Backstage at PR! (The Contestant’s Report)

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(KitsuneWannaBe’s report)

After pouring my heart and soul into the contest submission comment, all I could do was wait for the email. I got the response after work and a doughnut run. The opening made me really “lol”; it said:

“Dear 10^-9Laughing and Girl with Aspirations of Becoming a Fox,

We at PR! couldn’t decide which of you should be given the backstage pass, so we did the sensible thing and ripped the ticket into two, giving each of you a half. Incidentally, ripped tickets are null and void, and therefore, congratulations on receiving a useless piece of paper! …Just kidding.”

That pretty much made my day. So after the reality sank in, there was a great deal of *fangirl squee*s. I immediately put on the cheesiest victory music I could find and did a happy dance. (To save my dignity, some of that excitement was sugar induced. …really! …it was! …what do you mean I protest too much?)

The Tour:
Amgine provided the grand tour and a history. I learned that PR! was founded in April of 2009 by erialis and big names like eilinel and Shadow Rebirth joined soon after. Such humble beginnings didn’t surprise me. What really threw me for a loop was the growth and organization that followed. At first translations were handled through emails and organized confusion, but then Amgine introduced a system so everyone could see who was doing what and what needed to be done. PR! had undergone its own revolution. Members now had the freedom to claim their own projects without needing directions from above. The process was like so: Translator->Proofreader 1->CE Editor->Proofreader 2->Polish for General Editing->Publish(whoo hoo!) And the key to success is, as always, lots talented and motivated members.

The Fun Staff:
The first members I met were Nagihiko and Amgine. Nagihiko likes to give everyone their own personal nickname. In time I became hence forth known as “box”. I find the simplicity and wide range of possible poetic mean to be very intriguing…but “box”? Oh, well. I was willing to roll with flow. Amgine made is a point to correct my grammar in the contest post. It was bad, I repent.

Lily introduced me to a card game that was confusing at first, but super fun. Much to my embarrassment my net died before we could finish the game. I was able to meet and play cards later with the other contest winner, Anixancy. As part of the tour Amgine showed me all the fun stuff the staff likes to do, write, sing, draw, whatever. Wait… sing? That’s right PR loves their karaoke. I tried my hand at it as well. I also got to meet some of the other language teams like Bruno and A.C. from the Portuguese team. Eilinel said some of the readers think the PR people work in an office. I was surprised to hear that, but I think the truth is much cooler. Fans across time zones have come together for the noble cause of sharing what they love with the rest of the world using tools only the modern era could provide. PR proved themselves to be a wonderful, hardworking AND fun-loving team.

And as a special bonus, they let me stay on to test a special project so please keep an eye out on the staff blog.

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