GOD V3C6: The Blue Star, Part Two

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GOD —The Beginning of the End— Volume 3: The End Begins

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 6: The Blue Star, Part Two—translated by lucathia (proofread by Melissa & Xuan)

The elf was quietly perched on a tree. Even if one were to peer closely, he would not easily be spotted.

Alan was currently stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Even though he had ultimately decided to return and search for Shooting Star and company, he did not know where the avian village they wanted to find was located. He could only return to seek information in the beast village where they had stayed.

By the time he had hurriedly rushed back to the village from the forest he had been in, it was already the next night. The starry sky that night was particularly resplendent. As a moon elf who loved to dance under the starry sky, Alan would have found a beautiful field of grass to dance in to his heart’s content, if not for the fact that he was in a hurry to return to his companions’ side.

The moment he approached the village, the vigilant elf felt that something wasn’t right. The beast village had originally been peaceful, yet a harsh, withering atmosphere seemed to envelop it now. Seeing that the situation didn’t feel right, Alan did not dare to enter the village. He could only hide in the forest on the edge of the village, awaiting his opportunity.

“An army?”

Alan’s pupils abruptly shrank. He backed up a step, hiding his figure even more thoroughly.

On the narrow path leading to the village, the fully-armed beast army could only advance in three to four filed lines. This caused the army to stretch into a very long line. Even with the elf’s superb eyesight, he could not make out the end of the line. The army slowly advanced to a grassy plain near the village, with only a few among them entering the village proper.

Alan hesitated. He did not wish to get involved with an army. He could probably acquire information about the whereabouts of the avian village from a different village. But for some reason, he had a premonition that Shooting Star and the others would get entangled with this army…

No, he was overthinking things. No matter how much Shooting Star liked to fool around, he wouldn’t want to get involved with an army.

However, Alan had forgotten that when a certain someone’s righteousness shone brightly, that someone’s ability to stir up trouble did not at all lose to Shooting Star’s.

After considerable thought, Alan still could not squash down his intuition. He decided to follow the army and check the situation out.

The elf used nimble steps to leap to the largest tree closest to the village. He skillfully melded into the shadow of the tree and used the gaps between the leaves to survey the village. Even though this tree was of some distance away from the central plaza of the village, the elf’s excellent eyesight still allowed him to somewhat make out the situation.

There were several groups of people conversing in the plaza. Alan recognized the village chief and some beasts of the cow race. The other beasts wore armor and appeared to be warriors of some sort. They should have been brought here by the army. Other than beasts, there were also…

Alan squinted and murmured doubtfully, “Humans?”

It was not surprising to see humans present. After all, humans also lived in the village. What was surprising was that Alan could tell from a glance that those humans weren’t villagers. They did not look like farmers of any sort. Some of the humans wore armor more exquisite than most of what the beast warriors had. Others even wore formalwear.

“Are they the ones behind this army?” Alan guessed to himself. In his opinion, the humans must have been behind this. It was not strange for humans to cause wars wherever they went, and, in actuality, he was not wrong.

This means I cannot go into the village to find out about the avian village. Alan was a bit vexed. He did not know how long it would take for Yaya to learn how to fly. If she learned it quickly, and Shooting Star and the others left the avian village just like that, then he really wouldn’t know where to find them.

At this time, Alan spotted a beast he knew well: Mama Cow. She often brought pancakes for them to eat. She had also always urged him not to be a mean, abusive stepmother to Shooting Star, so Alan remembered her well.

Alan watched Mama Cow walk over to the outskirts of the village where he was. She held buckets in her hands. She was coming over to fetch water from the well below the tree.

After hesitating for a moment, he jumped out of the tree.

Mama Cow was in the middle of fetching water when she suddenly saw a person jump out of the tree, giving her a huge fright. She almost screamed, but luckily noticed in time that it was Alan. She quickly covered her own mouth.

“Mama Cow…” Alan hesitated but still called out.

“Alan!” Mama Cow looked around nervously. She said in a quiet voice, “When did you return? It’s very dangerous here right now. Quickly take Shooting Star and Yaya away with you.”

Alan hurriedly said, “I got separated from Shooting Star and the others. They went to the avian village. I want to know where it is.”

“The avian village is also currently very dangerous. You can’t go there…” Halfway through speaking, her eyes widened and she cried out, “Don’t tell me Shooting Star and the others are already there?”

Alan nodded.

Mama Cow frantically sputtered, “Oh my god! Hurry over and get them away from there, as far as you can! The battle is about to start. These people want to attack the avian village! I’ll tell you how to get there right away. You have to hurry and get there before them. Take those children out of there!”

Alan frowned from hearing that. Battle was something that elves, who loved all life, detested the most.

As Mama Cow instructed Alan on how to get to the avian village, a suspicious voice suddenly shouted, “What are you two doing over there?”

“Hurry and leave!” Mama Cow cried out, frantically pushing Alan to leave immediately.

Alan quickly fled. Before he left, he glanced at the person who was walking over. It was a blond-haired knight wearing light armor. Alan felt that the person looked rather familiar, but the current situation didn’t allow him any time to ponder over it. He did not stop moving his feet the entire time.

When the blond man saw Alan, he was actually stunned and said, “You’re…”

However, he was only able to say this one word. With his swift agility, the elf had already escaped into the forest. The blond man was about to follow after him, but Mama Cow blocked him like a mountain while carrying two large buckets. She had the bearing of a woman who could singlehandedly stop the advance of ten thousand foes.

“…” The blond man felt a little helpless, but he still stopped. With this snag, the person was long gone into the forest. Their agility was unbelievable, so he did not think he could catch up.

Behind him, a few knights wearing the same kind of outfit as the blond man walked over. Their expressions were wary. Even though the other person was a bucket carrying auntie, a beast auntie’s appearance was incredibly threatening and should not be considered the same as that of a human race housewife.

“Captain Philo, is something wrong?”

Philo frowned. His heart was uneasy, especially when the other person who he cared a lot about came to mind…


Philo turned and smiled at the knights. “Nothing. I just wanted to ask for some water.” He looked at Mama Cow, using his gaze to give her a hint.

Mama Cow understood immediately. Her posture relaxed, and she transformed back into a chatty and pleasant auntie. She passionately welcomed them. “Our village’s well water is the best, cool and sweet! Come, come, everyone have some water.”

Alan headed in the direction of the avian village that Mama Cow had pointed out. At the same time, he thought of the blond knight. He looked very familiar, but Alan could not remember who he was. He was only certain that he had seen this person before.

Guh! Shooting Star had claimed that an elf’s memory was always muddled. These words held so much truth that the honest elf could not refute it.

But currently, Alan had no time to try and remember a familiar person. What was important at the moment was hurrying and meeting up with Shooting Star and the others.

According to Mama Cow, the army was planning on attacking the avian village. Even though Alan thought it was really absurd that an entire army was assembled just for the sake of attacking a village, the army had been right there. He had no choice but to believe it.

The unease in Alan’s heart grew heavier and heavier. He planned on putting everything he had into making haste. Once he was far enough from the previous village, he directly cast the Spell of Flight and flew from night to day, all the way until both his magic and his body could hold up no longer. He landed on the ground to rest.

He slept lightly for a bit until he was abruptly shocked awake. He frantically shouted, “Shooting Star? Yaya?”

All he saw was darkness all around him. Stunned, he tried calling out, “Bai Saya?”

Other than the cries of a night owl, the surroundings were silent. The sounds of murder he had just heard, the blood red sky he had just seen, and the familiar wailing of a child that had just pierced his heart, were all gone without a trace.

So it was a dream? Alan held his forehead and discovered that he was sweating profusely. The elf, who loved cleanliness, wiped the sweat away uncomfortably. He should have found some water to clean it off, but instead, he stood up and tidied up his belongings to continue on the road. The magic he had exhausted had not recovered yet, so he could only continue on foot.

Fortunately, the forest had always been the elf’s dominion. Elves always leaped from tree to tree. Branches, which should have been obstacles, were instead springboards for gaining speed. This was the way that elves learned how to “walk” since childhood.

This was why even an elven mage, who had never trained his body, still possessed such nimble feet—an elf with poor skills would have already fallen to their death. There would have been no opportunity for the elf to leave the forest and risk being seen.

In such a way, Alan hurried for two days without stopping. He flew or he walked, as long as he made progress. He calculated and discovered that he should almost be at the avian village according to what Mama Cow had told him. This actually made him stop. He sat down on a branch to think.

Alan was unable to ascertain Shooting Star and company’s situation. If he haphazardly showed up with his magic exhausted, he would only become a burden to them. The current most important task was to let his magic recover.

He sat and meditated for three hours before slowly opening his eyes and standing up. He opened his hand. Electricity danced across his palm.

Good! If Shooting Star and the others were in trouble, Alan’s lightning magic could help them out. If they weren’t in trouble… then he could also use it to discipline Shooting Star. In any case, Shooting Star would definitely cause trouble!

He dispelled the lightning. Alan lifted his foot and jumped off of the branch. Just as he did so, a thin streak of blue light flashed below his feet, and the branch snapped.

Alan looked back. Once the branch broke, it fell directly down, but he did not hear the sound of it hitting the ground. He suspiciously brushed away the leaves layer by layer and looked down. Only then did he discover that he had actually been sitting on top of a cliff to sleep last night!

If that branch had snapped any earlier, he would have fallen along with it to the bottom! Alan could not help letting out a sigh of relief. Then, he jumped forward.

Snap! A branch broke again.

Alan’s body abruptly fell a great distance, but his agility was no joke. He immediately stuck his hand out at a quick speed to grab onto another slim branch…


“Ah!” He cried out.

This must be because I haven’t been watching what I eat because of Shooting Star’s influence, so I’ve gotten fat! Alan regretted it a lot. But after that bout of regret, he regretted even more that he hadn’t quickly rattled off the incantation for the Spell of Flight. Why am I regretting getting fat? Later, when I fall to my death and end up as a skeleton, I’ll be skinny enough then!

“The element of freedom, the child of the wind… Ah!”

Alan lay there without moving, his eyes gazing up at the blue sky. He began to wonder if this whole thing was a sign from the elven tree.

Why would the branches snap three times out of nowhere?

And why, when the cliff is so steep, would there be a sunken terrace right below where I’m falling, and why would I have just so conveniently fallen on top of it before I could even cast the Spell of Flight?

Alan slowly sat up. The moment he straightened, pain struck his lower back. Ugh! He had sprained it.

The elf who had sprained his back currently resembled a hunched over old man. With one hand on his back and one hand on the face of the cliff, he stood up with great difficulty with his back hunched over.

This won’t do. I have to quickly recite the Spell of Flight to fly up and reunite with Shooting Star and the others. The nightmare had made him uneasy. He would not be able to stop worrying until he saw everyone with his own eyes.

Alan immediately began to recite the Spell of Flight. His back naturally began to straighten…


The elf wordlessly sank to his knees, unable to move for a good long while.

He finally understood that if he didn’t allow his back to recover, he would not be able to do anything else.

A few droplets of water trickled down the elf’s beautiful face. Soon, it began to drizzle, then the rain came down harder and harder.

It actually started to rain, too. Now the elf was even more speechless. Ever since he had joined Shooting Star’s adventurer team, he felt like he hadn’t had any good luck at all.

Alan helplessly lifted his head, surveying his surroundings to see if there was any place he could use to rest and hide from the rain. He discovered that what he was currently on wasn’t just a terrace. There was actually a cave in the cliff behind him. Overgrown vines covered it so he had not seen it right away, but a closer look revealed the cave.

The elf dragged his faltering feet, his hand holding his aching back, as he slowly entered the cave.

He was unaware that he was walking into a fate that he had once had a chance to avoid. The elf’s return to his homeland was destined to be a long way off…

Once he walked into the cave, Alan faintly heard a voice calling out to him. This gave him a huge fright. He had not thought that there would be anyone there.

Even though he felt that something was wrong, the voice calling for help was urgent and full of despair. The kind elf was unable to ignore it, and thus followed the guidance of the voice and walked deeper and deeper into the cave. The cave was dark, but fortunately, the elf’s eyesight allowed him to somewhat discern the tunnel’s trajectory.

In such a fashion, Alan ambled along with great difficulty for a long distance, his back hunched the entire time. If not for the incessant call, he would have given up.

As the elf began to suspect that his ears were failing him, he finally saw a faint glow in a small chamber to the side.

Someone is actually in a place like this? Suspicious and wary, Alan walked into the chamber. He did not forget to have lightning ready in his hands.

But once he walked in, a very surprised expression came over his face.

“T-this is…”

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