The Legend of Sun Knight V3C7: “A Must for Every Adventure – Sacrifice [April Fool Version]”

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As you might know, we have an agreement with Yu Wo that our translations should not be copied or shared. Unfortunately, there are some people who have been violating this rule and causing us much undue trouble. As a result, we are instating a new form of copyright protection – starting now our chapters will no longer be posted in text form, but rather in audiobook format.

Legend of Sun Knight v3c7 can be heard here, narrated by Amgine. Feel free to leave feedback on the quality of the recording. We have plenty of other voices to choose from if a majority of our audience is not satisfied. (Please disregard the loud scream in the middle; no translators were hurt during the recording of this chapter).

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    • Kamui

      It SHOULD be cream of mushroom. While cream of wheat is, for all intents and purposes, better tasting, it has a significant flaw; it has no mushroom in its name.
      Any-whoes, thanks for the audio version(you should make one for all the chapies), and the April fools day joke.

    • 15B

      Ahahaha… It said to disregard the loud scream in the middle and that no translators were hurt to record this.

      ^.^ I meant scream not cream…

  1. Lucide

    Awwh! >< Stupid people! When will they learn?!
    ; ; I've terrible hearing… -had just found YuWo's books two days ago, was planning to print and attach to the books later…-

    • Tarheel

      I am not completely sure but I don’t think you were supposed to be printing off the chapters in the first place.

    • Lucide

      Mn, I had bought the books but my mandarin is at kindergarten level. I’m sure printing off the chapters is bad unless I’m attaching them to the book?

  2. Karin

    The audio is ok, I guess. I would still prefer text. :( Isn’t there some way you can keep them from copying the text? I know the answer is probably no but it really sucks how those people just ruined it for all of us. I guess it’s necessary though. Thanks for going through all the trouble to translate this for us. :)

    • Phaet

      There is a way to prevent copying in html but im not sure what it is. I wish they could have stayed text as well because I dont have the time to listen to an audio book.

  3. Jasae Bushae

    this is actually a pretty fun idea XD if i could download these onto my mp3 player i could listen to em while i was on the go XD

  4. Triellan

    Bleh, now I have to spend 26 minutes more then usual to read a chapter V.V

    • Rona ♥

      whoa. this audio is 30 minutes long. 26 more minutes more than usual? then that means you can read this chapter for only 4 minutes? lol.

    • Tecchan

      Are you a deaf fan?

      If not, then why didn’t you complain on behalf of the blind fans for the text version as well?

    • Gohankuten

      How would the blind fans have even found this in the first place to become fans? Course I believe there are programs that read text for blind people so that had audio for it from the beginning if you think about it.

    • Zerk

      Sorry for being a deaf fan, you see, if you are blind, you can ask someone to read or use some of those progrnas tha to it for you…but it’s not that simples to ask someone to listen to the audio and write everything that happens so you can read…

  5. Rolca

    I’m glad I bookmarked a page to one of the chapters, because while the front page April Fool’s awesome, I loved hearing the chapter like this! (although I was impatient to know what was going on next and couldn’t make it faster!) I’m not an English native speaker so I was a little worried, but the recording was clear and the words distincts. Thank you for the translations and recording!

    • Rona ♥

      haha. yeah. unlike in text, where you can read it and determine the pacing, hearing it makes me a bit impatient.

  6. Nabs

    *whine*Why canna we get someone with a pretty voice to read it? Why do we have to hear Amg >_<;; It sounds like the voice that reads the stop names in a public bus-*shot*

    • amgine

      Never had so many people criticize my voice in one day. Someone even said I had a weird accent T.T

    • 15B

      Well, I’d normally be OK even if I think you pronounce some vowels strangely (Pfft. Like I could do a better job at this.) and I wouldn’t even notice in the first place. However, listening to it for thirty minutes straight kind of makes people notice small, trivial details…

      I tried the other site with the English translations. T.T The way they translated the names was again, strange to someone unused to it and I even ran into a spoiler there! <\3

      Curse those who violated those rules held dear by us obsessed fans who consider this website a holy place! O God of Light! Strike them down with your harsh raidance and give them a sunburn!
      Good things don't seem to last long…

      If you're going to have someone narrate 1/2 Prince as well, have a girl be the narrator! (I'm not sure how I'd be able to stand a boy casually mentioning he received a nosebleed by looking at bishies for too long.)

    • Nabs

      That’s what you get for not choosing me for narrator, hmph )=_=)

      Just kidding, I still wub yew <333 Also, if you don't have their accent, people are going to call your accent weird, no matter what it is, so meh.
      Anywho, back to business… how about you do a livestream the next time you record a chappie and we can all watch o(^u^)o~~

    • pr!

      can’t exactly choose you as the narrator when you DON’T EVEN SHOW UP ON THE FORUMS ANYMORE.

  7. beta

    I can’t figure out if this is serious or not. On one hand, I have seen translators go to similar and stranger extremes in the past, making this entirely feasible… On the other hand, *looks suspiciously towards the right*.

    That said, it is oddly listenable. I was expecting much more of a trainwreck.

  8. Tairanda

    I will read/hear this tomorrow, ’cause today I don’t trust anything XD

  9. Demoninmysoul

    I can understand the narration, but it might be because I already read it on the other site. It’s a bit odd, and the way he reads majorly determines my mood… You should count on that more!
    On the other hand it’s a bit hard, because while reading english text I might pronounce words differently – but it could be good too, so I’ll know how to say them right after hearing them… :)

    Thanks for the hard work!!!

  10. YukiSnow

    I’d still prefer reading it… It’s much faster and plus I don’t really like hearing people talk… :(

  11. Seraphim

    So I can’t read this anymore…

    Well i guess I’ll have to wait for it to be available for purchase in english. :(

  12. angel

    sry, I sort of drifted off in the middle. I cannot keep my head concentrate to listen to audiophile. And the expression of the voice sort of distracting from the mood of the writing. I find it hard to follow the audio and much prefer the text. But i guess it will be difficult because some idiot ruined everything for everyone. Do you happen to know which site copied/shared the translation?

  13. noobie

    Why the hell did they do so?! Now, I am having problem enjoying this. I love reading….. and my internet is blotchy so try listening to this while it keeps stopping while saying the words!!!!

  14. CocoFlower

    When I click on the homepage, it’s been translated to chinese/japanese/an asian language. Am I the only one with this problem?
    I don’t like listening to an audiobook because I’m the type who has to read the words on a page. Obviously though I understand the reasons behind it and that it’s hard to think of another solution :/

  15. CocoFlower

    Acutally, could the right click button be disabled again so people can’t reshare the translations?

    • amgine

      People have found ways to bypass the right click protection anyway, so that method turned out to be ineffective anyway. It’s not like we wanted to resort to this method either.

    • ish


      You can just save the web page and open it using notepad. that would bypass the right click. If it was an image we could do something else about it but that would be more work for them. T_T

    • madarrao

      in my opinion, as long as the post is text based, people can just print screen and get their own version,invert colors and then its printable…

  16. Jasae Bushae

    well commenting on the chapter itself now that ive heard it…WOW~! heart wrenching @[email protected] though curious and suspicious that the shadow knight knew about sun…

    a very curious chapter ^^ creates much terrible anticipation for the next chapter X3 though im super suspicious of why everyone was commenting on his sight and suchness….

    oh and if the audio book thing lasts beyond april fools day it might be neat if there were multiple people on it managing the voices of leaf and suchness
    and if the voice of sun the narrator was either improved or changed to sound more beautiful and less crackly

    • Jasae Bushae

      @Jasae Bushae
      it occurs to me i should clarify ^^; it sounds like whoever was narrating the book was not very experienced with using sound recording equipment which can be used to remove cracking sounds that pop up when recording a voice and level out the tone of what is said so it sounds more constant ^^;

    • amgine

      @Jasae Bushae
      We do know about subtraction and compression filters and they were used in this recording. If you have actual, specific tips to contribute about improving the quality, feel free to let us know.

    • Michael

      try haveing a person with a higher pich narrating then Amg for sun but keep Amg for either mike or Judgement and haveing a microphone with a screen in between it and your mouth should help with the crackling in most causes

    • Jasae Bushae

      hmm…to add my own two cents i think amgines voice might be better suited for earth or cloud. It was well suited for nervousness and sadness and could probably fit grandly

  17. 15B

    *sigh* I miss the text as well. But nice work on speaking clearly. However… Maybe it would have been better if you just spoke normally to voice Ann…

    Hm… The end was cut off for me… That’s not normal, right?

    Q.Q Leaf actually died?! T.T

  18. Mockingjay

    I have difficulty to stay concentrated when someone reads something to me…
    I had the chinease page translated (poorly with google) in front of me so I could keep up with the story…
    If this is true, it will be painful (for me) to read/hear the rest of LSK and 1/2 prince.

  19. emeraldmyst

    Due to it being April 1st, I can’t trust anything on this website, but I must say:

    This was amusing to listen to. Or the first ten minutes at least. Then I got distracted by real life.

    That aside, why the heck is this entitled ‘Pachelbel Rant’? I feel as if that’s some joke I should get, but don’t.

  20. ende of the world

    Eh…. someone did that? Curses, why would they, when people could acess it here?
    D= Unfortunately, I have little to none hearing ability, so this sucks. Could I buy a novel or something? Though it wouldn’t be english…
    Thanks to the guys who bothered to go this far anyway ^^

  21. Lala

    …You know, I think I’m just going to give up on the audio. The grammar and accent are detracting from the text. :/
    (Also, the inflictions remind me of a trig. function.)

  22. Jin

    PLEASE PUT IT BACK! This is a heartfelt plea. I love this website, I love Yu Wo’s works, but no offense, the reader was not very good and I’m the type that needs to actually see it on a page. If this is for April Fools, it’s NOT FUNNNY!

  23. Dieustruction

    I really like this site, and the effort you’ve put in the translation of the legend of the sun knight, I really like his stories…but frankly, for me the narration isn’t doing it for me, the intent is good but it crackles, the intonation of some words is wrong and I’ve got the impression his voice is going through puberty when he is pronouncing certain words, Maybe I would like it better with a different narrator, but in general I prefer reading things than listening to them.

    PS Why is the frontpage in Asian script? April 1st?

  24. Shisei

    Audio really isn’t working-hearing someone else’s voice really wrecks the tone of the story.

    Besides that, it doesn’t prevent transcription.

    Maybe it would be better just to post chapters in .pdf format, as a (very large) image, or as a page-by-page ebook?

    …if this is an April Fool’s joke, then, “Well Done.”

    • 15B

      I dunno. I have a feeling that when they said (Real Version), they meant it… But the front page is probably for April 1st.

      They seem very serious about this as well. Last year, (when I hadn’t known about this site) wasn’t all they did was change the last lines of some chapters? This seems to have considerably more work put into it. amgine spent about half an hour of his time to create this!

  25. Gohankuten

    I’m trying to place Am’s accent but it’s hard. For some reason sounds a little Irish but at the same time doesn’t really sound Irish. And while the premise for this is very reasonable I am calling April Fool’s on this. Never trust anything from PR on or around April 1st since they always pull something and sometimes more than 1 thing. It would be just like them to make us all think they are going to audiobook format for an April Fool’s joke. Though I hope they translate the chinese on the frontpage and give us link to it so we can read the April Fools stuff since I have no clue how to use google translator.

  26. Zen

    Unfortunately, I think the story loses something when it’s turned into an audiobook, mainly the ability to freely use your imagination. I might be alone in this, but I like to imagine the voices of the characters, and that’s hard to keep up with an audiobook going. Also, you lose the ability to “read” at your own pace, whether it’s slow to take things in or fast to run with the action. It’s too easy to fall asleep, get lost, or misunderstand with somebody else reading. I’m not going to touch the subject of people disliking the voice of the reader but you should know that it’s there along with the question of how many people are willing to sit still for a half hour per chapter. Can you imagine if somebody tried to go on an archive binge? -_-;
    Presuming this isn’t an April fool’s joke, there’s got to be a better way to do this, whether it’s disable right clicks/ copying or putting some form of copyright protection on an ebook copy. I sincerely hope you can figure out something. =)

  27. Kierah

    Well… Putting stories in audio format is an iffy for me. I mean, there’s something better about just having the solid text. I know that you guys have put in a lot of time and effort into these translations, and that some idiots are being, well, idiots, but it’s not gonna help as much. It’s not that I want to be a downer or anything, but I swear that some people are just going to write it down after listening to it and redistribute it. This is only delaying the process.
    Oh, and one question: How are you guys planning to add this to the reading app? It seems it’s going to be a bit more complicated that way…
    Anyway, thanks a lot for the translation and please continue to do a great job.

  28. PNG_pyro

    If this is serious…then please, please have a narration audition. I would offer to do it myself, (I have some acting experience) but I don’t really have the equipment/space to do a good job.

    I didn’t think this was bad, but I also thought it could be much better done, too. Either way, I appreciate the effort put in.

  29. Bec

    I thought pdf’s had some kind of protection against copying? Or like, if all the text was converted into images.

    … it’s probably too much effort to organize multiple voice actors? This guy is doing a great job by himself tho.

    Is the april fools version avaliable somewhere?

  30. Bec

    oh yeah, if it’s possible, use someone with a deeper voice and add an option to play at 2x speed. I could do this for some of my uni recorded lectures and it worked really well (and 4x speed for the guy who spoke really slowly…)

  31. qing

    umm i dunno what to say
    this seem like a april fool joke but it kinda funny listening u guys reading it out

  32. Hawk

    …The main page said it was approved by Yu Wo, and it’s for free. Can you post the text for those whom can’t hear? It’s awfully unfair. I’m hoping this is an April Fools.

  33. Lil' Person

    yes! now I can multi-task! (surf the internet, level up, listen to this, watch the news, and read my paper) ^^ don’t worry about the voice, all I find slightly annoying is when a male narrator says a female character’s line and vice versa. Keep up the great work!

  34. Karencita

    Ok, i’m a spanish speaker and i am used to read and listen in english. I couldnt concentrate in the first 5 minutes because the voice had a kinda accent (i read in a coment that he said that he didnt know he had an accent) and i was distracted because i was paying a lot of attention to understand all the words and wasn’t able to make the hole sentence in time. By the time it was 10 minutes i got used to it so there was no problem in the next 20 minutes. But still, i didn’t like his way of leaf’s voice, because i already have voice for every character and it just gets in my nerves because i dont think its right (for example: i think leaf has a manly voice and he makes me think that leaf its a girl). So i would like his voice to keep neutral for every character.

    At the end, i liked his voice. But if you have the possibility for another person reading, i would like to see options (i think i sound bitchy). BUT i like reading better, my imagination flies while i read.

  35. Ana

    I couldn’t sit more than 5 mins listening to this without pounding my head and pulling my hairs… I’m sorry D: As much as I love LSK and 1/2 prince, this is not going to work (for me). It’s more than the voice and tone. I really wished there would be a different way of doing this. I appreciate the efforts, though, maybe I’ll try listening to the rest of LSK some other…(very)distant….time.

  36. ish

    Is it okay to try to modify the sound? I’ll try to clean it. :D hope this would help.

  37. Cevice

    Even If this is an april fool joke it´s not funny, just sad. The voice destroys the whole feeling and for myself I come from germany so I NEED a text, because sometimes I just don´t understand the narrator. If you mean THIS for REAL…… sorry but that just SUCKS! Also I don´t thinks the voice fits ANYWHERE. It´s not like I read this story because I don´t WANT to buy the book, but because I CAN`T buy it in a language I understand.

  38. Mochiko

    May I suggest posting the text as images? it’d be almost as difficult to transcribe that as it would to transcribe an audio file, and that way it wouldn’t be as off-putting for those of us who loathe audio books. (the readers never seem to read in the same way I do in my head–and besides, I’m very much a visual learner, not aural.)

  39. M

    As much as I like TLoSK, listening to the audioclip just takes too long and not worth listening through 30 minutes, I might as well try to learn chinese in order to read the novel instead.

  40. Ronale

    This is wonderful! Since I am reading this on Monday, it took me a while to understand why the chinese (or similar) front page. Still, the audio version is great, especially the sound effects – thank you, Amgine, for doing all the voices! Of course, this means I’m laughing for all the wrong reasons :).

  41. Ozzie

    Maybe you can release it as an image? An image is just about as easy to copy as audio.

  42. Laura

    Audiobook? Really? I’M UNABLE TO HEAR ANYTHING. TT.TT
    I’m sure it’s fine and everything, but I’ve been almost entirely deaf since early childhood so posting a chapter as an audiobook, to me, is like not posting at all. I love reading Legend of the Sun Knight and 1/2 Prince, and now apparently, because of some stupid thieves, I won’t be able to anymore? *sad*

    I pray to all gods that are listening that this is an elaborate april fool’s. I want to find out what’s in the chapter. =(

  43. Andrew Blacht


    • CocoFlower

      @Andrew Blacht
      Woah calm down- at least they’re trying to think of another solution instead of dropping it entirely like most sites would.

    • Brad

      @Andrew Blacht
      What?! Your free translation isn’t in the format I demand?! RAGE RAGE RAGE! It would suffice to express your dissatisfaction in a less insulting way. There’s no need be childish about it.

  44. Skye

    Is it really not possible to go back to some form of text? Even a picture of a page of text with a watermark or something would be preferable. The narrator’s voice detracts so much from the story, especially when he tries to imitate Ann’s voice. It completely ruined the atmosphere of the scene of Leaf’s death.

    • wolfsrun

      I agree. A pic with watermark would be a thousand times better than audiobook. Plus, if you disabled right clicking, that would help with protecting some as well.

    • wolfsrun

      After reading up on ways to prevent copying, I found you could even create a transparent image to overlay the text image, so that if anyone tried to save a copy of the text image they would only get the worthless transparent image. Please give these methods of protection consideration before going down the dreaded audiobook route. I am a huge fan and don’t want to have to abandon my love of Yu Wo novels.

    • BioNerd1992

      No that would never work. As long as the html source is there, there’s no way to hide it with cheap tricks like this. Unfortunate but that’s how it is. And they tried disabling rick click before, but people just found ways around it. There’s absolutely no 100% foolproof way of doing this with a technical solution.

  45. Felix

    dis is effing bs voice is HORRABLE SUCK SO BAD even my grandmam can speaks in deeper voice then you not gonna waste my time with dis garbage

  46. miaow

    Please offer us a female voice. I don’t want to hear a male voice. I have misandry.

  47. funkytown

    LOLOLOL this so so terribad its liek rebecca black 2.0 seriously if i had that kind of voice i prolly just kill myself than to hear myself speak

  48. xxcodmastaofdisastaxx

    OMG! What is up with this. My ears are literally bleeding from this awful rendition. If you’re going to make a freaking audiobook at least make sure it’s not narrated by a freaking castrato. Doesn’t sound like a guy, doesn’t sound like a girl. My perception of Sun Knight is completely shattered after this.

  49. NanoLaughing

    Is Sun vision blind but not elementally blind? Cause, That was the most fluffin’ saddest chapter EVER, I have (again) a new perspective of Sun, next to: The sarcastically, perverted, evilly a genius, and finally a warrior-better-off-a-mage. Now he is ” vision blind, Really the Sun Knight Personality, is only Elementally sensed (vision), Again-a really nice guy (like Leaf), but still a bully, Type of Sun.”
    I’M SO SAD.

  50. NanoLaughing

    And one more thing, isn’t there another way to set the Sun chapter and Half Prince Chapters? I mean, I can understand the narrator’s voice and all but the voice broke the picture in my mind…

  51. Hawk

    Even if this chapter IS April Fools, I can’t get in on the joke. No hearing, and all that.
    Was it funny? I’ve no idea.

    If you’re serious about this audio stuff then you’ve just lost a fan because I’ll never know how it ends since I’ll never be able to read the original language.

    Please post a text version of some sort.

    • Terry

      Me too. Q_Q And I really wanted to find out the ending…
      Even if I could listen, 30 minutes is a luxury I can’t afford to spend online.

      Eh, the reactions were pretty strong…. poor guy who talked for 30 minutes.
      Sorry, I’m not able to continue with this series. Thanks to the guys who’ve been translating it thus far.
      Though I do think the idea of having it in an image would work. Since people with enough patience can copy from this too if they were deperate to steal it.

  52. Hari

    I guess the dream is over. I’ve loved reading LSK since I first discovered it, I think over a year ago. But I can’t take this audio stuff. I hate audio books, I love reading books. If I was able to listen to this all the way through while paying attention I would probably write it down MYSELF to keep for me to read. I would rather you put up some protected PDFs or something, that would likely be more difficult (and require a more high tech means than transcribing the audio) than this.

    As far as people are making recommendations about voices, I would prefer an old man so I could pretend it was Sun reminiscing. Or maybe you could let fans submit their own voices and you could put all the good ones up? Sort of like a contest? Of course, for us to take part, you would need to release the lines…

    • Chronos

      I say we get morgan freeman to do the voice of reading the novels. I wouldnt mind his voice at all for the old man part. In fact it would be epic.

  53. RageAgainstTheMachine

    where does this kid live so i can put him out of his misery

  54. Chronos

    I mean we cant blame them for posting this audio text. If you read their explanation, someone wasnt following their rules. I mean they are taking on a lot of responsibility for translating this series. They need to make sure that no one can just rip them off and not hurt any chance of translating this series.

  55. Alo

    i appreciate all the effort you guys put into making this audiobook, but… i just cant listen to it. no offense to the reader, Amg, i just cant listen to audiobooks. it doesn’t cut it for me, like someone above already said, it loses the ability to let your imagination free, to hear your own voices for the characters, and the pace at which it is read is very slow for me, i read it much faster so that annoys me, like i cant concentrate on it. please please please find some way to put it back into text. A let us know who it is that has been copying from you so we can spam them with copyright infringement accusations and get them to take it down. we will form an army for you if u ask. i doubt i’m the only one willing to do this for u guys :)

  56. isht

    Nooooooooo, pleaseeee, my english is bad!! but when it’s text at least I can look for words I don’t understand in the dictionary…. but now I don’t even know how to write the words I don’t understand…. sob sob sob…. there’re so many parts I didn’t understand…. sob sob sob…. T.T don’t do this to me T.T (and the narrator has weird accent >.<)

  57. MoonlightFlower

    ………………. at least have some voice acting. I can’t feel the emotion nor any imagination from listening ~.~ ……………..

    I can’t even listen to some English words!!! Since, I don’t even know the word to check the dictionary @[email protected]

    btw, today is no longer april fool…. this is so not funny, after waiting for 2 days reading all those chinese text ~.~

  58. Empty Stomach

    Boring, insipid, uninspired reading. Kept drifting off to sleep and couldn’t pay attention. What a turn-off. Worst of all, it is read so slowly that we have to suffer through 30+ minutes of this worthless trash. Complete waste of time and bandwidth. I demand a refund!

  59. Cholera

    I cans not follow through the story like this :((( The pronunciation is too weird for me and I have to keep goes back just to understand what is being sayed. At least find someone who cans speak proper Englisch!

  60. Cryst

    I access the site through my mobile phone and thus the hearing part is quite crude for me to access. Though I must ask, can you people tell us who violated the rules? ‘coz I know one other site who has LSK translation and yet has not copied from here ( she is in v4c4) and gave the credit to yuwo.
    Also, people here are insulting the reader and shooting the messenger . This is just plain rude. So, if you want to insult, please use civilised language and not say ‘ the speaker has emo voice’ cause its just plain sad that you couldnt find anything else worth your time enough to insult a random person on the net. Just saying.
    I havent actually heard the thing but you could lock the translation so it just opens with a password and so you can keep track of who reads and violates the rules.

    • PR!

      No, we are not talking about the other site with their independent translation. We don’t know whether that author has explicit permission from Yu Wo, but that’s a matter between them and Yu Wo and is outside the realm of our concern.

      The issues we are having are with people copying our translations and posting them up on their own 4shared/scribd/etc. accounts.

  61. shinikage

    sadly i am a pro reading guy who thinks the only people that should listen audio books should be those that are blind, i listened to a bit of it and dont have anything against the narrator voice so far, but i rather stay with the text version if you are going to take the audiobook approach seriously my only choice will be to look for the sites that are posting the text version of the chapters, sadly i am pretty sure someone else will start translating somewhere else

  62. ussopking

    whats the point of audiobook if it has a download button? just stick with text -_-

  63. FS

    I prefered the text more, but audiobook is fine too (though it’s harder since I have to concentrate to listen what is what). I think you guys should have more than one person doing the voice (at least 2 to distinct people while they are talking and 1 being the narrator). And if you can find some nice sound to play when the scene change. The truth is, that “Tu tu tu~” or something similar to it make me confuse… Is it scene change, or what is it x_x Anyway it would be easier to follow. You can write some notes as character’s name, location or things that is hard to hear in the audio for each chapter.
    I often go to Chinese’s websites to read novels, and from some I see they use images with unique font and watermark (so that it won’t be easy to OCRed), turn off the right-click copy function, and somehow implement the image so that even if you save the webpage to your PC, you won’t be able to get the image. I don’t understand much about web programming (I learnt most about software programming), so I don’t know how they do it. But if you guys can do that, I’m sure it would be of some uses ^^
    Eventhough I finished all books of SK and 1/2P, reading your translation bring a new feeling to the stories ^^ So I would love to see more releases from you in the future ^^
    Sorry for my broken English >.<

  64. Srylanna

    Please, if there is anyway, return to text version. I really can’t keep up with this audiobooks. I love reading this, but listening kind of kills it for me and my mandarian sucks so I can’t read original. Please, find a way to return to text.

  65. Jasae Bushae

    umm….looking at alot of these comments i think yu wo fans are scary ^_^;
    annnnd kinda gullible ^_^;
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