New Beginnings Contest Winners

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Here were our winners for the New Beginnings contest! CherryChimchim won the poll over at the forums with her cute submission of Ohmygod, the Ohmygod Collection. Staff pick went to hazel81‘s Giant Stuffed Blueberry and shyfeather‘s Oreo cupcakes of Ah Ye and Charles.

You can view the winning submissions below.


So without further ado, please let me present…the Ohmygod Collection! (*crickets chirp) Ahem, well being the weird person I am, I could not make normal fanwork like everyone else. Since I am only decent in the field of making blutack figurines, I made blutack figurines of everyone’s most benevolent and beloved slime, Ohmygod. This is to celebrate the beginning of a new adventure for the first generation (I can’t wait for Yu Wo to start on it!), and the beginning of the religion of the God of Light. Please enjoy.

Ohmygod trying to swallow a blueberry (to take to Grisia maybe?)

Ohmygod sleeping on a sunflower.

Ohmygod playing an Ohmygod sized harp.

All these are 100% blutack (except for the black eyes), made using scissors, a toothpick, a pencil, and a needle (as well as my hands). Each Ohmygod (just the slime) can fit comfortably on an Australian 5 cent coin (which is close to 2cm in diameter). There is a fourth figurine of Ohmygod holding a flower, but that one didn’t turn out as well as the others (and there’s only space for three), so it is not here. But I would be happy to put it up elsewhere (not as a part of the competition) if anyone would like to see.


New Beginnings: When the 38th Sun Knight returned to the palace after slaying the dragon, he made a few changes…Such as importing abnormally large blueberries from other countries secretly to let Ice make even more blueberry desserts for him >w<

Stuffed Blueberry

Stuffed Blueberry

Stuffed Blueberry
So as you can see, I crocheted a giant stuffed blueberry. It’s approximately 30cm in diameter, and around 23 cm in height. The widest part is 90cm.

I’m afraid I don’t have the pattern for this though, as it was crocheted without using any pattern and was made following pure gut instinct


When I think of characters that have had new beginnings in Yu Wo’s novels I think of how meeting Ah Ye was a new start for Charles. He has always wanted to be a butler and nothing more and Ah Ye was the first to give him his dream. I designed a pair of cupcakes that represent Ah Ye and Charles that show how similar and different they are.

Ah Ye and Charles Oreo Cupcakes

Ah Ye’s cupcake is made with a vanilla batter while Charles’ is made with a chocolate batter. Both are topped with oreo cream cheese frosting as a mixture of white and black. The center of Ah Ye’s cupcake is an oreo truffle made with crushed oreos and cream cheese to represent him as Dark Sun. Charles’ cupcake is filled with cherry preserves to represent the blood he drinks as a vampire.

The wings were piped with white chocolate and dark chocolate. Ah Ye’s wings are also dusted with edible silver shimmer dust to make the wings have more of a metallic look. I debated whether to give Charles’ cupcakes wings too since he technically doesn’t have wings, but since vampires are closely associated with bats I decided to give him his own too so they would both match. Overall the cupcakes are very good and sweet just like the characters they represent :)








Each winner has already received their prize, whether it was snail mail from us, a sneak preview, or even a song request. And guess what? We got a song request! We had a good time fulfilling it. :P

Our next contest has already started! Maybe you’ll be the one to make us sing next! (Rest assured, there are other prizes too.)

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  1. AkaiiRia

    Congratulations to all the winners!
    Nice song by the way… Now I kinda want to know who were the ones singing. xD

  2. carrot

    When I was reading CherryChimchim’s “*crickets chirp” part of the description, a cricket actually chirped next to my window… or maybe I imagined it.

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