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November Chapters
  1. No Hero V6Prologue: Prologue
  2. Illusions, Lies, Truth V2C4: This Bookstore's Part 1—Boss
  3. Dominion’s End V3C6: The Control Room

Hello everyone, here are our November chapters. We’ll be taking a break with GOD now that we’ve completed V1 and will return once we have a more comfortable stockpile of chapters. Look forward to V2 in the upcoming months! This month, we have one chapter each from our other series, including the start of No Hero v6. Another new volume~

PR! Français is looking for more translators and proofreaders! If you know French, why not take a look at their recruitment page?

It looks like most people feel Ohmygod should be honey-flavored~. New poll is up about being the heroine of an otome game, thanks to Ice Princess. Do you have a poll idea? Submit your ideas over here~.

There’s a new contest coming soon! Look forward to more information about it in the upcoming days.

Congratulations to moonlightray and thebookgirl for their winning entries in the LOST Poster Caption Contest! You can read all of the entries over at the forums.

Winning entries below, as well as a poster of moonlightray’s entry, and a drawing depicting a lost Ohmygod.

Entry from moonlightray:

LOST: Ohmygod, the God of Slimes

REWARD: I don’t have any money, but I’ll sing you any song of request! Or two, or even three!! Just please return Ohmygod to me…

OWNER: Silvester Uriah Nate, aka Silvie, aka S.U.N., aka that golden-haired idiot of a bard that never shuts up (S: C-Carol! That’s mean! C: Well, that’s the only way anyone would ever recognize you in order to return that lump of yours. S: T^T)

NOTE: He may look just like an ordinary golden slime, but I promise he’s actually alive! Please treat him well; he’s a God after all… Ohmygod is a very strong slime, and he’s intelligent enough to obey commands too! I usually feed him once a week, something simple like small pieces of jerky. He’s a jelly-like creature, so he’s never needed water before. He’ll go to sleep wherever, but his favourite resting place is on a shoulder, so if possible, please carry him like that! Oh, yes, and he prefers if you pet him on the head rather than the body, but then again I suppose it can be kind of diffcult to distinguish between the two, so if you just– (Runs out of space; Silvester continues writing on the other side, but since the poster is pinned up there’s no way to turn it over. But then again, do you really want to keep reading this bard’s redundant blabbing?)

Drawing courtesy of Trespasserby:

Entry from thebookgirl:

LOST: Our beloved brother, Knight-Captain Ceo Storm

REWARD: Under the radiance of the benevolent God of Light, us brothers of Knight-Captain Storm will see to it that anyone who helps to find our dear comrade will receive reasonable compensation for their time and goodwill, and the benevolent God of Light’s protection will shine upon him or her eternally!

OWNER: Our dear Storm Knight has sworn to fulfill his duties as a Holy Knight until the day comes when the God of Light’s blessing truly and fully shines upon his dear student. The Holy Temple is truly not the same without even one of our dear comrades. We miss our dear brother and hopes that his poor soul may return to the benevolent God of Light’s warm embrace here in the Holy Temple!!

NOTE: If our dear brother Knight-Captain Storm is bereaved and grievous about returning to the God of Light’s embrace, it may be attributed to his shame at having been away from us in the first place. If anyone knows of Knight-Captain Storm’s whereabouts and willingly chooses to withhold the information, even fleeing to the far corners of the earth is not far enough! Rushing off to meet the God of Light would be the only escape, but would He forgive an action such as kidnapping one of His Twelve Holy Knights? In contrast, by ratting out the one responsible, even if the Storm Knight himself has willingly fled, you will definitely receive divine protection, even if you require the God of Light’s personal subjects, His holy knights, to protect you from those who might wish you harm, no matter if it is the demon king himself who wishes ill upon you.

(After writing this, the remaining Twelve… Eleven Holy Knights all shared the same thought, which was, “Isn’t it the demon king who wants Storm back the most, and would be most grateful to have him returned?” Meanwhile, Judgment personally furrowed his brow at the footnote, knowing that the final paragraph would likely be attributed to him, but not knowing how the citizens would regard such sentiments in association with him.)

The fliers were only one of many efforts to retrieve the Storm Knight who absolutely must be recovered, no matter the cost, else a fate infinitely worse than the Sun Knight dying would befall the Holy Temple…

12 Responses

  1. kamui

    so far as the poll for this month goes, anyone who has a Jiang Shuyu as a boy next door has no need for this game

  2. asdf

    I’d take Cloud’s route! The shy, adorable little child that just needs a hug~

  3. moonlight ray

    Thank you for making the poster ^_^
    Also, Tresspasserby’s bonus drawing was super cute as well! I just love how unimpressed Carol looks; I can totally see that actually happening XD
    Thanks for such a fun contest, and I’ll be looking forward to the future ones~~~

  4. Eda

    I will always pick shuyu <3 <3 <3
    such..attractiveness… '
    um what? didn't hear that from me?

  5. seikyo

    What is wrong with that pol ? We didn’t get Awaitsun’s route ! Leaf or Dage’s route would have been great too !
    We didn’t get even the stunning cross-dressing lady prince ! bouhouhu t-t
    I’m taking Grisia’s route !

  6. Smiling Sweetly

    I’m firmly in the belief that the Sun Emperor is into BL.

    Charles Endelis’ route is kinda hopeless since he already has a Furen (Ah Ye).

    Jiang Shuyu…meh. Even ce cisself isn’t sure whether he classes as gay or lesbian.

    Grisia…too stressful. No thanks. Especially since he’s an abnormal never-aging dude. What, I might be mistaken as his Aunt in the future no thanks la.

    Lesus forever

  7. Icyheart

    Ah..this may sound awkward but i have a personal request from the translators and of course including everyone in PR. I uh..want you to take up Chen Yue Zhi Yao. I seem to remember that you had given this novel in your recommendation list so i fell in love with it. But sadly currently nobody is able to translate it bcoz the author took down raws from internet so it is difficult for taffy translations and giraffe corps to take it up unless anyone has the books. Sooo…could u take it up? It has been completed till v3 c7.
    On the other hand looking forward to your translations here on PR~

    • [PR]lucathia

      Hi there~. We are currently not looking into picking up new projects from other authors. We are a bit short on translators at the moment ourselves, and we are in a similar situation with our raws, as just recently, our usual go to site for Yu Wo raws has taken down the text for all of her books. We won’t be dropping any of our current projects, but releases might slow down, as translating from the physical books takes longer.

      Also, I think Giraffe Corps is still working on the series? I wish them the best of luck. It’s a long series with fancy prose, and the MC’s curse is difficult to translate! The first series is 11 volumes, with 3 volumes of side stories, and the second series is still ongoing, with 6 volumes already out. That’s a long commitment!

      We’re happy to hear that you’ve given the series a try.

  8. Jasae Bushae

    Darn. Its a shame to discover that translations will slow down. Ah well, I recall back when I started reading here that it was common to only get two updates a month.
    Still looking forward to the latest no hero and illusion, lies, truth ^^

  9. Kaniki


    and XD come back to us, Ceo!!!!!!!!! Introduce me the most handsome of Awaitsun’s sons and I’ll even help you do paperwork ;)

  10. A Sad Person

    I like how in Trespasserby’s drawing, the thing that took the most effort to draw looks like it was the slime 😂😂😂

    While I’m at it, I’d like to say that I’d probably be amazing at Ecilan’s route he makes me sweets, I eat, what more could I want for in a husband? If Demos was an option, I’d pick him too cuz I feel that, as fellow bookworms who like to hide in isolated places and not be seen by people, we’d get along pretty well. You know, hiding from each other and exchanging info on what are the best cozy corners to hide in.

    Sadly I can’t pick either routes so I’m all for Lesus! He seems like the most non-problematic and can actually retire someday. Others are problematic (i.e. Probably gay, already has a child, not even human, questionable sexual orientation and probs 100% incest) or have some kind of work contract that requires them work for the rest of their eternal life.

    • [PR]Trespasserby

      Oh, was it that obvious? Yeah. I had to stare at Ohmygod pretty long to try to draw him properly… Twice.

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