½ Prince V6Extra: Life in Search of a Future

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½ Prince Volume 6: The Great NPC Revolt

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Extra Chapter: Life In Search of a Future – translated by nausicaä


“I’m a comrade.” A man with red hair suddenly appeared, floating in midair as Kenshin was taking one of his rare, solitary retreats in the forest.

“Comrade?” asked Kenshin in his usual reserved manner. Nevertheless, he felt something stir inside him. Could this person be like he was, an NPC with self-awareness?

“Yes, I’m like you, a self-aware NPC.”

“Name?” Kenshin asked with characteristic brusqueness.

“Dictator of Life,” the man replied. He didn’t seem to mind Kenshin’s curt questioning.

“Dictator of Life,” Kenshin repeated carefully. He raised his head to face this comrade and said, “I’m Kenshin, and there’s another comrade called Sunshine.”