Current Chapter Discussion: LSK V4C5

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Hello! KitsuneWannaBe here with our new project.

We at PR! want to be more engaged with the readers so we’re posting chapter discussions for the latest chapters. For now we’ll just be talking about the main chapters and if the project takes off we’ll add in the side stories. We look forward to your thoughts and comments. Here’s the next discussion starter.

Current Chapter Discussion: LSK V4C5

I don’t know about the rest of you all, but I’m still recovering from the last volume. Our blinded Sun Knight is now an amnesiac. Yu Wo sure loves to torture our hero and her audience. I know she’s rending my heart with this chapter. Sun treasures his holy knight brothers so much (as we saw firsthand in the last volume). How will he react when he realizes what he’s done? Well, I’m sure Sun is devious enough to make his friends forgive him, but I’m not so sure he’ll forgive himself. I hope we get the chance to get to know some of the other holy knights better in the coming chapters. As for discussion-

Proposed topics:

  • Who else recognized Sun’s current adventure party from the previous chapters? (I know I didn’t without rereading)
  • Is “Scarlet” really the “Pink” from before? It’s a popular theory, but are we possibly underestimating Yu Wo? (no spoilers please just thoughts)
  • Does Sun still have the Eternal Tranquility? If not then is our hero in more danger than he realizes?
  • Best scenes from the chapter!
  • Anything else you guys want to talk about IN-DEPTH.


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  1. Yay First.
    I did remember them but only after they mention the episode in the cave. I do think Scarlett is Pink (keeps using names related to colors, child-like bodies, gave Sun a manual for necromancy) and either she needs Sun to do something for her (that’s why he is missing his memories) or either is payback for destroying her last body.
    Now about the Eternal Tranquility it’s mentioned briefly and he doesn’t have it.
    The best scene for my is when sun is blessing them inside the inn or when he is fighthing with Ice.
    And I’m still wondering why did the group betrayed Sun and why did he lost also the common sense (from when he could see). He should know about mask, seeing and else (although that presents a lot of funny parts ^_^).
    Thanks for all your hard work guys and please keep doing it.

    • Immasweetslovinggirl

      I agree i definetly beileve that Scarlet is Pinks new body but i beileve someone is getting revenge on him maybe the shadowpreisit they were talking about that attacked leaf or someone like that and that Scarlet is working with them to get sun on their side *Shrugs shoulders* i don’t know this is just a theory

  2. Honestly? I didn’t recognize the group at all until they mentioned Neo and Aldrizzt. They were the only group that saw him with them after all.. As for the Eternal Tranquility. I’m not sure if he has it or not actually. I’m guessing not since he hasn’t mentioned a strong watery sense and considering his magic perception is what gives him sight now, he should’ve mentioned it at least once or twice if he still had it… I’m going to go reread. Thanks for bringing it up~

  3. I recognized the group the moment the druid was revealed. As for Scarlet=Pink it seems way too obvious for it to be true yet at the same time it just can’t be seen as anything else. I mean how many necromancers out there would use a little girl body, have a name with a feminine shade of red, and try and teach Grisia necromancy? Unless Pink has a twin sister she has been hiding that decided to steal Grisia away from her for some sort of competition I just can’t see it any other way than Scarlet=Pink. For the eternal tranquility there is no way Grisia still has it cause he would have noticed the large amount of water element around his neck if he did. Best scene is definitely Grisia being badass with his magic and showing how much of a monster he is.

    • Immasweetslovinggirl

      I almost forgot about the group and some people say that Scarlet, or pink is Sun’s mom… yea…I don’t get it. but i really beileve that Scarlet is pinks new body as soon as i read about her i was like “It’s pink. she’s back”

  4. Hmm.. I didn’t even think that I could have seen the new team before, of course after they mentioned the caverns, yes. The druid should have been a giveaway. I find it wonderful how tiny hints or mentions are dropped in previous chapters and books and later turn out to be of major importance – binds the stories together very nicely.
    I wonder what are Scarlett’s aims? So far she has led Grisia to the unicorn, given him the “Let’s all play with bones!” book and hinted at knowing more about Grisia (indicating the “something” – from my point of view, it’s obviously the Eternal Tranquility – missing from his chest, hinting at knowing the truth about Grisia’s past – “they’re all lying”)… and she snatched Grisia from his fellow holy knights. I wonder if introducing him to the unicorn was also just a measure to get him to leave the town (where Ice was going to arrive soon). Also, she gave a direction where Grisia should look for the missing Eternal Tranquility – will this lead up to the dragon one day?
    About Grisia’s insecurities – at first I thought he was just a very loyal friend. Then the side story came about him having all those ‘brothers’ standing next to him (why do I want to become the Sun Knight) – that made me reconsider his priorities. This book has made me quite suspicious about Grisia’s past – even for an amnesiac waking up without anyone who would admit to knowing him, doesn’t he cling a little too much to the ideas of friends/teammates and take so-called betrayal or abandonment (first by the Neo team and now by his new team) a little too painfully? Quite the black-and-white world view. I wonder, was Grisia abandoned as a child or something?

    • Immasweetslovinggirl

      You have to wonder if he remembers his past or not when all that is said and done. You also can’t help but wonder why Pink is doing this and why she so despretly..Wanted…sun to…OMG I THINK IT’S TRUE! I beileve that Pink really could be Sun’s mom that died and came back from the dead…or something like that…theories are theories

  5. Immasweetslovinggirl

    I have so many theories that i have put together
    1) Scarlet is pink in a new body and that she’s working together with the shadowpriest from the 3 book to get back at sun and take him over to their side
    3) Sun had Amnesia before this and was abandoned as a kid therefore permitting him to the orphanage and then all that junk happens with him and Roland and the holy temple.
    2) Pink is Sun’s dead mother come back from the grave…That or his little sister that was overly attached to him. and then a tragedy happened that made her die and Sun an orphan
    Any takes on the theories?

    • @Immasweetslovinggirl
      I don’t really think Pink is related to Sun in a family way because I think Pink is really old. I agree with the other two theories as the first one is the usual way of thinking and the second makes a lot of sense.

    • @Immasweetslovinggirl
      I don’t think that Pink can be his mother since she’s meant to be very, very old (something I think they said from when she was first introduced) and so I don’t think can be his mother. Unless you mean adopted mother? That could be a possibility, and then he somehow lost his memory and ended up in the orphanage. Which would mean that he is very prone to losing his memory, unless it’s been forced on him both times.
      Though I don’t think that Scarlet is pink, but like I think I’ve said before, that she is also a Liche. Maybe Liche are attracted to some quality in Sun, and so they all want him as their disciple or something like that.

  6. Uhm I want to counter these theory. I really don’t think that Pink is Scarlet. In LSK, there are probably more than just “one” necromancer; I don’t know how big the world of LSK is actually are but I believe that Scarlet is another necromancer that’s different from Pink. (And lol, where in the world did the theory of Pink being Sun dead mother’s coming from? sound quite odd) Beside, don’t underestimate Yu woo, she’s very creative; there’ll be twist and turn, Pink is being Scarlet is way too obvious for it to happen anyway!

    The best scene in this book is when Sun is being all evil x) (love his evil mode).

    • Gohankuten

      Of course it’s too obvious that’s why its the truth. Yu Wo knew we would think it was too obvious and thus discount it as being true so made it true as the way to trick us. And the latest chapters basically confirms that Scarlet=Pink.

    • @Gohankuten
      @[email protected] It’s like bluffing and doubl-bluffing…

      IKR? Pink is over TWO THOUSAND years old. She’s probably long past the “just died” stage. And who makes their kid become their apprentice during their afterlife…?

      *wince* Yeah… Sun probably doesn’t have the Eternal Tranquility anymore…

      Best parts of the chapter were the naming of Holy Lighthorn A.K.A. Whitey and the “You don’t have your sweets bag” moment. The rest of the chapter just made me want to bang Sun’s head against a wall until he remembered something.

  7. i am curious as to what happend to Dragon Saint Brigadine
    and i sospect that what awaits Sun (sorry that should be Grisia) in the last chapter of this book is Neo or a dragon
    i have no proof exept that every book concloods with a fight and if Blaze and Ice could not bring back any memoriea the onely one left is the dragon like Neo
    plus it seams as if he will return to the church or become a demon king (see the prologue)

    • @Mokona
      If I remember correctly, Grisia is carrying/wearing the Dragon Saint Brigadine even now, but does not know what it can do. It was given to him when he first woke up as the only one of his possessions to survive the fire/accident he had been in.

  8. Here are my thoughts on the last few chapters:
    1.Grisia doesn’t have the Eternal Tranquility, because, as mentioned before, he would have sensed it.
    2.Scarlet is not Pink because Pink said in the previous volume that it would take some time to get a new body, and only about two months have passed. Also, I believe she likes the color pink, and being girly too much to go for a strong color like scarlet, even if it’s just a name. But she could be related to Pink in some way, like a part of her or something (like He-who-must-not-be-named in HP.) I think Pink is the Shadow God, in the previous volume she hinted that Silent Eagle was her subordinate, so that’s my take on it, so she shouldn’t be limited to just one version of herself, like the Light God having both harsh and benevolent sides (Judgement and Sun)
    3.The best scenes so far for me have been when Grisia first met the unicorn and found out about his “condition.” Also, when the rest of the party found out. AND when he forced it out of Ice.

  9. Guys am I the only one that thinks that Pink had not revived yet???? (sorry for my English in advance. It’s not my native) for me it looks more like she wonts to posses Grisia and I mean POSSES!!!! I think that she is planing on making his body her own!!! I mean if I were to revive miself I would deffenitly choose the best one and who can be better for her then him??? I think the one who attacked Sun in the very begging was Pink and yes I agry with her been somehow connected with the shadow god. SHE made it sow he would forget his past SHE sent him far far away SHE made it so the sword would be left behind ( I mean that’s a HOLY sword after all!!!) and SHE took away the damn stown so that he would come to the right plase. I’m afraid the she is planing some kind of ritual or something. The only thing I am worried about is unicorn. I really houp she is not planing to sacrifise him but I just cunt find any other explanation. I won’t beleave that it was a quinsidence that bouth the unicorn and Grisia just had to uppear in one city. Why would she even show the way for them to meet??? Poor thing TT^TT I really like whity

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