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February 2013 Chapters
  1. The Legend of Sun Knight V5C3: “Destroying Other People's Wealth”
  2. Female Warrior Prologue V1Prologue: In a Flash
  3. ½ Prince V9C2: Feng Long Ming, Part Two

ETA: The proofreader application period has now ended! We will be making a decision and responding to applications over the next few days.
ETA2: All applicants have now been replied to. If you haven’t received an email back from us, please shoot us another email. :)

Hey everyone! Chinese New Year came and went just like that. A number of the staff here at PR! celebrate CNY. How many of our readers do as well? Let’s just say that we have barely pulled ourselves away from the lure of food and money to bring you this release… I jest. The person writing this post has just been a little busy (CNY is part of it, though not all), but fear not, what little free time this person has was dedicated to getting the chapters themselves ready. So they are already ready.

As a CNY present, we bring you a teaser from Female Warrior. We make no promises whether you’ll see regular releases from Female Warrior in the following months. That completely depends on if we can recruit a few more quality proofreaders to help out with our plans of world domination. That’s right, the proofreader position is currently open! It will be open for roughly one week.

We are looking for proofreaders who would like to work on Legend of Sun Knight, Female Warrior, and/or our future projects. Particularly FW and our future projects! We no longer need proofreaders for 1/2 Prince, as we are nearly done with that project. We seek proofreaders who are both skilled and dedicated. If you end up joining us, you will have a lot of work to do. We have quite a few translations ready for proofreading, so we will be putting you right to work! Take a look at your schedule for March and onwards and ask yourself if you’ll be available to proofread.

To apply to be a proofreader, head over to our recruitment page and download the proofreader application. One new question has been added to the application. If you have already done the application before, do still complete the entire thing again. Don’t rush — we want your best. As long as you send in your application before the deadline, we will take a look at it and consider it. We will likely not answer right away, as we will be making our final decision at the end of the application period.

We always welcome more translators. We are not short on translators, but more doesn’t hurt, and we would especially love translators who would like to work on No Hero with us! Not that we won’t welcome you if you want to work on one of our other series though. It’s just that our current staff joined because of 1/2 Prince and LSK, so not all of them will be working on our new projects.

Since we’re starting to release Female Warrior, the Female Warrior project page has been added to the top of our site. The menu is still a work-in-progress! As you can see, our menu is now very long. We will be reorganizing the menu a bit, so don’t be surprised if a link ends up disappearing for a bit.

As a CNY present, Yu Wo has written Part 2 of When Teacher Wasn’t Yet Teacher, and she has failed to wrap the story up. ;) That means there will now be a Part 3 as well!

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  1. Edgewalkerr

    Could someone post a link where we can read some information about Female Warrior?I’d like to check it’s genre, setting , length and such.
    PS: Keep the good work

    • [PR]lucathia

      The project page is a good place to start! There isn’t much information about Female Warrior about. To answer what you’ve listed though, Female Warrior is high fantasy like LSK. It is currently only 2 short volumes long. These 2 volumes were not widely released and cannot be bought in bookstores. They are considered prequels to the actual FW series, which has not actually been written yet. FW is a prequel to LSK, but only distantly related because it happens way in the past.

  2. sque~ the first shred of female warrior is on its way~ im so squee~ X3
    now all we need is some marvelously shiny awesome translators and proof readers to step forth to tacklee Yu Wo’s and save the day so us thankful readers may sing their praises through day or not~ ran and snow~ transvestite princes and sun knights too~
    —–> http://www.princerevolution.org/recruitment/ <— squee~
    *takes a moment to read the application* pfffft XD come up with appropriatly insulting names for people while preserving the original heart of Suns nicknaming nature? XD proof reading sounds fun XD

  3. :D Happy CNY to you peeps too! Thank ye for the status update

  4. huh, actually…counting the third part Yu Wo is working on…in theory her young neo story is only a prologue away from being the same length as unbeatable @[email protected]

  5. Happy Belated Chinese New Years! 新年會樂! Thank you for everything. I’d love to join when I have time, only I never do D:

    I would love to apply, but I just started junior college so it’s kind of hard… ): proofreading sounds delicious xD I’d really love to help on No Hero though! If there’re short term translators who can only appear at sporadic timings…

    Anyway, thanks for this! I’ll look forward to all these translations~

    • [PR]lucathia

      Feel free to apply whenever you feel available! We welcome short term translators too. :) For busy people, we usually assign chapters that won’t be due for a long time, like say, a chapter from volume 7 of LSK, haha. Can’t do that with proofreading as much though since we have pressing chapters that should be proofread first before later chapters.

    • @[PR]lucathia
      You have people working on volume seven already? @[email protected]
      wow…how much of a backlog is there for proof reading? o.o

    • [PR]azakura

      @Jasae Bushae
      well, there are only 2 chapters in volume 7 that haven’t been taken up as translation tasks.. so yeah.. backlog isn’t particularly small, so we’re recruiting proofreaders~ but you can work at your own pace*nods nods*

    • @[PR]azakura
      Wow….no wonder you guys can be confident enough to pick up female warrior and no hero with a head start like that ^^;
      Prince Revolutions goal of world domination is looking ever more likley…

  7. squee~
    as awesome as the female warrior prologue is we simply must have the shiny stories continue~

    By any luck is it looking like you will be able to continue it so far?

    • [PR]azakura

      @Jasae Bushae
      Female Warrior is one of our projects and it should be all out like 1/2 prince in the (be it near or far~) future. It’s unlikely to be dropped (-cough- have you ever seen us drop a project *swt*)

    • @[PR]azakura
      not at all XD
      but the announcement above said you might continue releasing female warrior alongside the ending of 1/2 prince if you could pick up enough extra proofreaders to handle the increased work load so i was asking to see if you guys had much luck acquiring more applicants

    • [PR]azakura

      Oh… That’s because the 2 vols of Female Warrior is already more or less mostly translated but all waiting for proofreading and c-e edit.. ^-^;; I’m not the one handling the applicants but we’ll keep u updated~

    • @[PR]azakura
      Aaah~ so PR is moving on to No Hero in terms of translations~ ^^
      Good luck name picking~

  8. umm is it just on my end of things or does the PR website look like its been chopped in half with everything condensed to one side?

  9. Well this is an odd new bug XD the front page is all whiteish with some haphazard links. Though when i click on the links to pages such as the February announcement im taken to a normally operating window.

  10. I use firefox and my operating system is Windows 7.
    And the screenshot link is the homepage link. It was literally taken just now.


  11. This does not relate to the main PR site, but I don’t know where else to put this. The Prince Reader app for android has completely stopped working for me…It was fine a few days ago but now whenever I try to load a new chapter I get “The application PrinceReader (process com.andytank.princereader) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” Redownloading the app does not help whatsoever. It has in fact made things worse because now I’ve lost all of the chapters that I already had downloaded. Has anyone else experienced this problem? And is there a quick fix for it?

    • There is no fix for now. This error has occurred because PR! is currently restructuring our website. We are trying to contact the app developer now. Please wait patiently.

    • @[PR]dahlys
      Occasional page glitches and the auto logouts aside, this new design looks quite neat and uncluttered ^^ especially since at least for firefox that side scrolling thing for the top menu kept stopping short of the recruitment and update log pages for me ^^;

  12. im hoping that female warrior also looks into the second generation and explains why the knights are expected to be copies of the original generation XD (and the curiousness that lead to so much reversals in personalities XD )

  13. grrr, curse my anxiousness~! XD

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