½ Prince V2C5: Zhuo Ling Bin and Ou Yang Mei

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½ Prince Volume 2: Reality and Fantasy

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 5: Zhuo Ling Bin and Ou Yang Mei – translated by Smerian

From the time I woke up, cooked breakfast, chased after the bus, all the way until Gui’s class ended, my mind was on only one thing: Should I sneak into the school clinic and take a peek at Wolf-dàgē or not?

Rationally speaking, it would be wiser for me not to go; after all, who knows if Wolf-dàgē will recognize me or not? However, emotionally speaking… Ohhh, I REALLY want to see what Wolf-dàgē actually looks like! There’s just no way he resembles his in-game counterpart, is there!? That’s obvious, since Wolf-dàgē isn’t a werewolf.

Uncertain about what to do, I could only start plucking flower petals… “Go look, don’t go look, go look, don’t go look, go look…”

Suddenly, a deep voice spoke from behind me. “Miss, you can’t pluck flowers here!” Continued