Yu Wo’s blog: How would you like to die?

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This post was just too amusing, so pick your manner of death!

How would you like to die?

1. The Sun Emperor who arrogantly looks down on everything from his couch tells you to ‘scram,’ and you get hauled out by his bodyguards to sleep in gentle waters of the bay.

2. One second, you see Lesus polishing the Judgment Sword. The next second, you see his handsome face right in front of you. Then… nothing.

3. The unbelievably beautiful Jiang Shuyu gazes at you then grips your hand, creating a single ice blossom. This ice blossom starts to freeze everything from your hand to your entire body.

4. Shujun, in her uniform with short skirt and twin tails, shyly tugs at your sleeve and says, “Sorry.” After a lightning flash, you smell burnt meat…

5. The cold faced and cold hearted Dark Sun uses his metallic wings to wrap you into his embrace, then you turn into a pile of sliced meat.

6. Jin Feng grabs your face, glaring you in close proximity. Her huge boobs are right in front of your eyes. Then, after she declares “You die if you stare”, you smell cooked meat…

7. Yesterday, you accidentally kicked Grisia, receiving a beatific smile and a “No worries.” Today, you have no reason why you’ve found yourself staring at the God of Light.

8. Yu Wo says if you read but don’t comment, you’ll experience each and every one.

31 Responses

  1. Flitfish

    As Yu Wo commands!

    Hm. I vote Jiang Shuyu. I’m hoping that this piece by piece freezing kills the nerves too quickly for pain. I’ll freeze and fall asleep looking at a pretty boy. There are worse ways to go.

  2. dollyfishe

    ow … I should just not pick anything ^.^ those were all a beauty death hhahahaha or at least, a death after drooling on a beauty <3
    but if I should pick one, then shuyu, to die in his hand is pretty much satisfying (hahha u cant object, at least he need to hold me first)

  3. yuzu

    2 obviously!
    You get to, die without pain plus last you see will be an eye candy~
    too bad I’m immortal…
    guess I’ll try hitting on Lesus next~

  4. Your average bishie-obsessed otaku

    Number 1, 2, 5 and 7 please!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ IM A CAT!!! I CAN DIE A COUPLE OF TIMES IF ITS IN THE HANDS OF SUCH GORGEOUS BISHIESSSSSS❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️!!!!

  5. Skye

    2 or 7 i think, mostly because they’re pretty much as painless as possible XD if you have to die at least make it painless :P

  6. Puja chan

    I read, I comment, but i don’t want to choose it, if I choose one of it, i am affraid they will be the one who would be too tired to make me die, cz I’m not that easy to die. my will to live long enough to read their next story will keep me living >_<

  7. Yeenie

    I can’t decide… I really don’t want to die even if it’s looking at bishies before my death… Especially not in those horrible ways OTZ

  8. NanoLaughing

    2! Lesus will be kind enough to finish it swiftly and painlessly. I wouldn’t pick 1 because the Sun Emperor is a creepy brocon. Not 3 because I’ll die ugly and frost bite all over with definitely make me ugly! (Though all the deaths are ugly, but death by frostbite has to be the ugliest!!) Not 4 because getting killed by the little sister will break my heart. Not 5 because technically Dark Sun is just a cold blooded killer and not my sweet angel Dark. Not 6 because death because of breasts is terrifying in its own way. MOST DEFINITELY NOT 7 BECAUSE SUN KNIGHT IS ALWAYS SUNNY LOOKING SO SUDDENLY GETTING KILLED BY SUCH A SUNNY LOOKING PERSON IS SHOCKING AND MOST DEFINITELY PAINFUL. And… not 8 because I commented!! I’m surprised that Jiang Shuitan and Charles are not listed~

  9. Hikari

    2, 3, 5, or 7….. Reasoning:

    2 – Lesus would not waste time with killing…. unless I did a criminal act… i’d be tortured… oh no, but if it’s just death then it should be quick… I think.
    3 – At least I get to see a bishie before I die, that cancels out the painful death.
    5 – Aww~ a hug before with Dark Sun before I die! I don’t mind :3
    7 – I would love to meet one of my favorite characters, even if he turns out to hate me because I kicked him! Plus, lets face it, he deserves a kick LOL. Death would be painful as hell though! 2 positives to 1 negative. Seems worth!

  10. SiL

    Probably 1 or 4. No one’s misunderstanding anything nor am I doing anything… somewhat… bad. 2 would mean either I did something very, very bad or Lesus misunderstood. Either way, pain on either side. *cries* 3 would mean I’m working against Shuyu :| I’d… rather not. 5: same thing except against Dark Sun and he’s a hero! 6… well… what to say? 7: Grisia…

  11. Master_tonberry

    7. Although I can’t imagine he’d actually kill me for that. I’d probably just have the worst week of my life for completely random reasons instead.

  12. vanang28

    As much as it is tempting to kick grisia, i would never choose 7 or i will die a slow and painful death. I would choose the 2nd one. Lesus will be swift and it will be painless ;)

  13. Star Knight

    Uhh… is it weird that I’d rather get hit by a car than any of these?

  14. Chay

    Haha ill comment ill comment!!
    Ill pick 2! But please make the time that Lesus is close to me be at least 1 hour please..
    I want to stare at him for a little bit longer before dying without regrets.

  15. 100thAngel

    Wait! I can kick Grisia AND meet the God of Light? Sign me up!

  16. carrot

    7, even though it would probably be the worst I CAN SEE GRISIA AND THE GOD OF LIGHT YAYYYYYYYYY

  17. asdf

    Number 3~ I mean, I get a pretty ice blossom and my body gets preserved in ice forever, right? I’d never turn into a rotted corpse or an undead creature. (Let’s just hope no one puts graffiti on me like they did with Sun in volume 6… XD)

  18. immasweetslover

    excuse me uh waiter i’d like to have the number 2 death….oh no no see you misunderstand waiter i’l happily die at the hands of Lesus since it’ll be a quick painless death and i even get to spy on him polishing his sword if you know what i mean

  19. EliSan

    3. death is painful anyway so i want to at least die beautifully. Becoming an ice sculpture sounds nice (reminds me of Grisia when he got cough by Charlotte)

  20. Chicaalterego

    I would prefer to die by Judgement’s sword… He would be gentle enough to minimize pain.

  21. Luna

    Number 2 hands down!! Handsome Lesus, and at least the dying part seems swift.

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