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Hey everyone, sorry for not updating this staff blog more often. I think the other staff members are feeling a bit shy, and things have been pretty hectic for me the past few weeks.

In any case, I suspect many of our readers also enjoy viewing manga. Like many of you, I first found out out PR! through an advert from Oddsquad Scan’s translation of the manhua adaptation of Prince. Speaking of which, you might have noticed some promotional material for OSS on our site. Eilinel has been in contact with them and is working to get more people aware of the novel translation from the manhua viewers and vice versa. There might be further cooperation with OSS in the future, so stay tuned!

Anywho, I really like reading all sorts of manga. I’d guess I must have finished or am actively following at least 100 different series (and that’s a conservative estimate!). What really draws me to them is the exciting storyline and having a crazy cliffhanger at the end of every chapter that makes you itching to come back for more. (Though you have to admit, our novel translations are somewhat superior in that regard, right? =P)

Being such an avid reader, I was pretty disappointed when OneManga shut down, as that’s where I had discovered many of my favorite series. There wasn’t any site with all the manga and features of OM that I liked, but eventually I settled on mangareader. Being such a lazy efficient reader who hates clicking through each page, I even made a userscript to allow me to view entire chapters and series just by scrolling down. (It’s available here if you’re interested. Firefox w/Greasemonkey/Chrome/Opera only). I suspect I’d never make it through all those series without it.

Why do you like manga? Which series do you like? Where do you get your weekly fix of manga? Feel free to share your thoughts here.

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  1. I felt the same when OM shut down ;_; but then I found mangafox, mangastream and mangareader. They provide alot of manga~ mangafox seems to have the fastest loading time for me though, mangastream only has the newest and mangareader has a few series that I can’t find anywhere else.
    I like manga-styled drawings and I find that their stories are more varied than the western counterparts(hero comics..pfft, please, though there are a few good western comics like Asterix, Tin-tin..etc)
    I follow at least 200 series, of which are from many, many genres, mostly shounen(most are from Jump) but I have my fair share of psychological, gender bend, historical and even seinen.
    ~Artemst =3

  2. I do, to be completly honest, I read more mangas than I watch anime XP

  3. I’ve gone through at least a hundred series too. To be honest, I’m not very discriminate about what I read – my list includes cheesy shoujo romances and shounen action. I write fiction sometimes, and these mangas provide me with useful examples of good and bad plots, methods of characterisation, and so on.

    Series that I like include 07-Ghost, Kare Kano, Basara, and Fullmetal Alchemist. I used to like a lot more, such as Saiunkoku Monogatari, Saver, and the Half Prince manhua, but I found it hard to sustain my interest in these. There are a few that I really, really like but more as anime than manga, such as Mononoke (NOT Princess Mononoke), Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Mouryou no Hako.

    I usually like to browse through the forums on MF or OM, especially when there’s a discussion of what makes a manga, specifically its story, good or bad. I usually discuss manga with my RL friends, such as about the philosophical concepts in FMA or the psychological elements of NGE and Mouryou no Hako. We get a lot of interesting (and downright bizarre) results by taking stuff we’ve learned from reading Shakespeare or Freud and applying it to manga.

    • raylight

      o.0 Basara!~ *is into that at the moment* I read Kare Kano halfway through too. And haha, I think I might have gone through at least fifty series. Mood swings from cheesy shoujo one-shot romances (which I read to laugh at) and more different shoujo to shounen to pyschological…

  4. Hmmm….I was searching through MangaUpdates and 1/2 Prince was up in the recent updated listed. So I decided to check it out and it was awesome for me. I haven’t read that much RPG manga since .//hack was among the first RPG series I read. So comparing it with .//hack, it was better in my opinion and I like cross-gender manga since I know it ensure laughing-until-I-kill-my-stomach syndrome. XD

    As for my weekly fix, I go to mangastream since I read more of the mainstream stuff.

    • daystar

      cross-gender manga do indeed have that efect got any recomendations?

    • Moonight

      OHSHC(Ouran Hight School Host Club), Angel Diary(Destination Heaven Chronicle), Knight Princess, Shinshi Doumei Cross(Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross). the first and the last I really loved

  5. Egakiar444

    Wow, that userscript is handy thanks. I read a lot of manga of all kinds too, though I can’t claim to be reading as many as you are

  6. I’m quite an avid reader. Comics are as opposed to the literature that I read a good alternative. Mostly because of the lightheartedness (usage of panels and drawings, etc.). Still the main genre that interests me in comics isn’t gag but gender bender or historical seinen. (That’s how I found half prince!)

    In the past few years there were a only few manga where I continuously looked forward to each upcoming chapter. These are ‘Eden’, ‘Vindland saga’ and ‘Historie’. (All are exceptional)

    I get my comics from bakabt and (I hate to say it) mangatraders. Besides those I usually just get the chapters from IRC or website of the scanlation group. Well mostly IRC since I do want to show my appreciation towards those groups.

  7. screwdriver

    “my name is ellie, and im addicted to manga…”
    “hi ellie!” greet me warmly a dozen of other addictees.

    so umm, i mostly lurk around mangafox, pick up a series, finish it(if its completed, if not-it goes to my “to stalk” list), then another. i currently follow quite the number of manga – op (been following that one for what?two years now and probably 10 more lol), skip beat(the lock!), beelzebub(hah, oga reminds me of prince), komatta(all hail hosaka :x), aitsu(yoshida is…well, adorable), deadman wonderland(i guess i like crazy stuff), wolf guy(its all akumetsu’s fault), bleach(yea, i know), ares(stalking this one for some time), liar game(this was one of my first) and at least XX more.

    • daystar

      “to stalk” list LOL
      skip beat is good
      think I’ll go look beelzebub up now the title turned me off before but I’ll give it a chance now

  8. i use mangafox (i used this first), mangarush (the selection!), mangastream (the speed!) & mangareader (the uniquness!) to find manga to read i’m only folowing 3 (KHR, bleach,samurai high school) manga (4 technicaly but i droped the 4th (bakuman) and haven’t picked it up yet), 3 (KKHR, bleach, bakuman) anime (1 may be complete (KHR)) & am reading but have not finished many more (ex: detective conan, one piece, skip beat, silver diamond, hikaru no go, gokusen, tsubasa, xxx holic, ruroni kenshin, power, yakitate japan, etc.) i read a diverce manga selection as you can see.

  9. Moonight

    proud reader of 123 mangas that I can rememeber and probably up to five more that I can’t. usually, I use mangafox, sometines animea, mangathat, citymanga or mangahere, depending on what I want to read. I was originally planning to post the list of mangas that I’ve read, but the lengh of the post was quite discouraging… umm, do computer programs enjoy reading manga that much? or is amgine a special case?

  10. princelover

    I used to read all my manga on onemanga it was the best. I was devastated when it shut down. But iread all kinds of manga including 1/2 prince and I will continue to enjoy it for years to come

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