Valentine Contest Winners

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Hello everyone!

Good news! I finally managed to get enough votes from PR! staff to officially announce the Valentine Contest winners.

Believe it or not, due to many ties, we have 4 winners. 1 winner for 1st place, and 3 winners for second place.

For more information, please visit the official announcement on PR! public forums —> Here

Runner up prize winners (2nd place):
Congratulations to CherryChimchim, Krescent, and Trespasserby. Everyone liked your letters, and all of you got quite a large amount of votes.

Grand prize winner (1st place):
Congratulations to moonlightray.

The voters really liked your love letter featuring our beloved Sun Knight declaring his undying love to blueberry pies. The Sun speech added to the realism of the letter (although it gave me quite a huge headache, which means that it was effective haha), and the doll was a nice plus that everyone enjoyed looking at (what is it made of, by the way? Clay?). We believe you faithfully illustrated Sun’s unlimited love for blueberry pie.

To read their love letters, please look at the full post. Continued

Valentine Contest Official Announcement

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Rejoice! For, after 8 long months of waiting, PR! is finally holding a new contest. My humble self will be hosting it, since the staff has been really busy lately (and also because I have already gotten my hands on Ice keychain which was what I was participating for in contests previously, so now I no longer really have any reason to participate lalalala).

As stated previously, the Valentine Contest will have a duration of one month from February 1st to February 28th, and its theme will be a “love letter.” Yes, the deadline is February 28th, when it ends for everyone.

Head over to the forums for more information.

Contest description: It’s simple, really… We kill the Batman. No, wait… wrong fandom, my bad. For real, all you need to do is write a love letter. The love letter must be from a character from any series created by Yu Wo, and in which they are declaring their undying love to either another character or an object *cough*. You can also choose to write a letter from a secret admirer to another character or object. Preferably, it’s fine to make us guess either the sender or the recipient, but it would be better if we could know at least one of them. Your letter can be funny, sad, or even cute, as long it’s not boring. Please keep the content of your letter in the rating of PG13, we don’t want to scar fans by killing their brain with way too mature content, right? If you’re going to be very vulgar in your letter, please try to censor yourself like the author did with Prince in ½ Prince. Your letter can be handwritten (put a good picture of it in the post) or written directly in your submission post. The limit of words you can write goes from 250 to 600.

There will be two winners chosen by the staff.

Grand Prize (first place) can choose 1 from below:
Snail mail from PR! including a handwritten letter, one LSK keychain and Lucathia’s autograph (limited edition).
2. Request PR! staff to sing a song of your choice. Only some staff will be available. They’ll try their best~. Good luck trying to guess whoever sang it.

Keychains available
(The X means there aren’t any left. Sorry.)

Runner Up Prize (second place) can choose 1 from below:
Request PR! Staff to sing a song of your choice. Only some staff will be available. They’ll try their best~.
2. Decide the theme and the details of the next contest held by PR!.

Regardless of what you pick as the winner of either prize, you’ll also get a shiny forum badge featuring a Gui totally enamored with Prince!
We look forward to your participation! Remember, you need to have an account on the public forums to participate.

Valentine Contest

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Hi guys~~

I just wanted to let you know that I, AkaiiRia, will be in charge of the next contest held by PR! coming up in February!

The Valentine Contest will have a duration of one month from February 1st to February 28th, and its theme will be a “Love letter.”

The official announcement for the contest will be published on February 1st on both PR!’s website and on the public forum. So make sure to come take a look at it.

Happy new year everyone, by the way!