½ Prince V2C2: Food is Invincible!

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½ Prince Volume 2: Reality and Fantasy

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 2: Food is Invincible! – translated by Shonen19

Icy expression? Check!

Blood Tiara? Check!

Hairstyle? Check!

Clothes? Check!

All checked! Wahaha, everything’s perfect and in place! After a short three second deliberation, I’d decided to use the “icy bad boy” strategy, as per usual. After all, isn’t it widely known that girls dig bad boys?

I looked at Gui and thought, Not bad, not bad at all! Under my coercion, (Weird; when I threatened to beat him up, he refused to cooperate, but when I threatened not to beat him up, he agreed… Is he a masochist?) he too adopted the attitude of an aloof bad boy — and he seemed to be even better at it than I was!

So handsome…Whoops! I shook my head, flinging off the two hearts that had replaced my eyes, and resumed my cold and impassive appearance.

“Let’s go, Gui.” I walked out into the arena at a stately pace, looking like the epitome of style.

“Hello everyone, I am Xiao Li, your commentator for this match! Emerging from the left entrance of the arena right now is Team Phoenix, consisting of four elf warriors, a holyman priest, and a holyman mage. They’re a very strong team specializing in offense; up to this point, no team has managed to stand against their attacks,” reported Xiao Li excitedly. “These six beautiful men have made all the ladies go wild — just listen to them cheer! It sure looks like this team has got quite a few supporters here in their home city!

“And coming in from the right is…” Xiao Li’s voice trailed off as he flipped through his log book, his heart skipping a beat at the unusual name. Odd Squad? If I remember correctly, their team members are…

As Gui and I stepped out of the tunnel and into the arena, the crowd’s cheers gradually subsided into a dead silence as their gazes slowly came to center entirely on the two of us. Gui gave the other team an indifferent glance, as though he didn’t see them as threat at all, thus intentionally provoking our opponents. I, on the other hand, tilted my head to one side and gave Team Phoenix a faintly sadistic smile, silently picking a fight with them.

“And here we have Odd Squad! Their team consists of an elf warrior, an elf thief, a beastman priest, an angel necromancer, a demon bard, and a human mage. With their unique team makeup and unpredictable and diverse combat strategies and tactics, they have been the victors in every match until now,” Xiao Li announced. However, as a commentator, he was clearly aware that what the spectators really wanted to know was…

“The only warrior in Odd Squad, Prince, has been dubbed by many as the ‘Blood Elf’ due to his cold-blooded and merciless fighting style. Of course, even more people have taken to calling him ‘The Ultra–Gorgeous Prince’! In addition, there is also another, equally rare, beautiful man on their team: Guiliastes, whose devilish and unearthly beauty has also earned its share of attention. In Odd Squad’s home city, Star City, the two of them have been gained reputations as “extremely hot guys”… In any case, ladies, you’re in for some serious eye candy!”

“What is he, a commentator for a beauty pageant?” Lolidragon murmured to herself.

Aiyah! It’d be great if this really were a beauty pageant; then we wouldn’t have to put so much effort into fighting. We’d probably emerge as the champions right away,” Yu Lian-dàsăo said confidently.

Lolidragon and I looked suspiciously at Yu Lian-dàsăo. Has her extraordinary sense of beauty been cured?

Yu Lian looked lovingly at her husband, Ugly Wolf. “With Wolf here, we would definitely win.”

Nope, not cured yet.

“Dàgē, they have four warriors. How are we going to fight them? What’s our strategy for this round?”

On the surface, my expression remained as aloof as ever, but in secret, I was hurriedly PMing Wolf-dàgē. The four warriors across from me were so furious that their faces looked awfully twisted. I suspected that there was a high possibility that the instant the referee shouted “Begin!”, they would come charging directly at me to skin me alive and swallow me whole… I have no interest in becoming pieces of human sashimi!

“Hmm… This’ll be a bit tricky. This team is mostly made up of warriors and although their team composition might not be effective against monsters, it works pretty well in this tournament. The best method now is for you and Doll to stall them and then have Yu Lian cast a powerful spell to finish them off in one go.” Wolf-dàgē paused and considered the situation for a moment longer before continuing, “Lolidragon, your job is to assassinate their mage. Gui will support both the defenders and Lolidragon.”

“Stall four warriors?” I laughed weakly and put on my most innocent and pitiful look. “Dàgē, don’t you think that you’re overestimating my ability? Even Superman faces only one adversary per episode!”

Wolf-dàgē replied calmly, “Unfortunately, you’re not Superman, so you’ll have to handle four enemies. Remember! Even if it means dying, you must stall them. Of course, if you can avoid losing a level, then all the better.”

Waaah! How heartless! I thought, mentally crying. This is warrior abuse… Crying aside, I resigned myself to my fate, unsheathed Black Dao, took out Meatbun, and began contemplating which technique to use in this situation. Ah! I suddenly recollected that Meatbun had a move that seemed quite appropriate for this sort of situation.

“Haha, why are you taking out a bun here in the arena? Don’t tell me that you have to eat buns to get your strength to fight? That’s right, eat up! You don’t look like you weigh much. When the wind blows, you’ll probably just get blown away!” the elf warrior standing at the very front jeered while looking contemptuously at Meatbun.

“That meat bun has eyes. Don’t tell me it’s a pet? A pet bun? Ahahahaha!” The elf warriors opposite me all broke out into laughter.

“Let me show you what a real pet is like!” said the holyman priest, and a ball of flames seemed to emerge above his head, unfurling into…

“A fire phoenix?” Wolf-dàgē exclaimed in shock upon seeing it.

“It’s so beautiful!” Doll cried out in admiration.

“This is bad; the odds are heavily stacked against us in this situation,” Wolf-dàgē said worriedly. As should be expected of Wolf-dàgē, to be able to immediately recover from his initial shock and begin analyzing the situation, I thought. “Yu Lian specializes in fire magic, so it’ll be futile for her to attack the fire phoenix. Doll’s skeletons will be occupied with stalling the warriors. This means that the best solution left to us is a pet VS pet fight…”

As soon as he said those words, we turned and looked at Meatbun, who was bouncing excitedly on my palm, squealing “Whee! Whee!”.We then lifted our heads and looked at the fire phoenix soaring majestically in the sky.

“The odds are definitely against us,” I remarked.

“Battle, begin!” shouted the referee.

What? It’s already begun? I haven’t thought of a way for a meat bun to defeat a fire phoenix yet! …Never mind, I doubt I’ll be able to come up with a way in this lifetime anyway.

“Meatbun, Machine Gun Meat Attack,” I ordered. Holding Meatbun in my left hand, I fired continuously at the four warriors, sweeping from side to side. While the damage from the meat bullets wasn’t very high, the hits were still painful, plus…

“My god, what is this? It’s so sticky and gross!”

As expected, the opposing team began to wail and complain. Heh heh, this is Meatbun’s still-raw-and-dripping-blood Machine Gun Meat Attack, with a grossness level that’s beyond the tolerance of a person who has not cooked before.

“Fire Phoenix, stop that meat bun’s attack.” The priest of the opposing team hurriedly ordered the phoenix forward in order to aid the warriors on the frontline.

A surge of flames shot from Fire Phoenix’s open beak, countering Meatbun’s meat bullets. Instantaneously a delicious smell wafted towards me and I thought, The raw meat from Meatbun has been roasted…?

I caught a piece, and with some skepticism, I ate it… and was duly astonished. It’s sooooo delicious! God, why did you let me eat such delicious roasted meat? What will I do if I never have the opportunity to taste it again?

“Unbelievable! If we add a fire phoenix to my Meatbun, then we would never have to worry about not having any meat to eat in the future,” I said. Then I smiled coldly as I made up my mind. Lifting my Black Dao, I leveled it challengingly at the priest of the opposing team and said, “Hey, you, owner of the fire phoenix! Let’s make a bet, a bet on which team will win this match!”

Team Phoenix was stunned at first, then all of its members began guffawing.

With some difficulty, the priest managed to stop laughing and said in a tone of utmost contempt, “You think your team will win? How? Using a meat bun to beat a fire phoenix?”

I didn’t answer and merely continued to smile tauntingly at him.

As I expected, there wasn’t any guy alive would could stay calm when taunted by a beautiful fellow like me. Enraged, the priest snapped, “Fine. What are the stakes?”

“Your fire phoenix – if Team Phoenix loses, you’ll give us your fire phoenix. If Odd Squad loses, I’ll commit suicide over and over again until I hit level one.”

The priest smiled darkly. “No problem! Just you wait; you’ll be retraining from level one all over again.”

“Prince, aren’t you acting too rashly?” Lolidragon asked concernedly over the team channel.

I didn’t answer right away. Instead, I tossed some roasted meat to each of my teammates. They looked dazedly at the roasted meat in their hands, and gave me uncomprehending looks.  Finally, with some hesitation, Lolidragon took a bite of the roasted meat…

“Ahhh, it’s just too delicious! My god, I’ve never eaten such heavenly roasted meat before! The fresh and juicy meat, together with the searing heat of the fire phoenix’s flame, creating a tender roast that’s been cooked to perfection, with every bite filled with such goodness… It’s definitely a delicacy that can’t be created using ordinary meat and an ordinary oven. It’s so divine that I’m moved to tears! Prince, even if you die till you reach the negative hundredth level, you have to find a way to get that fire phoenix, you hear me?!” Lolidragon roared.

ROAR! Even if I have to kick them to death, Fire Phoenix is ours!” Wolf-dàgē bellowed.

“We can save lots on food money!” Yu Lian-dàsăo’s smile was serene, but the shadow behind her smiling face was way more hair-raising than Wolf-dàgē’s bellowing.

Undead creature bone dragon from the remotest depths of hell, abandon your slumber and answer the call of the necromancer, Doll. Come and help Doll snatch roasted meat to eat!” After swallowing the roasted meat, Doll actually summoned the terrifying undead creature – an undead bone dragon – which she had originally refused to ever summon again.

“If Prince wants something then I will help him get it, using whatever means possible!” Gui said, emitting a frosty aura once again.

All six members of Odd Squad broke into bloodcurdling grins, all the while mumbling, “I want to eat roasted meat” and “Fire Phoenix is ours”.

“W-why do t-they suddenly seem so fired up?” the priest stammered. His face was pale as a sheet as he looked at the six hungry wolves in front of him.

“N-no worries; even if they have a bone dragon, it’s no problem. Fire Phoenix is the nemesis of all undead creatures,” one of the warriors said shakily, attempting to reassure his teammates.

“Gui- Berserk! Doll- the bone dragon, over here,” I shouted.

“Got it. Berserk Melody.” Gui began to play, casting Berserk Melody on Lolidragon and I, increasing our strength and agility to 150%. The buff would last for ten minutes.

“Bone dragon, go!” Not a trace of fear could be seen in Doll’s demeanor as she calmly directed the undead creature.

I leapt onto the bone dragon and we charged at the elf warriors directly in front of us. At the same time, Fire Phoenix came rushing towards us under its owner’s orders, and it looked as though we were about to crash. Hmph!, I sneered coldly. Don’t assume that my Meatbun can only spit meat. Maybe it can’t win directly against a fire phoenix, but… Heh heh! “Ensnaring” it is a simple matter.

“Meatbun, use QQ Dough Wrap and bind Fire Phoenix,” I said, throwing the meat bun in my hand at the fire phoenix. It immediately began to stretch like soft dough and pinned itself to the fire phoenix’s wings. The fire phoenix gave a loud wail and plummeted to the ground, struggling furiously.

Without any more obstacles in front of us, the bone dragon and I were about to crash into the four pale-faced elf warriors. Just then, the enemy mage managed to finish casting the spell for a barrier, catching the bone dragon and I off guard. We slammed into it, receiving quite a bit of damage.

I pressed on, ignoring the pain, and asked Doll to make the bone dragon fly higher, over the barrier. However, just when I planned to attack, the enemy mage began to fire a continuous stream of small-scale magical projectiles at us  to impede my advance. The bone dragon and I flew around dodging the projectiles while keeping an eye on the four warriors, making sure that they did not dare to step outside the mage’s barrier.

After a few minutes of this impasse…

“Urgh!” The holyman mage couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the dagger sticking out of his chest. He quickly turned into a pillar of white light and flew off while Lolidragon gave an evil chuckle from behind, right where the mage had been standing. Then, before the warriors in front even sensed her presence, she used her Burrowing skill again to get back to where the rest of Odd Squad was.

The end was in sight.

“Hahahahaha!” Perched atop the bone dragon, I laughed manically. My wild and arrogant demeanor sent several girls into a dead faint, unable to take the sight anymore.

“…Meteor Shower,” Yu Lian-dàsăo recited the last line of the spell with a smile and instantaneously nearly a dozen meteors rained down from the skies, crashing onto the arena floor with earth-shaking booms. Finally, four columns of white light flew off, leaving only a warrior – the one who had laughed at Meatbun – collapsed on the ground.

As per usual, I maintained the air of a conqueror as I hopped off the bone dragon. For a moment I stared at my opponent, a merciless look in my eyes, and then I drove Black Dao through his weak and unresisting body, sending him to the rebirth point to relive his life as an elf.

“Odd Squad, victory!” The judge shouted a line that I had heard seven times before.

After that, I picked my invincible Meatbun up from the floor.

<System notice: Meatbun has reached level 40, Meatbun has learned a new ability: Roasted Meatbun>

We successfully received the fire phoenix, which had reverted to the form of an egg. (When the ownership of a pet changes hands, the pet will revert to the form of an egg, go through the ownership ceremony again, be demoted a level as though it has died once, and its loyalty will decrease to 50/100.) We then began discussing who the fire phoenix should be given to.

“First, take Doll and me off the list. I already have Meatbun, and Doll can summon many undead minions, so neither of us needs this pet egg,” I said after some thought.

“Mm, I don’t need it either. I don’t believe that I need a pet to protect me,” Wolf-dàgē said, flexing his impressive muscles.

“Neither do I; Wolf will protect me.” Yulian-dàsăo and Wolf-dàgē stared at each other ardently.

“I don’t want it. I can’t rear pets…”

I recollected Lolidragon’s bloody, tear–filled history with pets. That might be for the best. Otherwise, Lolidragon will be setting a new record by killing an immortal fire phoenix, and adding yet another chapter to that bloody history.

“So we’re left with…Gui?”

“Me? Yay, then I can roast meat together with His Highness!” Anticipation was written all over Gui’s face.

“It’s roasting meat with Meat-bunbun!”

The whole of Odd Squad laughed long and loud.

“Oh, come on, Prince, sometimes you’ve got to reward Gui as well! Roasting meat with him isn’t that big a deal, right?” Wolf-dàgē said, patting me on the back heartily.

“Huh? I wasn’t the one who said that!” I replied.

However, I found myself wondering, Did I really not say that…?

“That voice was so adorable, so it was probably Doll who said it, right?” Lolidragon guessed.

“Eh?” Doll raised her small face. Her mouth was stuffed with food, making it impossible for her to speak.

Then who on earth was it?

“Here! Mama.”

Mama? I could feel Meatbun struggling in my hand.

No way! A meat bun with eyes is already unbelievable enough, but a talking meat bun?! I slowly lowered my head to look at Meatbun, but only saw its watery eyes looking at me as usual.

“Mama.” Meatbun’s little mouth suddenly opened, saying that word, and I froze in shock. Mama? Is it referring to me?

The other members of Odd Squad realized that an event as incomprehensible as aliens invading Earth, Stephen Chow1 acting in a tearjerker, or A-mei2 doing a strip dance had taken place. All of them were now staring with wide eyes at the talking meat bun.

“Everyone, don’t stare at Meat-bunbun like that. Meat-bunbun is shy…” At this, two red spots slowly appeared on Meatbun’s ‘cheeks’.

…It’s a girl? I mean, a female meat bun?

“Why did you call me ‘Mama’?” Don’t tell me that my real gender has been discovered by a meat bun? It’s possible, since my Meatbun had a wisdom level of ten when it was only level one!

“Mama is Mama…” Meatbun said as it lowered its ‘head’, an endearingly innocent look on its face.  It was even rubbing against my palm, seeking affection.

It’s so adorable! But, waaah! I’m not even married yet and already I’m a mom! Plus, my child is a meat bun… I wonder if it’s a boy or a girl?

“Lolidragon, do pets have genders in ‘Second Life’?” I asked calmly.

“Yes… And if you have two pets, they can even have babies! The chances are slim, though,” Lolidragon replied. She stared at Meatbun, the cogs in her brain turning quickly.

“But Meatbun…” Lolidragon observed Meatbun with suspicion in her eyes, while I flipped Meatbun over, studying it from every angle, trying to find a clue as to its gender.

“Wouldn’t it be faster if you just asked?” suggested Yu Lian-dàsăo.

“Meatbun…” After such a long examination, all we saw was a bun’s white and fluffy covering, so I had to ask calmly, “…Are you a male or a female?”

Meatbun’s eyes were wide and filled with confusion. It asked, “Mama, what’s ‘male’ and ‘female’? Meat-bunbun doesn’t understand.”

Definitely a female, we thought.

“I think the fact that she’s talking is more important than her gender,” Wolf-dàgē said gravely.

“It’s because she’s reached level forty,” Lolidragon said as she suddenly remembered why. “When the pets in ‘Second Life’ reach a certain level, they gain artificial intelligence. At level forty, they begin to speak, and their artificial intelligence improves continuously according to their level.”

“I see. So it’s normal for pets to know how to talk?” I asked, seeing the light at last.

“Mmhmm.” Lolidragon smiled weakly, embarrassed. “I forgot all about it until now.”

My daughter, ah, no! My PET can talk! I happily pinched Meatbun here, there, and all over. As I pinched…

“It hurts, it hurts, Meat-bunbun is hurt, it hurts!” Meatbun squealed. Her watery-looking eyes became REALLY watery. One teardrop, two teardrops… HUGE teardrops began to fall from Meatbun’s eyes, which finally became two faucets that were completely out of control.

Waaah, waaah, wuuuaaah… waaah…!

“Ah! Meatbun’s crying, what should I do?” I asked. I felt at a complete loss as to what to do as I watched the meat bun that was crying uncontrollably in my hand. How does one comfort a meat bun?

“It’s like a faucet.” Lolidragon looked at the floor, which was beginning to show signs of a potential flood.

“That’s great; we don’t even need to bring water along in the future!” Yu Lian-dàsăo said, beaming.

After ten minutes…

“Prince, I should warn you in advance that I don’t know how to swim!” Lolidragon was looking at the water, which had already risen to her waistline, clearly wanting to cry.

Holding the two faucets in my hand, I smiled stupidly, completely in a daze…

“Let’s get out of here! This is such a high class restaurant. Now that we’ve flooded their booth, the compensation will definitely cost quite a bit.”

Wolf-dàgē didn’t look very concerned about the flood. It wasn’t surprising, since he was so tall; he would definitely have been the last person to drown, anyway.

“Our reputation level has gone down again.”

We had successfully used the ruckus caused by opening the booth door and letting the water flow out to escape, but we couldn’t prevent our reputation level from going down again. Yu Lian-dàsăo looked at the team’s reputation level and then turned to look at me, wearing that terrifying shadowy smile.

“Prince, take good care of your daughter Meatbun. Don’t let her cause any more trouble, okay?”

“Okay.” Waaaaah! Dàsăo’s terrifying shadowy-yet-gentle smile is simply spine-chilling!  I’m scared…

I looked angrily at my daughter Meatbun. Grabbing her in one swoop, I wanted to give her a good spanking. However, just as I was about to swing my hand down, Meatbun looked at me in confusion with those incredibly large, innocent, and guileless eyes. “Mama?”

Waaah, now how am I supposed to spank her?

Lolidragon patted me on the back and said, “Forget it. What’s the point of spanking a meat bun? It would be better to just ask her to spit out more meat for us to eat!”

“You’re right. Gui, quick – get Fire Phoenix to hatch,” I urged, drooling at the thought of roasted meat.

“Okay.” Gui bit his finger, breaking the skin, and dripped some blood onto the fire phoenix egg. Wide-eyed, we waited for the fire phoenix to emerge.

We didn’t have to wait for long before the familiar form of Fire Phoenix appeared before our eyes. The members of the Odd Squad hugged each other joyfully. Now there’ll be roasted meat to eat!

<Pet name: Fire Phoenix | Level: 41 | Abilities: Heaven’s Blazing Flame | Loyalty: 50/100>

Heaven’s Blazing Flame, that’s the ability! That’s the incredible ability that roasted the meat in an instant!

I hurriedly held Meatbun out. Lolidragon immediately took out a foldable table. Yu Lian-dàsăo rushed to set the table with plates and chopsticks. Wolf-dàgē nervously held a huge pot, worried that he would miss catching even a single piece of meat, and Doll… was already sitting at the table, a napkin around her neck, ready to eat.

“Gui.” I signaled, my gaze determined. “Come on!”

“Yes.” Gui looked at the fire phoenix flying in the sky.

Gui and I shouted in unison:

“Meatbun, Machine Gun Meat Attack.”

“Fire Phoenix, Heaven’s Blazing Flame.”

There was only silence. The highly-anticipated aromatic roasted meat was nowhere in sight.

“Mama, that’s Gui. Does Mama want to fight Gui?” Meatbun turned its head to look at me in concern. I…

“Hmph, who do you think you are to order the immortal Fire Phoenix around?” An unfamiliar and proud voice came from the sky.

However, this time, none of us were surprised. We merely lifted our heads to look at the sky.

“Fire Phoenix is already level forty-one,” Lolidragon said stiffly. “Moreover, its loyalty is too low, so it’s not very obedient,” she added.

“Crap, then what about our roasted meat?” I asked, looking stonily at the recalcitrant Fire Phoenix.

“Little children must be spanked in order for them to listen,” Yu Lian-dàsăo smiled.

“You’ll scald your hands if you spank Fire Phoenix…” I said. I want to smack it, but I’m scared of getting hurt!

In the end, since the rebellious Fire Phoenix refused to obey, Odd Squad could only return dejectedly to the city to purchase some meat buns to eat. We were unable to beat up Fire Phoenix despite our hunger – so we could only vent our anger on Gui and order him to raise Fire Phoenix’s loyalty as quickly as possible.

However, from Gui’s grievous howls of pain after being scalded by the phoenix’s flames, we realized that it would be a long time before we could have any roasted meat to eat…

Waaah…I’m so hungry!

Wolf-dàgē bellowed half-heartedly, “Listen up, guys! Although we’re all really hungry, the next battle must still be fought. Just hang in there for another two rounds and we’ll be able to enter the finals.”

“Our opponent for the next battle is ‘Hell’s Murderers’,” Wolf-dàgē said. His tone suddenly became serious. “According to the information Lolidragon obtained from interrogating Passerby A, this team’s combat strength is considerable. Moreover, their fighting style is quite violent and cruel. The battlefield never failed to become a river of blood after every battle, and some of the spectators would definitely faint at the sight of all that blood. I’m afraid that they’ll prove to be difficult opponents.”

Are they really that scary? I furrowed my brows and asked, “What’s their team’s line-up?”

“They’re all humans. A priest, a mage, a warrior, a necromancer, a thief, and a bard.”

I was astonished. “Their classes are exactly the same as ours?”

“And they have two pet dragons.” Wolf-dàgē heaved a sigh.

While we have a meat bun and a disobedient fire phoenix, I added mentally. “This is going to be really tricky. Will they disembowel me?” I asked, worried.

“Very likely, yes,” Wolf- dàgē answered heavily.

I’m scared! I want to cry…

At that moment, Passerby A was talking to his friend B.

“Do you know what happened? I was kidnapped by Odd Squad just now.” Passerby A looked close to tears.

“Are you serious? My god, you were actually captured by the terrifying Odd Squad?” asked Friend B.

“Yeah, they wanted me to give them information about Hell’s Murderers. After I finished, they seemed very anxious!”

“Anxious? Hell’s Murderers may be scary, but they can’t compare to the scary-beyond-comprehension Odd Squad… The very sight of that beautiful fellow who smiles so evilly even as he hacks people to pieces can give people nightmares.”

“And that spirit-like beauty who keeps appearing behind people’s backs… After she kills someone, she never fails to laugh callously!”

“And that scary bone dragon, plus those skeletons burning with a black fire…”

“And also that fortress-like wolfman… plus that mage who seems so gentle and yet uses Meteor Shower to annihilate her opponents.”

“Odd Squad is just tooooo SCARY!” both Passerby A and Friend B exclaimed in unison.

Meanwhile, with Hell’s Murderers…

“Has everyone heard about our opponents for this coming match?” their elected leader, Blood-soaked Demon King – a mage – asked with a grim expression.

“We’ve heard…”

“How can we, Hell’s Murderers, allow someone else to be more terrifying than we are?” Blood-soaked Demon King demanded furiously. “We swore that we’d become the ones whose names would make children cry upon hearing them, the ones whom adults would have nightmares about… The demon kings of ‘Second Life’! How can we let that Odd Squad become OUR nightmares? This is just too pathetic… We have to defeat them in as terrifying and violent a manner as possible and become THEIR nightmare!”

“BECOME NIGHTMARES!” After the team gave a mighty shout in unison, one of the members suddenly shivered.

“But Odd Squad is really scary!” he added.

[½ Prince Volume 2 Chapter 2 End]


1 Stephen Chow: Famous Hong Kong actor, comedian, and film director. He has acted in tons of comedies over the decades, such as Kung Fu Hustle.

2 A-mei: Famous Taiwanese pop singer and often called a diva of the Mandarin pop scene.

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