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September 2013 Chapters
  1. Female Warrior Prologue V2C1: Number, 1, Prologue
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight V6Prologue: A Safeguard
  3. Female Warrior Prologue V2C2: Number, 2, Divergence
  4. The Legend of Sun Knight V6C1: "Take Care of Daily Tasks that have Piled up like a Mountain"

Last month was a month of endings. That means this month is a month of beginnings! We’re starting volume 2 of Female Warrior and volume 6 of Legend of Sun Knight. 2 chapters for each series. Enjoy. :)

The Female Warrior character page has been updated to include what we’ve learned from volume 1. Take a look!

We’ve added a simple PDF for Half Prince volume 9 that you can grab over here, thanks to Listening Daisy! PDFs for Female Warrior V1 and LSK V5 will soon follow.

Aaaand now for something super exciting. *drum rolls* It’s been some time since we’ve held any contests, so we present to you a fanart contest, effective immediately.

Prince Revolution! Year End Fanart Contest

Original art (digital or paper drawing, objects e.g. keychains, stuffed toys, recent cosplay) based on any of Yu Wo’s series, or a coloring of one of the pages from the 1/2 Prince or LSK manhua. Save your submission in .png or .jpg format and send it in to admin@princerevolution.org. You can submit up to two submissions. All submissions will be posted in PR!’s fanart gallery regardless of whether you win or not.

Deadline: 15 Dec
Winner announcement: 25 Dec

Christmas present to the winner – one free request ticket of PR (terms and conditions apply, reasonable requests only)
Winner can, for example:
1) Request an unpublished chapter or two
2) Hear PR karaoke/audiobook
3) Be a PR groupie for a while (with tour and all)
Staff winners will get something different(virtual cookie), since they’re already part of the staff and all. though they can still force us to sing or something

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  1. Yay!! Updates soon(^-^) fanart contest.. wish I can draw(・・;)

  2. Yeah!!!!! 4 Chapters!!!!!!!!!!

  3. im waiting for this awsome chap…

  4. Two thumbs up for the LSK series month!

  5. Chapters! Chapters! Chapters!
    And contest too! YAY! Couldn’t be happier *___*
    *gives cookies and candies to everyone*

  6. *cries with joy* Thank you PR! So excited :D What will they do to Grisia next?!

    And seriously considering joining the fanart contest… ;)

  7. Jasae Bushae

    Woo~! Prologues and chapter ones for both projects!
    Golly, only the one volume of Female Warrior before were caught up with the prologue and the remaining half of Sun Knight still to go!

  8. A random person

    (Not sure where to comment this, so forgive me if this is the wrong page)

    Ohmygod is capable of healing? Wow, which chapter was that?
    Somehow I don’t remember it healing Silvie before though? At most, just “saving” him from danger

    • Silvie does contribute healing overnight to Ohmygod (he looked like a colorful piece of bread, and then overnight, he healed!). (See chapter 2 of Prologue 1). Though maybe Silvie performed the healing himself. We don’t know yet, since he didn’t go into details. Perhaps the wording should be changed to something less definite.

  9. Is there a limit on the number of art submissions?

  10. Yay, finally the announcements are here! So happy…^^
    Never have enough of LSK ;)

  11. Can we submit more than one drawing? I can’t decide which to draw LSK or 1/2 prince so I was thiniking perhaps I can draw both…

  12. The Book Girl

    Will the art be judged by the quality of the picture of it taken? I have no scanner or high-quality camera…
    By ‘Original Art,’ do you mean that it could be in any form (sketch, painting, sculpture, etc.)? (I mean, I’m doubtful anyone would do a highly detailed sculpture, but I can only draw good on paper.)
    And, because I have a feeling this could become an issue for anyone who might want to enter, I’ll ask this now: Is the free request limited to a certain time frame? (Not saying that out of confidence. My art is nowhere near good enough for me to do that.)
    Will our art be disqualified if we post it on an art site/public forum?

    • 1) It will not be judged by the quality of the picture, but by creativity, effort, and overall pleasantness. We will have an internal poll within PR to decide the winner.
      2) Any form is fine. You could even make a Meatbun stuffed toy and take a photo. Cosplay also counts, as long as it’s fairly recent (2013 of course!).
      3) The free request is not limited, but we hope you can make the request quickly since it’s pretty much a Christmas/New Year present.
      4) It will not be disqualified. We will, however, post it on PR!’s fan art page regardless of whether you win or not.

  13. *squeal!!!* i’ve been excitedly and impatiently waiting for the #2,3 and 4. I want to know what happens between Silvie and Carol; and what is new with Grisia.
    What’s with the hold-up? Only 4 days left in September. :))

  14. Already 27th, nervous they will, maybe, release all chapters same day!!!!!!!!

  15. It’s already 28.. When will you update? TT____TT There are still 3 chapters to go…

  16. You forgot to change the subheading (whatever it’s supposed to be called) at the top of the page :)

  17. No updates for October? It is already October 17!!
    Please post October’s updates. I would like to see which story is up next. :D

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