No Hero Side Stories 6: Good Child, Bad Child, Part Three

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No Hero Side Story: Good Child, Bad Child

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Good Child, Bad Child, Part Three—translated by Doza (proofread by Arcedemius & Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)

Ri Xiang Ye felt that this issue was a little hard to resolve. He shouldn’t interfere with internal conflicts in the mafia. However, if they continued to clash like this, who knew how much longer this mayhem would last. It had been a long time since Cornell’s death, yet they still had not decided on the person to be their boss. Perhaps the reason for their slow progress was the heroes keeping check on them, and as a result they could not make any large commotions.

“I’ll give you a week. I will notify the heroes not to bother you for this week. You’re not allowed to involve the civilians. After one week, if you are still being a disturbance, I will kill off all your candidates but one. You won’t need to choose!”

Ri Xiang Ye realized that after having killed before, threatening them with death was highly effective. Even though this was probably the wrong move, he couldn’t find a more effective method to stop these criminals… But did doing so mean that he was no different from a criminal?

Though he felt hesitant and doubtful about himself, he had to do this to bring this messy situation to a timely end.

Both sides privately discussed among themselves. It was evident from their whispering that they felt extremely dissatisfied. However, in the end, they still did not dare to reject it in front of Dark Sun and could only argue weakly.

“One week is too short…”

“Then two weeks!”

Ri Xiang Ye had played a little trick on them. He had originally intended to give them a time limit of two weeks. But if he gave them two weeks straight out, they would probably still argue that it was too short and to give them one more week.

Three weeks of chaos definitely did not bode well for Sunset City. But if he did not give way, the other party wouldn’t be able to accept it without losing face. They might even turn on him. That was why he gave them a week first, and then allowed himself to “give way” to two weeks, giving them a way to accept the conditions without losing their reputation.

“Do you agree?” Ri Xiang Ye said coldly.

“Agreed.” One side readily replied.

“… Fine.” The other side had no choice but to agree as well.

Ri Xiang Ye nodded, and then turned around to leave.

An extremely soft murmur came from behind him. “Hero, my ass. So oppressive, and even talks about murder! He’s more of a criminal than the mafia!”

Ri Xiang Ye heard it, but he pretended that he hadn’t. He did not intend to cause an incident over a minor issue.

He walked back to the small alley. Melody was already sitting on DSII waiting for him. She was smiling cheerfully, allowing Ri Xiang Ye to feel a lot more relaxed. But then he remembered that this was Melody. Her smile did not mean that his actions were not wrong—but Ri Xiang Ye still felt a lot more at ease.

“My little Young Master, you handled it brilliantly!”

“I did?” Ri Xiang Ye walked to DSII’s side. When he got onto the motorcycle, he couldn’t help but turn his head back to ask anxiously, “Doing it this way really doesn’t make me a bad guy?”

Melody suddenly kissed him and said, “Hehe, of course Young Master is a bad boy!”

Ri Xiang Ye blinked and felt a little confused. Even though Melody said he was a bad boy, she didn’t seem to mean it in a bad way?

“An utterly charming bad boy!” Melody hugged Ri Xiang Ye’s waist and rested her face on his shoulder. Her entire upper body was plastered against him. She asked, “Young Master, are we going back home now? Or do you want to patrol for a while more?”

Ri Xiang Ye shook his head and said, “Let’s go home.”

DSII rode into an apartment building. It wasn’t the building that Ri Xiang Ye lived in, but a building one street over. After entering, there was a long corridor before him. He rode until the end where he faced a wall. It was a dead end.

Ri Xiang Ye shouted, “Go up to the garage.”

Voice recognition, passed.

Full body scan, passed.

Internet connection completed.

Pin number approved.

Welcome home, Dark Sun.

The end of the corridor noiselessly rose up. It turned out that this was an elevator.

There were more than twenty cars parked in the garage. Some had been modified excessively, while others were models commonly available on the market. There were even some that had been disassembled halfway. Even Melody’s purple sports car was here as well.

“Young Master, good night,” Melody wished him, but then she selected a car and hopped into it.

DSII’s voice immediately rang out, “Melody, Melody, take me with you!”

“You have to ask the young master. If he allows it, I’ll bring you along!”

DSII begged nervously, “Ah Ye… Ye-gēge, will you let me go with Melody?”

“No!” Ri Xiang Ye immediately rejected his plea. “You haven’t forgotten that you’re grounded because you ran around wildly at night, have you?”

“But it’s already been several days since I’ve gone out!” DSII started panicking.

“It’s only been three days. I confined you for a week!”

“Why…” The headlights of the motorcycle dimmed.

“If you don’t want to get confined, then stop sneaking out and letting others discover you!”

DSII complained loudly, “It’s because Ah Ye doesn’t let me go out at all! Every time I go out, it’s to defeat bad guys. You don’t let me go out to ride around the streets. You also don’t let me talk outside. You don’t allow me to do anything. I’m so bored! It’s much more fun to go out with Melody!”

Ri Xiang Ye was taken aback. He looked at Melody and asked suspiciously, “You let him talk outside? No one has noticed it?”

Melody shrugged. “I always tell others that it’s artificial intelligence.”

So you can explain it away like that? Ri Xiang Ye was still a little hesitant because DSII wasn’t the average artificial intelligence. It couldn’t be guaranteed that no one would notice the difference.

“That’s right! That’s right!” DSII said discontentedly, “As long as you explain it like that, it’s fine! You always forbid me from speaking! Ah Ye is a meanie. I hate Ah Ye the most!”

“… Melody, take DSII with you.”

“Eh?” DSII’s voice sounded very surprised.

After he finished speaking, Ri Xiang Ye turned his head and walked away. As usual, he was too lazy to take the elevator back, so he walked straight to the balcony. With a jump, he climbed back to his room’s balcony. As he walked toward the living room, he took off his visor.

Even though it was already late into the night, it was the time of vampires. Charles had always used the late night hours to clean the house. He was currently maintaining a full set of silverware. The moment he saw Ri Xiang Ye return, he immediately set aside the work in his hands.

“Young Master, you have returned.” Charles smiled as he asked, “What would you like me to prepare for your late night snack tonight?”

Ri Xiang Ye thought for a moment. “Today’s workload was still all right. Fry a plate of meat for me! I’ll go take a quick shower first.”

“Understood. I have already placed your pajamas in the bathroom. I will go and prepare the late night snack then.” Just as Charles was about to go to the kitchen, he was suddenly called.


“Yes, Young Master.” He immediately turned around and waited for his orders.

Ri Xiang Ye hesitated for a while, but he still couldn’t stop himself from asking, “Charles, do you think I’m a good boy?”

Although Charles was rather surprised, he still answered sincerely, “Yes, Young Master could not be a better person.”

Ri Xiang Ye lowered his head and said quietly, “That’s probably because you don’t see the methods I use when I’m Dark Sun…”

“Young Master?”

“Little Young Master!”

The two of them raised their heads and looked toward the voice. The door to the workshop suddenly opened, and the ones who entered were those who had just been planning to go out, Melody and DSII.

“Weren’t you going out to play?” Ri Xiang Ye asked in bewilderment.

“Ask him!” Melody glanced as DSII, saying, “This little brat DSII made a lot of noise and said he didn’t want to go out anymore. He wanted to come find you.”

Ri Xiang Ye looked at DSII.

“Ah Ye, are you sad?” DSII’s voice sounded like he was about to cry, “I didn’t mean to call you a meanie. Don’t be sad!”

Having others discover his misery and even letting DSII comfort him, Ri Xiang Ye’s face turned rather red.

“So what if you’re a meanie?” Melody laughed a bit. “Young Master, oh Young Master, are you still worrying over being a bad boy or a good boy? If you were only a good boy, then I wouldn’t love you as much! Your little wife Poseidynne is probably the same too, right?”

“But…” Ri Xiang Ye looked at Charles. Him, Briar, Aren and many others, they probably loved the good boy side of him, right?

“You are the grim reaper that causes criminals to tremble in fear at your name. At the same time, you are also the hero that all the civilians readily depend on. Wasn’t this what you had already decided?” Melody said softly, “And we, all the people here, the person we chose to support is also this you, the you who is not only a good boy, but also a bad boy!”

A good boy as well as a bad boy? If that’s the case…

Charles asked worriedly, “Young Master, did something happen?”

“Yes!” Seeing Charles starting to get worried, Ri Xiang Ye burst out laughing.

When he was a good boy, Charles and Briar loved him; when he was a bad boy, Melody and Poseidynne loved him; and no matter if he was a good boy or a bad boy, the ones who would always love him were his gēge and bàba. If that was the case, then what did it matter if he was a good child or a bad child?

“There are so many things that happen every day. Even though there are good and bad things, even if there truly were terrible events, as long as everyone is present, it doesn’t seem so bad in the end, because everyone is very nice to me!”

When he heard this, Charles felt uncomfortable instead. It is because you are a good child that you can still say things like everyone is very nice to you despite being locked away for seven years, having undergone countless painful modification surgeries, and even personally killing your own father. This really is…

“Charles,” Ri Xiang Ye called out.


“Melody is telling DSII to quickly snap a photo of your current expression and save it. She wants to use it to tease you for a lifetime…”

The butler quickly wiped off all traces of expression from his face. Even Ri Xiang Ye couldn’t see any infinitesimal expression.

“Ah! Young Master! Why did you warn him?!”

“That’s right! Ah Ye is so biased. He favors Charles the most every time!”

Ri Xiang Ye laughed as he said, “It’s because you will all bully Charles, but Charles won’t bully you!”

At the side, Charles said solemnly, “Young Master, I will go prepare your late night snack—“

“I also want to charge!” DSII immediately ordered his late night snack.

“I want fresh blood!” Melody followed suit.

“T-Then I still want to go out and play!”

“I want Young Master and the butler to accompany me to the night club!”

“I also want to go to the night club!” DSII spoke up, refusing to be outdone.

When he thought of a motorcycle entering a night club and dancing, Ri Xiang Ye burst out laughing.

At this point, Melody smilingly said to Charles, “Don’t call me unfair. Butler, I’ll let you tell us too, what do you want?”

When he heard this question, Charles was a little flustered. He spoke hesitantly, “I—probably want to go prepare a late night snack?”

“…You truly are a butler.” Melody said awkwardly. Then she turned her head and asked, “Well then, Young Master, what do you want?”

Ri Xiang Ye looked at everyone. He merely smiled, but didn’t give an answer.

I want you all by my side. That’s enough for me.

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