Current Chapter Discussion: HP V8C3

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Hello! KitsuneWannaBe here with our new project.

We at PR! want to be more engaged with the readers so we’re posting chapter discussions for the latest chapters. For now we’ll just be talking about the main chapters and if the project takes off we’ll add in the side stories. We look forward to your thoughts and comments.

Current Chapter Discussion: HP V8C3

Last chapter (V8C2) Prince and Gui shared their long awaited romantic kiss and the fandom rejoiced, but now it’s a new chapter and Yu Wo has dropped another bombshell on us. Literately. Seriously, Wicked, you pick NOW of all times to punch your rival? Think of the nukes man! Personally I think the “Thousands of lives gone… just like that” was just a little too overshadowed by the funny stuff. What do you all think?

Proposed discussion topics:

  • What do you think of Yu Wo’s future? Is it accurate to assume there will still be nuclear weapons?
  • Does his terminal illness earn our villain at least a little sympathy?
  • Should the AI characters have the privilege of human rights? If so, how do we justify saving an AI and not our human antagonist?
  • Rather than the romance problems of our main character, what do you think of Fairsky and Sunshine? Remember one’s a ghost-turned-AI-thingy. Am I the only one who thinks that’s a just little creepy? If in the future you could program the perfect partner, would that still be “love”?
  • Other topics IN-DEPTH.
  • No flaming and no spoilers please. Big brother is watching.

6 Responses

  1. I think that Long Dian’s terminal illness does allow “our villain” some sympathy. I really like how Yu Wo introduced Long Dian to us. For all this time, I’ve always assumed that the Dictator of Life was a bad guy- and after I read the side story which changed my opinion about the DoL, I concluded that the person controlling him must be the bad guy.

    However, after reading the side story of who Long Dian was before he came to be the “bad guy”, I realized that he wasn’t someone who merely wanted to watch the world burn. He was just another human, who felt emotions (such as love, sadness, and worry) just like everyone else. I no longer felt annoyed at him for doing all those bad things- in fact, I pitied him, because circumstances that were completely out of his hands had cornered him and in the end “broke” him, and he ended up changing for the worse into a person seemingly completely different than the great cousin he had once been.

    The story of Long Dian can also make us question ourselves as well. What if we were in that situation? Could we say with 100% confidence that we wouldn’t break? Wouldn’t despair? What would we do with the time we had left? Yu Wo introduces to us a situation none of us ever want to be in, few of us are in, and in turn makes it hard for us to simply judge the character- how can we truly understand him, when we aren’t in his situation?

    What happened to him can be compared to a naive child turned cruel by harsh reality. While the things he has done are inexcusable, Yu Wo has introduced a reason that might more-than-enough justify his actions. Can we blame him for being “weak,” for breaking down, for coming to the conclusions he has come to?

    I think the main things to ponder here are if the past “him” is really gone, completely replaced by his present cruel self, and if his terrible situation justifies his actions.

  2. On the topic of nuclear weapons: well, why wouldn’t they be there? I think in order to get one country to disarm, you’d have to get all the others to disarm and brokering an agreement like that would take… an uholy amount of effort. I don’t know much about the subject though.

    On the subject of Long Dian.. He get’s no sympathy from me. His past is sad and tragic, etc but that does not equate to nuking a place. In my mind, nothing can equate to nuking a place. Anyone else ever watch grave of the fireflies? Assuming you didn’t die instantly, death is not fast or painless. Nothing can justify that.

    On that matter, Wicked punching Gui what, ten minutes after the news about the missile sorta pissed me off too. Yes, emotions! Yes, love rival! I would still think that the fact that hey, your antagonist has decided to go from shutting down game accounts to killing people irl is more important. TL;DR, characters do not seem to care enough that Long Dian decided to kick it up a notch.

  3. PaintedScales

    On the Sunshine and Fairsky topic, I think that it’ll be fine. With technology, they’ll probably find a way to transfer his soul/conscious into a body.

  4. I dunno, I kinda think they saw it (the bombing/disaster) coming a bit. They did have warning that Long Dian was going to do Something drastic and terrible in the real world, since they’d heard he was threatening to take over, then did. I think it just didn’t hit them the way readers might think it should have, but they kinda knew it was going to happen or that something like it could happen. Then again it is from Feng Lan’s perspective and she’s sometimes all over the place with what she’s focusing on, and her immediate concerns do take priority for her, especially when Wicked and Gui decide to fisticuffs right in her face. People tend to think that 1000 people are not as important as the two standing before them, especially if they have a bond with those people. Yeah it’s tragic, and they know that in the back of their minds, but the pressing concern that can still be addressed is right before them.

    What I think earns Long Dian more sympathy is his shown relationship with his family, in the way that he made his game to make Lolidragon happy. He had alternative reasons for it later, once the idea occurred to him, but the original idea was for her, or at least that’s what it sounded like. Before the lunatic bombing I’d say he could have been redeemed, with his issues and all that, but after I don’t think there’s really a chance for that. He’s too far gone. That’s the making of a villain.

    Another thing to consider, The Dictator Of Life being sentient, he didn’t actually do anything wrong, thusfar. Not really. Long Dian, however, did. It’s not just a matter of who is human or not since Kenshin, Sunshine, and Celestial, have all kind of made everyone reconsider just what makes a human still human. I think you could say the AI has a soul in that way, and for the three of them that’s really all they have left, somehow preserved in a game.

    About Fairsky and Sunshine, while it may sound creepy if you think about it with him being all ghostly and what not, what does it matter if it’s a ‘love at first sight’ kind of thing? To all accounts Sunshine was human to begin with, so that takes out the creeptastic factor somewhat, and she and the readers can relate to him better. Anyways, Fairsky herself didn’t program him, though he was a ghost in a machine and followed the program given him, he did break from it like Kenshin, so really he wasn’t truly converted to AI at that time. Now if Long Dian had fallen in love with the Dictator of Life, that would be a more accurate match-up for that ‘program your own love’ scenario. What or whom you fall in love with is your own perception, so in a way, yeah, that would be love, even if it’s your own making. Then again, there’s that Pygmalion and Galatea thing…

  5. About Long Dian, I think we can pitty him, but never forgive what he did. Killing people is wrong so he has to be locked in a sanatory – if he’s so ‘broken’ he can be called crazy- or a prison – if he’s to be considered only evil. Whatever he did to Second Life, there was a chance of forgiving him. But what he did in real life… destroyed any right he had to spend his last days peacefully.

  6. Yu Wo’s Future?
    Umm…Putting aside that this was one of the earlier series and judging by the other series nuclear weapons have not come up…
    I would say no. not for any big and meaningful reason, but because something like nuclear weapons raises the stakes and it means you cant raise the stakes much higher. Combine that with the simple fact that reusing the same peril can lower the shock value over time…No, it might come up again but i doubt it will have a large significance (unless yu wo pulls something with giant robots)

    does he deserve sympathy?
    Uh…No. his motives about not wanting to die kinda fall flat.
    He already had a new life, being able to live as one of the npc’s in his own world but that was not enough for him because he just had to become the ruler of it, announce his existance to all and decided to press his point by going around killing other people in an attempt to intimidate the world into bowing to his demands, essentially making him the ruler of the world.
    He was nothing less than your standard evil overlord trying to take over the world with no thought or regret about the people he crushed to get to that point.
    So…As I think on this, no. He does not deserve any sympathy. he experimented and killed people to try perfecting an AI self that could live on beyond him and then went around warping and torturing the artificial lives he created in the game and in an effort to gain absolute control of the internet he took over the game and launched nukes to kill thousands of people just to try making the world bow down to him.
    Honestly…Id say the risks outweigh the methods and they should have unplugged the game when they realized what he was capable of.

    Do Ai’s have human rights?
    Umm…Yes, probably. Going purely by the turing test they can be identified as a sentient race who are somewhere around humans level of IQ. In fact, evidence suggests that an indeterminate amount of them are humans who were experimented on to become something different. Past history has shown that just because someone has been the victim of experimentation against their will does not make a person any less human.
    Plus, since its impossible to tell which ones were originally people and which ones were artificial beings, you could make a very good argument that to play it safe that they all be recognized as people.

    As for the bit about the antagonist, that is a ridiculously different can of worms. He has killed people and has been involved in human experimentation. He has no special standing with any government and thus nobody who would speak up for his rights.
    Add to that the bombing of places in an effort to intimidate people and you can stamp on terrorism to his charges.
    Plus, as has already been shown, showing any mercy to him is folly and he is to dangerous to be locked away, killing him would be recognized as self defense and a necessary act for the sake of the world.

    Sunshine and fairsky?
    Umm…Probably not perfect partners but its possible. XD
    firstly, keep in mind that theres a good chance that sunshine was a living breathing human being who was turned into an NPC. That there blurs the lines of definition in the relationship. Plus, in a reality where NPC’s can develop their own unique personalities and people can live half of their lives in a totally different world with a 99% indistinquishable difference from the world outside of the game and it becomes blurrier still.
    It might be odd for the present time but in a future where you can see and touch such people and feel pain and joy in all possible meanings of the word in this artificial world then you have something closer to a higher plateu of conciousness. other topics i can think of…Throw more things my way and id better be able to voice my opinion on em XD

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