Update: November 2013

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November 2013 Chapters
  1. Female Warrior Prologue V2C5: Number, 5, Good Guy? Bad Guy?
  2. Female Warrior Prologue V2C6: Number, 6, ...The Fourth One?
  3. The Legend of Sun Knight V6C3: "Follow the Instructions of Your Teacher"

Hey everyone, here’s the November update! Thanks for your patience. :)

We remade our Facebook page because of some problems with the old account, so if people could visit and like the page, that would be awesome! Let’s make it livelier~

Again, a reminder for the Year End Fanart Contest! We can’t wait to see what people will submit!

Prince Revolution! Year End Fanart Contest

Original art (digital or paper drawing, objects e.g. keychains, stuffed toys, recent cosplay) based on any of Yu Wo’s series, or a coloring of one of the pages from the 1/2 Prince or LSK manhua. Save your submission in .png or .jpg format and send it in to admin@princerevolution.org. You can submit up to two submissions. All submissions will be posted in PR!’s fanart gallery regardless of whether you win or not.

Deadline: 15 Dec
Winner announcement: 25 Dec

Christmas present to the winner – one free request ticket of PR (terms and conditions apply, reasonable requests only)
Winner can, for example:
1) Request an unpublished chapter or two
2) Hear PR karaoke/audiobook
3) Be a PR groupie for a while (with tour and all)
4) Something else???!!

26 Responses

  1. Finally the list is up.. Hoping they get published soon..

  2. Noooo, only one chapter of LSK again! I shall weep myself to sleep now…T-T
    On the sidenote, I still love you PR despite your tendency to torment me on a monthly basis ^^

  3. Lackadaisical

    Finally! But LSK is the last… *sobs*

  4. nooo…T^T why you put my cute, most sarcastic, and sly knight at the last place.. T^T

    • @fuyuki
      okay… *^* i will be a good girl.. waiting for the new chap of LSK.. until then you must stay survive PR!! *^* love you

  5. Jasae Bushae

    Wow, were making good time with Female warrior. When November is done and over with, we will be halfway through the latest book ^^
    Umm, out of curiosity do you know which book Yu Wo is writing at the moment?

    • I think it’s Gong Hua volume 4. (As well as “We are not the Dark Human Squad” side story).

    • Jasae Bushae

      Woo~! Fun ^^
      Any word yet if ‘They totally are the dark human squad’ will run super long? XD

    • Well, Part 1 was posted and Yu Wo mentioned something along the lines of how these stories are turning into three parters… So hopefully, it will be three parts like When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher. XD;

    • Jasae Bushae

      I totally hope Yu Wo is planning another event this year because it would be silly fun if she ended up with moree of these to tackle. XD

      But yay for stories running unexpectedly long~!!! I love how these ideas run away from her and she keeps finding herself turning these simple short stories into marvelous epics ^^

  6. Hey, PR! Can’t wait to read this month’s chapters! But I also wanna know, can I paint the picture on my wall and take a picture of it to send in? Thank you, and keep up the good work!

  7. oh noooo LSK is on the last again *sniff sniff this is tormenting but for the sake of it, i shall endure *sniff

  8. Never in my entire life had I wished for the month to be over so hurry up and be done my sweet November! I don’t think I can wait for the days to be over but I do know i m looking forward to the end of this month lol. I will be back on November 30th for LSK teehee ( ‘v’ )`”

  9. Huzzah! So excited! I felt so empty this month, with no PR! posts… Now wondering if they’ll all be posted on Thanksgiving (indeed, something to give many thanks for) or on the last day of the month (which would be the best birthday present ever >:D)
    Long live PR!

  10. I keep forgetting about that contest…


  11. Jasae Bushae

    I have a question which im kinda curious about. How are the chapters handed out to translators and such? I notice Raylight tackled two of this months chapters, and that Doza did one of this months and two of last months, so are chapters handed out in lumps like FW C1-3 or was it people volunteering for specific chapter or is it just coincadence?

    Im just curious how the fun process works ^^

    • First come, first serve. =P We throw up the entire volume for translators to claim. Whenever a translator finishes a chapter, they can claim more. Sometimes, translators have free time during a certain time period and end up claiming more chapters during that time. These chapters were translated way in advance. Usually, when the month rolls around, we’re busy with the last round of proofreading or C/E editing, well past the translation stage.

      (Doza ended up translating most of FW V2. :3)

    • Jasae Bushae

      Doza if you are reading this, you are super duper awesome for tackling so much of volume two! ^^

    • [PR]doza

      Thanks :) but Ray translated the other half of volume two!

    • Jasae Bushae

      Then I also want to extend a thanks of awesomeness to Raylight for so much awesome translating! I eagerly await the fun results from you in the future!

    • [PR]raylight

      //// stop it you all. You’re making me shy. (You guys are the awesome ones)

    • Jasae Bushae

      I am really looking forward to your translations on Legend of Sun Knight, Female Warrior, No Hero and RPG Romance ^^

  12. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh so nervous and happy waiting for the possibility of having Sun Knight chapters as a Christmas present hahahahahaha happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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