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April Chapters
  1. Illusions, Lies, Truth V4C2: Xiang Shui Pan, Part 1—From Coffee to Pears to Apples (April Fool's)
  2. No Hero V8C5: Red Balloons (April Fool's)
  3. GOD V3C4: The Avian Nation
  4. No Hero V8C5: Red Bowties
  5. Illusions, Lies, Truth V4C2: Xiang Shui Pan, Part 1—From Liuqing to Tea to Coffee Today
  6. Dominion's End V5C2: Dàgē and Xiaomèi Leave the House
  7. Eclipse Hunter V2Prologue: Prologue

Hey all! Due to time constraints and things that have been happening globally, I had to shuffle some chapters around last month and move last month’s GOD chapter to this month. Thanks for your understanding, and I hope you are all safe and well!

To make up for it, we do have two of our April chapters ready for you already, so I’m releasing them right away! Enjoy! Don’t forget to return to our March releases to read our Eclipse Hunter entries. We released four just yesterday to round off volume 1~

I’m still in the middle of going over our chapters and figuring out what chapters will be ready for this month, so you’ll see more chapters popping up in our list of releases later on. Check back for them! There will definitely be a DE chapter, so don’t worry~

Last month, the “no one dares to make pie” option won the poll! I guess there’s no pie for anyone when Sun doesn’t get his pie~

This month’s poll is all about fruits!

Hope you have a safe and enjoyable April!

14 Responses

  1. Icyheart

    Happy April fools PR! Hopefully you all are healthy. Please stay home and stay safe. I am glad you are still continuing to update chapters under these conditions! Props to all of you!!
    As for the poll I will choose apple tree just to troll Shuyu

  2. Hans

    After abstaining *cough* for a month, these 2 days are bliss ~
    1st time PR! admit upfront that it’s April Fool.. hehe
    May God bless you all to stay safe~

  3. dollyfishe

    Definitely… Peach! Actually, it’s me who want it 😝 and yep, if it’s apocalypse, then i can eat it everyday till i feel like i dont want it anymore 😂

  4. sweet

    I don’t like apples but since apple is healthy apple it is! Though from all the chicken soup Shuyu eat maybe he’s already healthy enough(?)

  5. Moony

    Thank you for everything you are doing and please stay safe and healthy!

  6. ArmadaTW

    Such a weird poll question… Is it influenced by the title of this month’s ILT chapter and the current development in the DE storyline? I guess I’d say apple because it’s more resilient to certain weather conditions and versatile for cooking, though I think pear and cherry are also pretty viable.

  7. Liolia

    Yes I’m so excited! Thank you for all the work you all do!
    Can’t wait to read dominions end new chapter >-< and eclipse hunter is getting pretty interesting too

  8. Jasae Bushae

    Wow, the end of this month is going to be filled with chapters :o

  9. dollyfishe

    Ehhh… Was my browser broken or something happen? It’s already half month of may but noannouncement of the chapter release yet? Is something happen? 🤔 i hope it’s just a late update, but anyway, i still hope you are all in good condition. If you cant update it at all, let us know, ok? At the very least, i will still love PR! even without update 😍

    • [PR]lucathia

      We’re okay~ (but very busy). I hope to post the monthly update this weekend! Releases will be sparse though.

    • dollyfishe

      Yayyyy! If everyone’s good, all good then 🤗 remember to enjoy yourself even in your busiest time 🤗🤗 and oh, i just saw the pool 😆 i do think that judgement will love a lockdown. At the very least, no more crime other than couple daily quarrels (but yes, i choose sun without much thought) 😆

  10. Jasae Bushae

    On this latest poll I confess I had some trouble deciding an answer. On one hand I 100% think Sun would abuse the chance to slack off and laze around without acting elegant. On the other hand poor Storm REALLY needs some sleep

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