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Hello hello!

This is a blog set up for the PR! translation team.

Our members will post whatever interesting tidbits that they’d like to share, ranging from the latest news from Yu Wo to funny situations or conversations that happen amongst us to quality contributions from our readers.

First, a quick introduction to our current team, in snazzy chart form.

organizational chart

*Note, nicknames may not be approved by the user. Use at your own risk.

We hope you enjoy reading our entries while you wait for the next chapter.

As an added bonus, be one of the first 5 users to comment on this post with your email or forum username, and you’ll be given a secret link to an upcoming Half Prince chapter! Enjoy!

On behalf of the Prince Revolution! Team,

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  1. MoonFlame

    Nice new domain, guys. It looks like you have been busy. This blog seems like a nice idea though, and that sun knight gag was definitely funny. xd.

  2. First! I think? Yay! I may get a prize.

  3. Hello nice new site.

  4. ^^ do i still stand a chance to get the prize? <3? and also yay for the new website~~

  5. comments still counting? It’s been a month… And I just heard about the site today…

    • Shadow Rebirth

      The site was just opened to the public today =]

      And five comments have been reached! The prizes will be sent out within the day.

  6. Alright, that’s 5 comments. Congratulation to the ones who posted before me. We will get the secret link for you soon.

  7. Emails have been sent out to the five lucky users above. If you don’t see it, please check your spam folder.
    Congrats and happy reading!

  8. >w< Just finished reading. One of my favorite parts of one and… I just realized I haven't been reading sun-knight….

  9. xD thank you, the link work great…. i can’t wait for the next chapter !!

  10. While looking at this I realized something… It may say 10 comments but 10 comments aren’t actually posted by people that aren’t PR! staff. Therefore, is it still going on?
    On a side note, while poking around I found something out. Near all (I think all in fact) of the PR! staff are women! As a guy I feel slightly troubled by this… (is it then strange that i read these stories? is it supposed to be for women and i didn’t realize it?!).
    Last but not least, curiosity of a cat dictates me to ask, “are there any guys in this group?”

    P.S. If it is still going on and i get a highly classified secret link (secret enough I could be tortured/killed for it) than many thanks.

    PPS Many thanks for working on Half Prince and Sun Knight. Love both.

    • I think you misread something on the page. We are giving out the secret link to the first FIVE user that posted first, and the number had already been reached the first day we open the site ^^;. That’s why, sorry, it is not going on anymore.

      And yes, nearly all PR! staff are women. It’s a mysterious fact that has been puzzling us since we started the PR! group. The male members number never went over 5 @@. But we certainly have many male readers so rest assured, the story isn’t for women only haha. Currently, we have 3 guys in the group.

    • @eilinel
      Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah, somehow i misread that… (dunno HOW though, wishful thinking maybe?) And thanks for answering my question concerning the men. I feel… Much much better knowing that other men read this as well!

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