even some stuff that is obscure in Taiwan.

She also explained about the importance of putting your work up for others to see. If you are a writer, you should post your work up online so that you will be more motivated to work on it, make some friends, etc. She too started writing online at first, and then she got approached by a publisher to publish her books when it got popular.


1 Ya Kun: Popular restaurant chain in Singapore, serving traditional breakfast coffee and tea with half-boiled eggs and kaya toast.
2 DUCK: An amphibious vehicle used for sightseeing in Singapore.
3 Ngee Ann City: A shopping center in Singapore’s largest shopping district, Orchard Road.

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    Thank you for the very thorough report :D
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    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!
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    Ah, how I envy you guys! Not only are you guys able to read the original novels, you guys are awesome at what you do for the English-speaking-only fanbase and to top it off, YOU MET YU WO! D:<
    But anyway, thanks for posting this. Now I know that there's MORE novels by her to go around hunting for translations~

  3. Kuran Nita

    So envious.. Very envious.
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    • Anna

      @Kuran Nita
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      Like Yu Wo said, if you haven’t bought all her books and want her autograph you can go ask around at kinokuniya…

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    Good job, PR!!! :D you are good paparazzis xD it’s nice to see you goy signed goodies!! Me wants some too ;_; and i’m so envious that you got to see met her!! But you deserve it for your hard work ^^ all hail Yu Wo! All hail PR! ^^

  8. H. Y.

    Oh I didn’t know she is attending/attended an event in Malaysia after this Singapore event! =o Then again, probably any publicity would’ve been done in Chinese which I can’t read =/.. From the date of this post, I probably missed it didn’t I? =(

    Looks like you guys had a great great time, must’ve been so exciting to meet Yu Wo! I can’t seem to figure out which knight is on the artbook cover, any hints? =p

    I find it funny how her brother doesn’t want to read her works because Sun sounds just like her! I have a few friends that love writing as a hobby so I guess I can relate to that, somehow no matter what the settings are, the way the story is written really reflects the author’s personality =o What a fun personality Yu Wo must have then haha!

  9. kittikiti

    I would love to go to an autograph signing of Yu Wo! The main reason I want to learn how to read in Taiwanese/Chinese is solely because of her novels! And you guys got to have a conversation with her… Lucky! I would have wanted to listen to how Yu Wo got to how she is now in the world of writing! The knight on the cover is…. the former Hell Knight? Or one of the Royal Knights… Or Mike? I would absolutely love it if Yu Wo went to the US! That would make a lot more people aware of her amazing novels too!

  10. AC

    Singapore… I have bittersweet memories of Singapore. Not that I’ve ever been there, long story, but I WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN THERE!!!
    And, wow, YuWo looks so young!

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    This is a rather late reply but thanks for transcribing this! I was there too actually, but I didn’t take down what she said… I’m glad you guys did this! And translated everything too(: Thanks! Now I can always remember what she said xD

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    I think that’s suppose to originally be the moon knight o- or Roland? (Dunno why but PURPLE)
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    Oh god, I thought she really meant the animal duck, it turns out to be a freaking vechicle.

    [For some reason, her signature reminds me of meatbun]

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